Reasons to Hate Vietnam

Reasons to hate Vietnam.

Not every country can capture the hearts of all the travelers passing through it. For some, the reasons to love a country can be surprisingly few.

Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you hated about visiting Vietnam.

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June 22nd, 2012

People are horrible, rude, dishonest monkeys.

Cities are dirty, polluted, noisy and boring to death.

Food is shit. Why the fuck all that hype? It's 1/unflavoured and 2/poisoned half of the time.

Traffic is the worst in the world, pathetic Vetnamese have no education for nothing, not even to drive safe and save their peers' life.

Liars and cheaters everywhere.

HaLong bay is shit.

Hanoi is a black shithole.

Fucking retarded commies everwhere.

Funniest thing is, Vietnamese people believe their country is great! AHAHAHAH

Ho Chi Minh is a fucking communist criminal, Vietnam is the trash of the world. We should had nuked that place when we could.

Oh, fuck it. Let them die in their little filtjy shithole, sell their women to Koreans and stuff.

Fuck Vietnam!

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Catalina Cruz

October 24th, 2013

The people are downright unreasonable.

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