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Information about scams targeting tourists and travelers in Turkey.

No one likes to become a victim, and there's a difference between being naive and uninformed.

Please submit information or stories for tourists and travelers preparing for a visit to this country. Help stop the heartbreak and fleecing of money/trust.

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Scam Info

August 20th, 2011

We have to let all other tourists know about these scams. I got so frustrated that decided to set up a website aimed specifically at tourist fraud. It's http://www.scaminfo.org If you have been scammed and you don't want other people to suffer, forward the link to your friends, Facebook book it, Twitter it. Let as many people know about it, as possible. The aim of our website is to become the largest online resource detailing all the tourist scams around the world. The more people know about it, the less they will fall prey of these scam artists. Hopefully, once we become large and popular - airlines and tourist agencies will take note of our recommendations and mention our advice to their clients and then there is no hiding for those scam rats!

Let's help others not fall victim of the same crime we did!
http://www.scaminfo.org - tourists beware!

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