Reasons to Love Algeria

Reasons to love Algeria.

Sometimes a country can completely capture the heart of a traveler. For some, the reasons to hate a country are few to none.

Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you loved about visiting Algeria.

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August 13th, 2013

Algeria is a land of great diversity, a country with a rich historical, cultural and natural heritage. A vacation in Algeria will truly open up a new world to all those who visit. An Algerian vacation is a truly unique experience, something you will have never experienced before.

In the impressive city of Algeria's capital, Algiers, you can visit several museums and monuments as well as engaging in a bout of retail therapy. Make your way to the grand city of Oran. Considered by many to have a more relaxed atmosphere, there is plenty to see and do there. Tipasa is a lovely little village, known for its beautiful beach and fascinating ancient Roman ruins.

Before meeting up with the giant Sahara, you are likely to come across the Atlas mountain range - an amazing sight to see. Look out for areas of mountain that have been eroded to form magnificent landmarks. Explore one of Algeria’s many protected areas, such as the El Kala National Park.
its lovely, theres beaches, mountains, deserts and the weathers nice too! why would anything happen to you? seriousley algerians will treat you very well :)

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