Skinny Buildings in Vietnam

Vietnamese architecture is full of distinctly tall, skinny buildings. From Hanoi's large, urban expanse, to isolated buildings in the countryside, building thin is a cultural habit in Vietnam.

A native to the country of Vietnam explained that skinny building design in Vietnamese cities has customarily been a way to manage the often-expensive price of property in the country. This phenomenon is particularly prevalent in places where landowners believe they can double their homes as businesses. Street-facing property has traditionally been sought after so that a small storefront can be created at street level, with the family living in the stories above. As a result, the proximity to the street increases the cost of the propriety to a point where plots are only a few meters wide.

The solution to these small plots of land is to build upwards. It's a common sight to see an exceptionally narrow, ten-story building. And if you look closely, almost none of these buildings actually touch each other. Each structure is independent of its neighbor.

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