Reasons to Love Peru

Reasons to love Peru.

Sometimes a country can completely capture the heart of a traveler. For some, the reasons to hate a country are few to none.

Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you loved about visiting Peru.

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Amanda Prudencio

May 31st, 2012

Peru is one of the most beautiful places in the WORLD! If you travel here to Peru I suggest you visit Huanuco Peru,Its 8hours from Lima by bus or you can fly from Lima to Huanuco for about $100-$200 Not sure on the price it changes from time to time. Here in huanuco you can go to the jungle. Tingo Maria is about 2hours away by car and is very beautiful. Many many places to visit there,caves and waterfalls,swimming holes and a lot of wildlife such as wild parrots. I have lived here for almost 2years now and I must say I love it better here than in the USA. a must quieter way of life and less stress. :) for me

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Phillip Bastians

May 31st, 2012

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Amanda Prudencio

July 1st, 2012

First of all STOP bad mouthing Peruvians!! They are just like you and me!! there are good ones and there are bad ones! like all over this world!
I have been living in Peru for almost 2years now. I am married to my wonderful Peruvian husband who is an English teacher and a Christian. I am from The United States and I have to say Peru has its ups and downs and the US does. Lima is a beautiful city just depends on where you are. Miraflores is the cleanest part of the city. the center of Lima is alright but a lot of people. The food is great! Some dishes I don't like tho. Lima's streets stink horribly and some are very very dirty. There is a huge market place about 8blocks from the plaza. The ground is soo dirty I went to buy new shoes and new jeans. totally ruined them. I am living in a city 8hours (by bus) from Lima. its called "Huanuco" Beautiful city! I don't have to worry here about walking alone I can go to the market without being followed. Things here are not as crazy. there are a lot of mountain people also. all an all Peru is great for me. I could live here forever in Huanuco. its been in the 70s all year round so I'm not in the us suffering in the horrible 100s :)

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December 26th, 2012

Wow 3 posts and 2 are by the same person. I think this is evidence enough of the fact that Peru has nothing to offer

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February 7th, 2013

Well not alot of people know about this website Im sure if they did they will defiantly post some amazing about Peru . After watching Antony Bourdain tv show No Resevation on Peru .Me a Couple of my friends decide to Go to Peru .Peru is a very Beautiful Coutry Especailly Cuzco ,Churin ,And the Lost city Machupichu.The food is Out of this world Delicious,There culture is beautiful .The People are helpful There Pisco Is awesome I snuck back 3 bottle lol ,, Well amazing coutry will reecomend.

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March 22nd, 2013

If you are going to Lima for Business, there are lots of things to do in your free time.
Larcomar mall (Beautiful view, Lots of Restaurants, bars and Clubs), Calle de las Pizzas(Bars and Clubs during the night and during the day Restaurants), Miraflores, Barranco (Best Restarants), parque de las aguas are great options.
If you stay during a weekend try going to see the ruins. They are not far from Lima.
The food is great. Try the anticuchos. There are lots of different and good local dishes there. Also drink a glass of Chicha Morada juice.
About what they say about Peruvian people, there are good and bad people like everywhere. Just take care.

A tip. Drink only bottled water. I got really sick there twice (Lost almost 5kg once due to a infection) and the doctor said that it is common foreign people getting really bad stomach aches when travelling to Peru because of the bacterias contained in the local water. I don't know if it's true but the last time I followed this and it was ok. Bring your own medicine if you can.

Drink a Pisco Sour and have fun!

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April 18th, 2013

Just to be fair, I'm adding my opinion here after commenting on the Reasons To Hate Peru site. I'm here for the surf (6mos. in & 2 to go) & it's been great to surf almost everyday at so many different breaks. In the line-up, the Peruvians are chill & if your respectful & show up several times, they'll give you pointers/secrets about that break. They have a problem with the Brazilians because they show up in a pack of 4-7 & try to dominate.
I was lucky to find Pico Alto Surf Camp in Punta Hermosa, 45mins. out of Lima. There are 5 breaks w/in walking distance & at least 5 more you could take a bus to or catch a ride with someone. The owner wants to you feel at home, he & his staff will help you anyway they can.
I also went north to Chicama & Huanchaco. The people in the markets & the restaurants were patient with my poor Spanish & were honest enough to take only what was owed to them when I couldn't figure out the $ & just held out a handful of change. Lots of the older women tried to teach me, counting it slowly like I was a kid. :o)
These people do not like confrontation so I use that to my advantage when males are being aggressive (cat-calls, whistling, getting in my space etc.) They are insecure about their masculinity (machismo) & are frightened when women don't behave in the expected manner (coy, submissive etc.)
Funny though, when the wetsuit is on, I have zero problem in or out of the H20.
I have given bottled H20 to workers slaving in the heat with archic tools, popsicles to kids, tips in resaurants & to the houskeepers at the camp. I did this because they don't expect it & I'm rich here (poor in Canada) so it's literally pennies. None of them wanted/expected more, I think they might have been a little shocked by kindness.
I have a lot of respect for the people who work (a lot don't), the women who sweep the garbage off the roads & beaches & even the women who go through the garbage every a.m. looking for plastic bottles to recycle for $. I took the time to try & speak with the sweepers when I was headed to the beach. After 2 mos. they stopped being so shy & formal with me & approached me to chat. Every a.m. I collect the plastic bottles around the camp & put them aside for the wome so they don't have to go thru the garbage.
I helped out in 2 terrible vehicular accidents because no one seemed to know what to do before the security truck (not an ambulance), came to get them.
I think the problem is generations of malnutrition & no education (they have to pay for ALL schooling here) so you can't expect too much. The government is corrupt (I've been told) & I see little to no social programs or public education on hygiene, for example.
I was not robbed here but I was prepared & brought old, worn clothes. I think it helps too that compared to these people, I look like an Amazon plus my demeanor can be don't-fuck-with-me & I would fight if I had to.
Peru is a tough country to be in but if your prepared, you could have some good times.

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October 15th, 2013

I love ,love, love Peru!:) I love the food, music, culture, animals and its people. My fav foods are Pollo Al La Brasa, Chicharones, Salchipapas, and if you've never heard of this fast food place before, BEMBOS!!! :) :P I LOVE PERU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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