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Sometimes travelers need to unwind by visiting a spa, or seek out massage therapy to relax and ease their pain. Please submit reviews, recommendations, or inquiries about opportunities in Zambia where weary travelers can find relief.

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February 3rd, 2008

To complement the safari experience and the “back to nature” feeling for the safari guest, The Personal Touch is proud to offer a variety of holistic massage and Spa therapies in the Luangwa Valley. A range of quality treatments is available and carried out in the privacy of your lodge’s relaxed and beautiful surroundings. Right here in the bush of Mfuwe, there’s a myriad of various massages on offer. Some are traditional favourites that you will find practised the world over, whilst others are original fusions of them, adapted and suited for pure relaxation in the bush! Your Zambian Bush Spa Safari start right here with The Personal Touch Ltd.!
More info: The Personal Touch Website

The Bush-Spa;
Can you imagine an image of antelopes, giraffes, hippo, crocodiles, African Fish Eagle, possibly include some elephants and stunning scenery? Keep that thought!
Now imagine feeling your total body immersed in scented water, while with our hydro-therapy the cares and tensions of the day float away, leaving a wonderful feeling of well-being. Your experience continues with a full body massage therapy of your choice to complete your Safari of a Lifetime!

Occasionally, you will find a diamond when you least expect it.
A Zambian premiere, the soon to be opened Luangwa Bush Spa, puts South Luangwa National Park yet on the map again, but this time for another reason. Its charm will knock you out. Its design will enchant you and its treatments will leave you feeling thoroughly refreshed and revitalized!
Hold your breath for more information to follow soon……..
The Spa will be fully opened by Easter 2008, but as opened it's door already for quality massage therapies!
Relax in style…….

For more info, please visit our website: Bush-Spa by The Personal Touch Ltd.

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March 14th, 2008

Set in the beauty of the indigenous bush in Zambia,
creating a sanctuary for those seeking tranquility and rejuvenation of mind, body and soul;
the Bush-Spa in South Luangwa National Park! 

Bush-Spa Senses….
The Bush-Spa prides itself on catering for all your senses, not only your sight. It’s certainly a feast for the eyes and ears, as this place has been well-designed with much attention paid to the stylish details and great surroundings. The sounds and sights of the lagoon just in front and below the deck are shifting by the minute. It continues with your sense of taste, as you are presented with a delicious herbal drink while you are choosing your treatments. Pleasant aromas fill the air giving your sense of smell a treat too. A scent of lavender here and a waft of lemongrass there, as your individual herbal oils mix with the scented candles and oil-burners that are placed everywhere.
And finally, the sense that is probably the most important for Spa visitors - the sense of touch! Well, that is where the Bush-Spa really excels. For, not only are the staff here highly-trained in their technical skills, but they have been hand-picked by the owner for their ability to put feeling into their art too!

More info; the Bush_Spa in South Luangwa National Park

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