Travel Dangers in Aruba

Information about the dangers of traveling in Aruba.

Travel abroad is inherently dangerous. There's a danger of getting hurt, danger of getting robbed, and a danger of getting killed. For many, this is the spice of international travel.

Please submit your impressions of dangers in Aruba. What is dangerous in Aruba? Why is it dangerous? What are ways that you can reasonably mitigate the danger?

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Jessica Hamilton

October 8th, 2011

Aruba is the safest place I have traveled to. Not only are the locals friendly and caring, they are also open to share their beautiful island with the world. It is a shock that people would think that Aruba is dangerous. I could leave my children playing at the beach and go to the spa or go shopping with my husband without a worry. Everyone enjoyed this family vacation. I would recommend everyone to come to this grandious and beautiful island.

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