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The Personal Touch Ltd

April 20th, 2011

The Personal Touch, in cooperation with The Makokola Retreat, offers international volunteers the chance to make a vital contribution to the further education and stimulation of our local teams, while having a hands-on, life changing experience in Malawi.

Are you interested in sharing your knowledge and experience with local people in a far, remote corner on the African continent? Are you willing and able to concur different challenges? Are you an adventurous minded person, with a free spirit and strong backbone? Are you not in the least worried about the fact that supermarkets, shopping malls, hair or beauty salons and more of the "first world" commodities are not found here?

By servicing the current tourist establishments and by operating our African Spa's, employment, education and income have and will be generated for the local community and Malawi & Zambia in general.
After careful studies in the Far East, our Spa project is adapted to African standards, whereby especially women are encouraged to actively get involved in employment, taking the need for flexibility into account. Operating in rural areas of Africa, the local culture, society and conduct need to be considered, whereas women, regardless if employed, still remain responsible for household, growing the crops and taking care of the children.

We work with a larger group of therapists and trainees, all educated, on a part-time basis. A small team of regular qualified therapists and full time staff guarantee the running of the Spa, while our part-time (trainee) therapists receive the extra in-house training, obtain necessary skills to work in any tourist environment and be part of a broader education. We reach more and more women who find that there are possibilities around and they can become active to earn some additional income without neglecting their duties.

Typical Volunteer
We look for someone who can assist in the daily operations of our Spa's. Maintaining the service levels to our (inter) national guests, ensuring hygiene, day to day staff interaction and overall be our face in the Spa. Administrative tasks and own initiative are part of the job.

Our Spa volunteer also has a bit more to do with The Makokola Retreat and assist with general public relations and hosting there. Meet and greet guests, advice guests on the resort, their activities and possibilities within the vicinity. This would mean the person assisting us, would also need to know and experience the things the resort has to offer. Cultural outings, but also boat trips and mini safaris to a nearby National park, know about their Sunbird boat, the availability of squash and tennis, plus the 9-hole Mlambe golf course just off the premises, just to name a few things.
Overall public relations would also mean to know what is served during dinner and assist in the preparations of Beach Weddings where needed. The tropical weddings are something The Makokola Retreat is famous for and its very excited to be part of the team, both on the pampering Spa side as well as at the wedding itself.
The possibility of hosting during dinner service and overall public relations within the resort makes the position ideal to get the most out of your African Experience and assist in daily activities within our Spa and the resort.

Emphasis will always lay on Spa activities and working together with the staff there, but the cooperation in public relations and overall hosting at the amazing resort will give it that much extra!

To work and live in a beautiful area of Africa and experience a deep insight into one of the local communities of Malawi. Possible see more of Africa and travel between our Spa's in neighbouring countries to assist there too! Combining the beach life of Lake Malawi with the Safari life of South Luangwa National Park is all possible. And most certainly not to forget, being part of an exceptional Spa team, and experiencing a variety of signature treatments using local African products!

Qualifications requested
Experience with guest services and an overall affiliation of massage & spa operations plus the English language is essential, certificates in Spa treatments are a huge plus, but not necessary

You are able to manage and coach staff on overall service levels, hygiene and take control of daily staff needs whilst present at Spa

You should be a service minded person, used to working in the hospitality industry and understand wishes and demands of tourists

You are able to take care of small administrative task and are experienced with various computer programs and able to communicate via internet

You have at least 3 months of spare time to travel independently to Africa to assist in improving the future possibilities of the local community

You have a high interest in local cultures and your quest for new adventure outweighs financial benefits

You are a true people's person, willing to learn and adjust to different cultures and be open to director's coaching in dealing and working in rural Africa

Are you an highly motivated individual, willing to possess a deep commitment to your work as well as the team, open for new developments and willing to pass on your world knowledge to our team? Do you have affinity with the flora & fauna of the African bush and be willing to live and work in a rural area visited by a large number of (foreign) tourists? Are you having a high sense of responsibility and able to work and live alone?
Then we would like to hear from you!
Our program is open to Worldwide participants and we offer our volunteer a small cottage at the resort which has 2 bedrooms, kitchen and living room, and has all facilities. We offer a small fee on a monthly basis to cover expenses of food and living. An extension of the 3 months African Experience is possible with an exchange to our Spa in Zambia and combine the beach-life of Malawi with the safari life of Zambia!

Application Process
Documentation required, all correspondence via e-mail;
Written application, which clearly shows why this experience is just for you and for what period you would be available and then for how long
Your full Resume
Letters of Reference
A small jpeg photo of yourself makes the introduction a little easier Typically The Application
The application process time is normally about one week. As positions are available throughout the year, we try to plan vacancies well ahead, so clearly mention when you would be available with possible a second choice of time as well.

Lake-Spa by The Personal Touch Ltd.
P.O. Box 59
Mangochi, Lake Malawi
Tel: +265 995 478 624
e-mail: info@tptouch.com

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