Travel Dangers in Brazil

Information about the dangers of traveling in Brazil.

Travel abroad is inherently dangerous. There's a danger of getting hurt, danger of getting robbed, and a danger of getting killed. For many, this is the spice of international travel.

Please submit your impressions of dangers in Brazil. What is dangerous in Brazil? Why is it dangerous? What are ways that you can reasonably mitigate the danger?

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February 25th, 2009

When traveling to Brazil I found it was more safe than I had heard, but that could have just meant I was lucky. I was also with Brazilians that helped me out along the way. Whenever someone we didn't know would speak to me in english randomly off the street, my friends would tell me not to pay attention, he said the people would just try and scam me. If someone asks you if you speak english, then just say you have to go. Don't pay attention to them. Also, be aware of your surroundings at all times. Don't walk alone late at night and try to stick to more densly populated streets at night. I was down there for 45 days and didn't see anything other than the first day I was there I saw a blood splat in the road in Sao Paulo. My friend said a girl had plummeted out of the 8th story window in their apartement, but weren't sure if she had commited suicide or if it was an act of violence.

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