Reasons to Hate Trinidad and Tobago

Reasons to hate Trinidad and Tobago.

Not every country can capture the hearts of all the travelers passing through it. For some, the reasons to love a country can be surprisingly few.

Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you hated about visiting Trinidad and Tobago.

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December 20th, 2008

Reasons to hate Trinidad? Where should we start…

The murder rate in Trinidad is about 40 times higher than in Europe. It's on a par with South Africa.

Whatever is managed by locals is generally mismanaged. Public services are appalling (the police won't come if you call them unless you are a "somebody", the hospitals are so badly managed that the dead are not moved off the wards in a timely fashion, it takes 1 year to get an appointment to renew your passport, etc…)A quick search of newspaper articles will confirm this.

As an example of the general moral deficiency of large parts of the population, here is what happens if you are bleeding to death in a car crash on the Beetham highway: people will run up, not to help, but to rob you. Stories of helpless children tortured to death in the most horrendous fashion abound.(Again a quick review of the local press will confirm this.) But if you have the means to defend yourself then most likely nothing bad will happen to you.

Trinidad has some of the worst examples of what humanity can fall down to. Every country does. Trinidad just happens to have quite a few more such examples.

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January 5th, 2011

i am from there and everytime i go back i hate it more and more..

I just find the place is so backward and all people interested in doing is partying…
and the crime is just too much.. I don't feel safe at all

we are 1 inch away from becoming like brazil..

I just don't like it at all..

sorry to say this but i am glad i left for good..

it is just not for me..

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February 7th, 2011

Trinidad is the worst place to be. The country is messy, health care system terrible, police are aggressive, costumer service is terrible, majority if the indians think their shit can make people's patty…. like them better than people with them ugly shape bad self and yes people are prejudice. I say all that is keeping this country alive now is the oil. I know this is not good but I have such a hate for the place that I just want the oil to run out so that some of them dutty gal working in offices, clothes stores and restaurants can know how to have some manners and know how to treat costomers. And I tell you that when the oil done, you hear what I say? I say when the oil done this whole country will be done for good and this place will become a SHANTY TOWN.

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February 15th, 2011

Trinidad is a mismanaged country. The politicians only care about themselves and the police service is made up of a group of illiterate citizens. Are these the people we have protecting us? Carnival is a religion over here it seems…just now we will be celebrating mardi gras, where nudity is condoned. You are not even safe in your own homes, thieves are breaking and entering demanding money and delivering 'chop wounds' if you don't comply. The rich in Trinidad are getting richer, but the poor get nothing. This is the land of my birth, but I hate Trinidad. It's not safe…not even in your own home.

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September 2nd, 2011

i am from trinidad and most of these things are true but i am going to move to canada

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Anthony Rudder

December 9th, 2011

im here now born in trinidad live in new york travel to some places but i feel free here yes we have some problems but at the end of the day this is where im from i did want to be a citizen like the rest of my family in usa so to all of you who hate trinidad and from here stay your ass in racist america and want to be white canada black folks over there dont say the are black they say im french canadian you see how i spell it for the dumb mofo i love trini dont come back. best food best music women good living you cant go in america and squat on land and build a house no where in usa or canada yall living in police control states and when they come to you you like a baby in class they rude and disrespectful so you enjoy and i will live peace

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February 21st, 2012

i hate trinidad because the costumer service is poor and the people are disrespectful, the food taste bad at every restaurant you go (the food taste the same at every restaurant you go), and the environment is unsightly and smells awful (everywhere you go there is a drain with sewerage water), resulting from the illegal squatting first and foremost and bad housing construction. not to mention the crime for which you just get killed for no reason. the general people on the other hand are also stuck up and disrespectful and their accent is atrocious. there is nothing good about trinidad basically.

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March 2nd, 2012

I hate this place but I am leaving soon. I will use my brain and positivity and inner strength to leave this inhumane place. We can make it! Hold on! Study hard!

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July 6th, 2012

Since the race card has already been played here,let's go.First, 'Gravelle", please learn to write properly. Also, your statement about Indians can be applied to all races(class or perceived class has more to do with this than race); you clearly have some inferiority,jealousy and racist issues. Now, the main things that make Trinidad backward are; the extreme party/alcohol/carnival culture that seems to be the be-all and end- all for most, the government dependency by certain groups, the general disregard for law and order by most and the unproductive attitude towards work resulting from the first two things. Guess what color this culture is………

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August 13th, 2012

I hate Trinidad because:

Poor health care system
failing education system
Lax or non-existent environmental laws
Ineffective law enforcement
Poor and failing infrastructure
Chronic flooding
Escalating crime….the stats speak for themselves
Endemic corruption
escalating cost of living
limited natural resources
little or no long term strategic planning by governments
booming illegal drug trade and illegal arms and ammunition trafficking
intimidated population
record levels of kidnappings, murders, violent crimes
indiscipline on our roadways, in schools in public institutions….by the public in general

I'm migrating and cant wait!

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September 12th, 2012

I love Trinidad and Tobago, but i hate the police system. They are so unfair. Gets away with everything. Corruption is just the tip of the ice berg.

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October 8th, 2012


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November 5th, 2012

I hate Trinidad, The niggers and arrogant, and all the black bitches think they are Nubian Princess, and their nigger male counterparts are full of them selves, and all is left are fuck up black people who do not know their head from their ass, but like to think they are university bound, and the Indians are full of crap, and a bunch of ass lickers, While the Syrians control all

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November 18th, 2012

Okay, um well I lived in Trinidad from August 2011 until February 2012 when I gave up. I am born in the U.K. but left to go and try Trinidad where my parents are from originally. I made a big mistake. I have top grades from a London University and went with hopes of getting a job. Some employers there are so racist, arrogant and dismissive (they think they are God). I applied to all kinds of places and all of them proceeded the interview by asking 'wha' yuh doing here in Trinidad? go go back to where yuh from, we doh need people like alyuh'. So yeah, they are a bit arrogant. But you know one thing…. I did not realise in Trinidad people talk alot of bullshit about you, 'wheyyy I see he drinking down d rum shop an' he from England? wheyyy'…. or… 'I see he liming she and he focking she while she man out at wok'… lies upon lies upon lies… they seem to be very anti-British and more pro-american. So yeah Trinis are hmmmm a rare set of species on this planet however, I still love the country, the beauty and some of the people. Just go for vacations and do not get tricked by them women who want to go to England and run out of the country because you are their ticket out of the country lol.

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January 5th, 2013

I have just spent Christmas and New Year with my family in Trinidad. I grew up there and left in 1985. I can honestly say that although there is some good, this is outweighed by the bad. Crime is out of control, the cost of food is astronomical, corruption is rife in Government, drugs and ammunition readily available,so bandits have no worries, infrastructure is apalling, with white elephants dotted around the country,streets with families surviving with frequent water shortages and intermittent electricity, homelessness and poverty is rampant. Yet the country has numerous shopping malls, more and more cars on the road, the latest 4G mobile technology, the airports allways full of people travelling, everything on TV seems to be American. Politicians in Trinidad do what they do best - all talk and no action. The guns and amunition coming through the back door, the Syrians are the ones really controlling power. It's sad to see that Trinidad, once boasted the richest island in the Caribbean, has morphed into a mini America distorted by crime and corruption where the law has little meaning

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January 5th, 2013

The people of Trinidad has the worst attitude in the world. Always partying and listen crappy music and too mush crime. Can't wait to leave.

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January 30th, 2013

Trinidad has the worse service ever…. They are rude, racist, no simile , not even a "hi", it really seams that they are force to work. And on top of a crap service they charge you 10% service charge and cat on top of the service charge!
Owners doesn't give a shit about the customers. Only place where you are well served are non TRINi own Place.
They Are also the worse driver in the world. Nobody follow any code. They do whatever they like on the road: stop on the middle of the road blocking all cars, changing lane just in front of you without signal, or just changing lane without signal. When you do the same to them they get angry. They don't realize how bad they drive.
TRINi are so proud of their bacchanal but don't realize that this word which mean mess is nothing to be proud of, that their country is in a total mess, corruption everywhere, bad policing (again), police are the first one who doesn't follow the law, crime….
All what have been said here are all do true.
All they know to do is to party.
If only I had a better place to go…..

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February 27th, 2013

One day I would love to run to be the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. First action, stop carnival…I do not hate it…but I cannot see women and kids being sexually assaulted or raped and then have a country invest millions of dollars to promote a festival where scantily clad women are paraded. its an insult to women of crime. Secondly, Focus on the police service. every six-12months have officers do a physical and mental check up. Hire more police officers and use impounded vehicles and neglected vehicles as official police vehicles. Third, build more health institutions and stop with…patients have to sleep in wheel chairs because we dont have enough beds. Fourth, stop building stadiums because some sport personality did well…sports dont stop crime. Instead take that money and invest in the people who wants to learn a trade but dont have resources so they turn to crime and also fix the roads.

BTW…unless you were a victim of crime, after a while, you will want to return to Trinidad. You will miss the freedom and friendliness of knowing your neighbours.

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March 13th, 2013

Disabled in Trinidad have no rights.People like to withold medical treatment from their children

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April 3rd, 2013

Man I don't like the way this new government is governing for sure.Although the one before was no better.As can be seen there are deep seated racial tensions that are kept under covers and flare up in the political arena and then in the the populace reveal their hidden hatred for each other.Political racial pupptering stops and the population hide their racial disgust again waiting for another politically inspired guidance.

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April 9th, 2013

Being from America, I fell in love with Trinidad15 yrs ago. But there are tears in my eyes witnessing the destruction of a once beautiful island. Crime, moral depravity, poverty, corruption, greed and denial. There are no quick solutions, but I grew up in NYC during the 70's/80's where we were known as New Jack City. What turned this city around was a well paid and supported police force, zero tolerance on quality of life issues, jobs, and prayer.

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May 21st, 2013

Wow I hate the service..I sent a small package home to my father for Father's Day and he is being charged to clear it..some underwear and white tshirts…would you believe..and all he is say customs..what I go do about it…people are beat by this stupid system and don't even know their rights to ask a question

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June 5th, 2013

Something is terribly wrong in Trinidad. The people are unrecognisable by their behaviour and their manners are non existant. They seem very resentful if you have a foreign accent and envious for what they perceive to be good fortune on you. This also applies to relatives who, "cut up" their eyes at you and don't even want to get to know you.
To me their general attitude to life has a lot to do with the way in which Trinidad has turned out. It is ironic that they will hate you for what they think is better, yet RUN as far away from "trini" as possible if given the chance to do so AND actually take pride in making themselves and the country to which they fled servicable and workable, yet cannot do so WITHIN the "trini" frame work!
It is unfortunate that unlike other islands where those people Welcome returnees and don't try to befriend them as a passage OUT. Indians seem to be racist but also they seem to be in a fantasy "bollywood", which I find rather amusing. It seems that most of the people have lost the plot and have forgotten or no longer care about people like Uria "Buzz" Butler, or Dr. Eric Williams who took destiny into their hands, but oh, I forgot, Dr. Williams is now considered a "dictator!" Says it all.

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Antonio Schmidtgen

June 12th, 2013

Trinidad and Tobago is a place today I would never recommend my German friends to come visit or even live. It's such a shame and disgraceful to know that this was beautiful island has gone to the dogs. So many countries have way passed their development, that their are stock in a third world development status. I am so sorry and I still wish that United Kingdom didn't grant them independance. I am sure today under British rule that country wouldn't be the way it is today. The late Prime Minister Dr. Eric Williams must be turning in his grave right now, know that is the country he was trying to build now in shambles.

Trinidad and Tobago has many countless problems that need to be addressed before it has totally sunken under the blue Caribbean sea.

These are some of the things that needs to change.

1, New stable Government with young minds to truly move this nation forward.
2, The people needs to change their mentality. The Government has to be a forceful leader if they want their people to produce positive results.
3, The education system needs to be rescued. The British education system is more superior that the Americans.
4, Better health institutions. More hospitals with update resourses and technology.
5, Trinidad drastically needs a better Transportion system. Instead of building more and wider roads for more cars to full. E.g: Trains and Trams will be more efficient than loads of Maxi Taxis.

These are just some of the problems that needs to be addressed.


In the mean time I'm migrating to Germany. Until I see some greast results, we former Trinidadian and Tobagonians might just return.

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June 23rd, 2013

Yes truly sad what the island has come to. My parents are from Trinidad, and I visited all the way back in 1998 and fell in love with it, and have always wanted to return back, but the fact of the matter is, it is simply not the place it was back then. When I hear about all the terrible crimes, murders, etc. it really puts be of going. And to those who keep talking about racist Indians, please dont be biased…both groups are racist towards eachother, not only the indians are racist.

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August 8th, 2013

Trinidad is now truly in a dangerous state and has sunken to a new low. Incompent police service that investigates continuously without any arrest,never have a vehicle to respond to emergency calls. And please what's all this racist talk about Indians ? Lets get the facts the majority of people kidnapped and murdered for ransom in trinidad were Indians,the majority of gang members being sensely killed are black by blacks. God help you if you get a flat tire by the beetham,they say if you do just keep driving on the rim. If anyone intelligently reads the local news papers daily you would know that it's a fact. On two occasions I went down to Los Iros beach with my family and there was a geeen band maxi from north with blacks. The first occasion there was an argument shots were fired and one man was left dead. The shooter had total disregard for human life as bullets were flying every where. Second occasion again maxi from north shots fired. The majority of people especially in government services have a rotten attitude and am sure can't even spell the words costumer service. Everyone the majority of both races are consumed by this whine and jam mentality but time to work and be productive is like words of death but to see them whining up for carnival they good for that. We also have the only oil company in the world that runs at a loss, it's amazing how foreign oil companies can come into trinidad and make money but the local company continues to run at a loss. Corruption aplenty passport office,licensing office,customs,inland revenue, you name it corruption is embedded. Crime is not difficult to solve it is having the willingness to do so that is difficult.

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August 16th, 2013

Trinidad is a place that have lot of potential. It has beautiful fauna and wildlife. The resources are endless. Natural Gas and oil, yet the country remains in a mess. The infrastructure is appalling, poverty is wide scale and there is too much of homeless people walking around in the streets. Crime is severely out of control. The streets are nasty , fill with garbage and there is a rancid scent of urine everywhere you turn. Customer service is horrible! Most of Trinidad problems are the mismanagement of governments, there is just too much of corruption. Another problem is our culture. The workforce have poor work ethic, yet many people expect to get paid for slacking off, and Trinidadians loves to party and drink, this is why issues are not addressed.

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August 23rd, 2013

I need to leave this hellhole of a country asap. I hate the noise, the corruption, the lawlessness. I wish the U.S would move in or some mighty country and save this place. I hate hate hate living here. Everyday I am reminded what a mess it is. HELP ME!!!

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September 3rd, 2013

Married to a Trini, fell in love with the country in '98, and now I have tears in my eyes watching the disintegration of a once beautiful, powerful nation. Corruption, crime, substandard medical, mass migration of your best and brightest, unemployment, low wages, inflation, and a whole nation in denial

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nigel ferreira

October 8th, 2013

I would say most of what has been expressed here is absolutely true. I am also a born Trini and so disgusted that I spend most of my time out of this place. I have nothing to be patriotic about and I say that loud and clare without reservation. This country has done absolutely nothing for me and I know its not what it can do for you, but rather what you can do for it…believe me, I tried, like so many. As a matter of fact as a professional musician, I cannot even make a living with my profession simply because there is no support, because I don't play Soca and "wine and Jam". Don't get me wrong, I do love my country, but unfortunately, I have little good to express about it. I am a white Trinidadian and as regards future for the next generation? I see none. I said once, and will say again, Please do not be fooled, here is no paradise and those with the deluded notion that it is or live in hope that things will get better, well… you are dreamers and have a very long, long wait.

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Sophia Boodoo

October 8th, 2013

Unfortunately, to find labour in Trinidad is an uphill battle. So locals feel that one race owes them something. People still live with the "chip on the shoulder". Customer service? WHat is that? Politeness? I guess that's for everyone else. The country has over A LOT of public holidays a year, Emancipation (get over it) Indian Arrival Day (move on) amongst others. The island has A LOT of potential but without enforcing of laws, corrupt politicians, 1st World Education, inclusive soceity (homosexuals, lesbians, persons with disabilities, physical and mental) laws for recycling, laws for littering, laws for noise polution, that poor island is going nowhere soon.

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October 8th, 2013

I've lived here for all 20 years of my life and it's designed in such a way that the poor majority of the inhabitants can't escape the squalor they live in. Every 3-5 years there are general elections that provide close to no benefits fir the masses. Instead, the politicians voted into power rob the country blind and distribute the power amongst their close buddies and family (conflict of interest is unheard of). Only the people that have their own means of income via private business etc. can live comfortably and thus are the only ones that speak aces of this God-forsaken land.

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J.E. Benjamin

October 9th, 2013

I love Trinidad and my husbands family there but I hated the recent experience by inexperienced idiotic security at Piarco Airport. They were so dumb the way they picked people to search and harass. My husband was in a wheel chair and we were searched just before boarding the plane. Ignorant people opening my diabetic equipment and handling it with the same dirty gloves they used on previous passengers. This was already done by first security check. The young pompous Supervisor made it so obvious as I sat waiting for boarding to be announced, he actually showed one of his underlings by pointing directly at me…. a 63 yr old grandmother who at the time worked with the Canadian Federal Government…. singled me out to be searched. I had to ask "What the hell they thought I would try to take out of Trinidad"….. all I was interested in doing was getting my feet safely back on Canadian soil. Thank God our Customs and Immigration and Security people here in Canada are better trained. This experience has turned me against ever going back to Trinidad. I wrote letters to the Airlines and they responded by saying they would forward my concerns to the Security people…. to date I have never had a response. My husband who is a heart patient was extremely stressed while sitting in the wheel chair at the planes doors waiting for me. I blame them partially for him having 2 strokes right after we got home. These people were more like Cheech and Chong pretending to be undercover cops…. a real joke, I advised in the letter they needed better training and needed to use there senses and intuition in picking out their targets. In looking back I wondered if it was due to me leaving the waiting area several times to check if one of the duty free stores was open, as I had hoped to buy earrings for my granddaughters and this was outside the waiting area and it apparently opened much later in the morning. But I was given the Ok to come and go by the first set of security where they also open bags etc. In retrospect I got the feeling this young man was on a power trip, feeling full of himself…. maybe too they had never witnessed a diabetic taking her needles while eating her breakfast.

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October 15th, 2013

I spent some time in Trinidad recently and what can I say other than I hate that country more than any of the other places I have been. The people are very small minded yet they act as if they have a stick up their arse, horrible customer service, their transportation system is very poor and deplorable especially the city gate hub. The view entering the capital is very very disheartening and also which country will have a garbage dump so close to their capital? Its smell is enough to make you stop and throw up not forgetting if you do someone may come and mug you. Trinidad crime rate is extremely high for such a small island which is due to their poor police service which I have been told is because of the corrupt officer in the force. Lastly, I feel that I must say this because of my gay friends who came with me but Trinidad is a very homophobic country. I feel sorry for gay people living on that island. My friends were snubbed by many people when we went various places, because of their sexual orientation. It's very sad that we live in 2013 and people behave and react in the manner which they do. They claim to be a very spiritual country but yet they all judge other people's sexual choices and yet it's free for women to walk around dressed like prostitutes on a daily basis and almost naked for carnival. I'm sorry to say but this is definitely a country I will never return to. Such a shame that they have so much money from oil and the people thinking abilities are poor.

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October 17th, 2013

Holy cow. I left and migrated to the USA when I was a teenager up until some years ago. I am in my mid 50's now and now live in EU. I was planning when me and my husband retired to mirgate back to Trinidad. I am a bit concerned what i am reading. My husband is from the EU. I am really wondering about all this. Does it matter which part of Trinidad you live? I wont want to be in the limelight or the hustle and bustle. i would want nature and quiet and simplicity to live out my days. But I am truly wondering with all this negativity. I do follow the crime news and its high. But how come all of my friends from POS are still alive?

To Banana, you wish the US would move in and save the country. Look at all the countries that the US has infiltrated, they have all become terribly corrupted. Its the presence of US in Trinidad that has ruined it. I left there a long long time ago and have only been back a few tiems and last trip was 1999. So I cant say much, but I do have regular contact there but I am wondering about some of the things that were said. When I last visited TT I found the locals to be very pleasant and helpful towards me.

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October 17th, 2013

Newborn babies dying every week in the hospitals because of neglect, Mothers dumping babies in rivers and garbage bins alive! Illegal quarrying destroying entire forest at an alarming rate for years and no one cares to step in, environmentalist and nature lovers cry for the authorities to take action goes in vain, industries dumps Toxic waste into rivers and and drains leading to rivers without penalty, citizens burn toxic material such as tires without punishment,(No recycling campaigns by the government shows how much they care) poaching and hunting has now become all about selling the catch for money, killing any and everything that crosses their path before the "other guy" gets it, no longer a sport for all citizens to enjoy as its dangerous. 20 minutes of rain, 3 hours of flood, flash forest burning on the hills, Businessmen allowed to build large building structures on the coast while they run up on the hills to build their mansion to get away from the floods their building will cause, its criminal to even think about doing something right in this country. Everything you can speak about this country is always done wrong! You see, Trinidad should of never become an independent country, we should of remained under British rule as not once has their been a local jackass who can run this country properly.

NB good people run the risk of becoming a monster if you live here a while, the good people of Trinidad are trying hard to do the right thing but when surrounded by monsters you have no choice but to become one, its so sad.

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November 1st, 2013

WTF is up with all the damn stray dogs in Trinidad, can't the government hire some dog catchers and clean up that place? What is up with the customer service, has anyone ever heard of the saying, "The Customer Is Always Right"? Not in Trinidad! How would I describe Trinidad? IT SUCKS!!!!!!! FUCK TRINIDAD!!!!

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Seàn Donnegal

November 22nd, 2013

Firstly I have to say the women aren't nice. The populace's general attitude is one of exclusiveness. They behave like a bunch of stuck up mother fuckers and act as if you owe them something. The Afro-Trinidadians are busy whoring down the place and stealing others' property. The Indo-Trinidadians try to stay out of peoples' way but have a dark side. The Indian women try to be American and white, some of 'em though are ok but don't cut it. Some of the Indian guys are good lookin' but they smell like and eat curry whole day. The Government's fucked up beyond salvaging. The police are a bunch of fat, ugly old men who are corrupt. Ian Alleyne is a closet fag who's the government's bitch. The homos in the country are damn ugly and carnival's absurd cuz all the women are ugly as arse. Everyone just wants to get rich at whatever the cost no matter how evil it may be. I thought this country would've been a sweet summer getaway from dreary Ireland but I was dead fucking wrong. I'll stick to fucking cute Irish girls. Fuck Trinidad and Tobago to Hell.

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May 2nd, 2014

First of all let me say that I HATE TRINIDAD AND I WOULD NEVER EVER WANT TO RETURN. Trinidad has too much crime, prices are too high especially for a small country, the Indians think they are the highest in the country, the blacks think the run everything, too many gang wars and fighting over absolutely nothing, the women are always degrading themselves and the only thing trinis know to do is 'wine' in carnival and party and fete. The young people are also doing the same and I tell you, this country will never get better. All the naive people who are saying "all we need Issa good government." You are absolutely wrong because it's not the government, the government can't control people's winds. It's the people who wants to see a better country and who wants to see this place get better but noooo! All everybody want to do is party and throw rubbish out their car window and cuss people out. Thank god I am moving to Canada and out of this horrid place

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June 21st, 2014

The worst caribbean country, corruption, rediculous crime rate, high food prices, bad roads, poor healthcare services, arrogant and small minded people, evil, only the very rich can afford a home, please my friends do not come to trinidad for anything, there is nothing good here, I am a young well educated adult and my future is doomed in this place

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July 8th, 2014

Too much whores and evil. Trinidad and.Tobago the capital for sexually transmitted diseases.Oh lawd doh forget HIV and AIDS . Every other person have it.

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Don't bother

August 11th, 2014

To the rich snub people and the dumb people in Trinidad what make you so better then average a person. You are going end up in the same place like the rest of the people. Trinidad is not a very friendly place to visit it. If you have the money go somewhere else is more friendly and safety. The rich family that I know are very rude and selfish. They know how to use people like us. When they need a favorite, they are not shy to asked. After that, they don't know how to said "Thank you". Yes, they sent their children to the Ivy colleges. The money you spend on your children at least teach yourself a good manner. How to said "Thank you"' it doesn't cost you anything. Oh, yes, they are cheap, too. I remembered that we got invited to a dinner. Guess what? One small piece chicken per person and that was the dinner. And other time, we came for a family wedding from the state. We stayed with a rich family for one night, the day of the wedding we got locked out without a explanation, we don't eat a lot, not like your family. Even a small child eat more than me. TRUST me, I will not come to any wedding in family wedding in Trinidad. These are people came to my wedding in the state. We took care of them. This how they paid back. They acted so nice and friendly. Deep down they all full of SHIT. I came here every summer because my spouse doing work here. These Trinidad family member saw me in the supermarket, she told her husband ignored me. What a BITCH! I hope "GOD" is watching them. These people go to church every week and I thought religion people supposedly to be nice and help other people. I don't know what god they believes. Talk about the attitude in Trinidad and Tobago they are slow and rude. They either ignored you and never call back. They know how to acted shit and ignored the call when they don't want to be bother. If they don't like their job, they should stay home and collect welfare. If they don't want to answer the phone they should never have phone in the first place, or if they don't want to do business with you, he should just tell you, instead ignored the call. It doesn't how many times you left messages or calls. The government is no better too. I sure you read the newspaper everyday. Beside that this is a wonderful place to live. Just "IF". I could write a book about this country, but who cares, just like people here.

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Andrew Pascal

August 13th, 2014

Having just returned from a visit to Trinidad and Tobago last week, I have to say that I am not at all surprised by any of these comments. The countryside and beaches are beautiful and the food in Trinidad can be quite nice, but I have to say that I have never been so badly treated in my life. At best people are utterly indifferent to you, unwilling even to answer the simplest questions or acknowledge that you've said hello–even when it's their job! For example, we needed to know what time the bus for which we had just bought tickets, left the station. The person selling the tickets could not tell us, nor could the people at the "bus information" booth, nor could the driver, nor could any of the passengers! So we end up waiting 4 hours for the damn bus in the hot sun. And that is one of many examples of their utter rudeness and contempt during our visit.

Trinis seem to enjoy seeing foreigners struggle–it's like you're having to pay for whatever sins were done against them hundreds of years ago. Get over it and move on! Other countries have. Modern Trinis are mostly subsidized by oil anyway–it was their ancestors who had to deal with repression. If their issue is the appalling state of their country, well I suggest they start treating tourists more nicely to make the country more appealing to foreign tourism and investment. Taking some responsibility for the state of their country would also help, obviously, rather than blaming it on the government or on foreigners.

The country is expensive, but if you are foreign, you will be charged more. In Tobago (which is even more unfriendly and prejudiced than Trinidad, in my opinion), a lot of stuff (including restaurant food) has no prices on it. I witnessed locals buying things for a fraction of the price we had to pay. For one terrible meal of tasteless fish and cold macaroni pie, we ended up paying $280TT (roughly $55 US) because the owner said the price of fish had "gone up." Strange considering that we only paid $110 TT the night before.

A final comment is how much prejudice I witnessed there. I saw handicapped people treated disgracefully, and people were constantly yelling homophobic comments at my travel partner and me out of the windows of passing cars, in the line-ups at restaurants, on the bus, at the beach… We experienced more bullying and nastiness in one short visit than I did throughout junior high and high school combined. And it goes without saying that the country is terribly dangerous. There are also incredible quantities of drunks and drug addicts lying around in the streets and harassing passersby; we also witnessed numerous "police incidents." In fact, T&T is the only country that WestJet, a Canadian airline, does not allow its employees to visit. They must remain in their hotels during their lay-overs.

I have been to some crappy countries with rude people (Haiti, for example), but I have never been to a country where I told myself at the end of my visit that I would never return. I hope Trinidad and Tobago can sort out its problems, but I doubt that will ever happen with the general attitude its people seem to revel in.

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September 29th, 2014

Anthony rudder say Trinidad have the best women,dude are you trolling us? Trinidadian women are the worst they only know how to party and wine up in them clubs like whores. They have no moral values and standards,every other woman in trinidad is a tramp. Most of those women with big jobs in high positions slept their way to the top. Trinidadians on the whole are illiterate fucks. The indian women love other women's husbands and their taste in men is really ridiculous and gross…they doh care if the man ugly like shit and fat like a whale they sucking dick and licking kakahole too as long as the man have status,money and a expensive ride. The african women only running down bad boys or gangsters or boys with "swag"….i tell u this country dotish we rel backward over here we dwell on mediocrity..and if when you say trini woman is the best u talking about in looks then my friend you should step out of trinidad once,just once and see other parts of the world,you'll be stunned by true beauty and sexiness…I also notice alot of trini women dont like to shave their vaginas…whats up with that? Yeah them is the best women in the world. steups

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October 1st, 2014

Dear readers, I implore you to ask yourself: what is a country? Correlation does not imply causation. "Don't bother" is saying he hates Trinidad because he met (just two?) rich families in Trinidad who just happened to be snobbish, as if the rich has a history of humility. Not all or even the majority I daresay of Trinidadians are snobs, illiterate (the literacy rate is 99.56), party incessantly, are racist (there is no such thing as race), immoral, or almost any other negative generalizations that's personal to these posters. Some are, but then again, there are all over the world.

These "Trinidadians" actually care very little about Trinidad, evidenced by how many neither live there nor plan to stay there in the future and actually contribute to it's development, instead using the stock phrase "things will never change". As though, T&T's HDI has been ranked 64th in the world since 1962, and all the colonial buildings are still being occupied. As though change is something involuntary and not something you must do when you live there. If you want to live in a country that has had centuries of other people develop it for you, fine. But just remember, you're criticizing a problem while indirectly contributing to the problem.


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