Travel Dangers in Mayotte

Information about the dangers of traveling in Mayotte.

Travel abroad is inherently dangerous. There's a danger of getting hurt, danger of getting robbed, and a danger of getting killed. For many, this is the spice of international travel.

Please submit your impressions of dangers in Mayotte. What is dangerous in Mayotte? Why is it dangerous? What are ways that you can reasonably mitigate the danger?

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Francisco Peixoto

May 1st, 2016

Mayotte. I'm a Brazilian married with a French woman and we have two kids together. One was born here in Mayotte and the other one in France. I've been living here in Mayotte for almost a year. And this place is beautiful if you view a post card in stores. Now the reality of this place is non existing,crime is number one. Plenty of violent theft and machete fools intimidating acts that will blow your mind. Poverty outstretched to a certain degree where founding from this so called French department is never noticed. Robbery and home invasion became a day thing. The beaches are filled with thugs hidding in the bushes. This place is hell! There's not one person that I've met that says the same. Constant fear is the thing here. Coming from Rio de Janeiro thinking back I thought Rio was violent meanwhile I have no doubt this place takes the prize. Police is a joke a few days back a person broke into a home next door,cops arrived perhaps a hour and forty five minutes after and toom 3 mintues to look around and say au revoir. This is Mayotte save yourEuros and super priced the things here out of each for the locals.

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