Reasons to Hate the United States

Reasons to hate the United States.

Not every country can capture the hearts of all the travelers passing through it. For some, the reasons to love a country can be surprisingly few.

Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you hated about visiting the United States.

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A few of my personal reasons to dislike the USA

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June 2nd, 2010

Americans eat hamburgers everyday for lunch.
Americans are fat.
Americans contaminate.
Americans have the same kind of lunch in their menu's for pretty much every restaurant.
Americans have the urgency to smoke weed, tobacco, or chew(nasty!).
Americans adopt Mexican or other country's food and name it something else.
Americans pretty much tell a country that they are going to help another country, but besides for helping they keep and get something else…is that exchange? :O
Americans think they are the best shit.
Americans: Obama will save u all…

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Coco Ota

June 9th, 2012

Hard to get any sensible, healthy food.
A lot of stupid Nationalists around.
Ridiculously 'friendly'….I call this superficial.

And btw. thanks for the fucked up economic Chicago School.

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September 8th, 2012

Coco Ota, look at your on country on here ( http://compendium.travelvice.c.....e-germany/ )
I think a lot more people find you Germans a disgrace compared to the U.S.

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August 7th, 2013

Americans hates everybody. And their hate towards rest of the world, is wrapped in cellophane with a big bomb in it.
Americans are untrustworthy people, who demean everybody else.
Americans have no respect towards others, but they demand to be respected.

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January 26th, 2017

* Diversity/political correctness bullshit. People getting promoted, accepted to universities, etc. only because they are of a certain color.
* Foreign policy wise they stuff their nose into everybody's business and start wars under the guise of "democracy" to advance their own (often corporate) interests while supporting violent authoritarian regimes as long as they are pro-america.
* So many stupid, fat and ugly people that barely know anything about the world outside the country and are often unable to correctly spell the words in their mother tongue, one of the easier ones in the world.
* Indoctrination and brainwashing with patriotism at schools (Pledge of Allegiance), learn to love our flag, also stuffing their stupid flag and its three colors on everything to make it "patriotic".
* Obsession with authority, militarized local police running around in surplus army gear and driving what with some modifications could be a tank, murdering and beating innocent civilians and facing no to few repercussions for it.
* Everything is illegal and regulated, people are kept under control with threatening signs everywhere, e.g. do X and you will be aggressively prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
* Having to tip everybody, everywhere.
* In "home of the free" everybody is prison serving the long sentences often for the pettiest of crimes.
* Everybody likes to tout their "freedom of speech", but almost nobody is willing to accept opinions different of theirs and/or the socially accepted norm. People with different opinions will be shunned and become outcast, often lose their jobs and friends just because they dared use their right to free speech.
* Obsession with "the konstituution" whereas the federal government violates it in almost every possible way, the non-constitutional zone around the border, illegal monitoring of peoples' communication, cavity searches at borders and airports. "Home of the imprisoned, land of the cavity searched".
* Using sleazy tactics to get what they want, such as creating an Act of Congress that explicitly violates the constitution and then naming it "USA PATRIOT Act" (ooh how patriotic) and saying everyone who doesn't vote for it is not a patriot (omg not a patriot why is this person not in prison yet???).
* Everyone thinks they have a right to do whatever without ever considering if it is moral or fair to others, often just so they can line their own pockets with money. This in turn means even the smallest aspects of life are regulated because otherwise some retard will come up with something extremely stupid but be able to do it because "there is no laaaw against it".
* Constantly talking, fake people that can never shut up always asking you "how are you?" and other bullshit questions without ever caring about the answer.
* Untrustworthy people that will lie, screw others over and say pretty much anything just to get what they want.
* Safety, safety, safety, everything has to be so safe and controlled by the government, I don't know how people can even get up from their beds in the morning, can they be sure that it is safe?
* Gun craze, guns everywhere and way too easy to obtain. Kind of ironic considering all the SAFETY, Kinder Eggs are banned because the small parts may be a hazard to children but every other Walmart sells rifles and pistols and when somebody shoots up another school or kindergarten people are surprised how this could have happened.
* Lawsuits, everybody like to sue for the smallest, stupidest things just to make some money, yet another reason why everything becomes so regulated. Maybe I should also go pour some hot coffee on myself and then sue for millions?
* All the food is just fake crap made of HFCS, when it is not HFCS almost guaranteed it is some other crap made of corn. Fucking corn, absolutely everywhere, in absolutely everything.
* Cheap, shitty, fat-dripping fast food everywhere with all the ugly fatsos visiting every day.
* Stupid patent system, you can patent the most retarded, obvious things and then sue everybody that has already been using it for years and then most of them will settle because going to court costs an uncanny amount of money. Patent troll mecca.
* Sick (in)justice system, instead of trying to change people and their bad habits people will be put through horror and are faced with what borders on torture for their actions.
* Most retarded tax system on the planet. How can they think it is acceptable to tax people currently not residing in the country? Also so many tax exemptions and workarounds for the rich while the poor pay the most.
* Touted as a "democratic" country whereas it is actually an oligarhy. The rich live above the law and can fuck up very big time (think 2008 financial crisis) and bail themselves and their companies out with goverment money while facing no punishment for all the misery they caused for the poor. Did something wrong?
Hire the most expensive attorney and win your get out of jail card!
* A joke of a court system. A trial is often just two different sides using manipulation and mind-bending tricks to convince the jury that they are in the right. Also what is used by police during interrogations, with some not so witty or mentally disabled people ending up admitting to crimes and going to prison when they have done nothing wrong.
* Living like in a prison, in many areas you will have go through a metal detector or be searched just to go to school or a museum.
* Obsessed with famous people, tabloids, gossip and getting/reading as much dirt about them as possible. Stupid reality shows that are created just to air pointless drama, manipulation and people screwing each other over. Many of these "reality" shows are also at least partly scripted whereas that fact is hidden or never admitted at all. As mentioned multiple times before, everything is fake. People, inside (superficial bullshit talk) and outside (plastic surgery), food, TV, etc.
* Being clean and neat is yet another obsession, laws saying the grass at your suburban home may not be longer than X.
* People use the most retarded, obsolete measuring units that almost nobody else in the world uses (fahrenheit, feet, pound, inch. WTF, WHY??) and pollute the rest of the world and the internet with this garbage. Also the standard date format (MM/DD/YYYY) is moronic, when they see a document from another country with DD/MM/YYYY they will take ages to understand it.
* Extreme inequality, 1% own most of the country's wealth, this trend has still not stopped so the rich are getting even richer and the inequality gap is becoming bigger and bigger.
* People with their overblown emotions, when something was ok then it was "amazing, great, wonderful, awesome, so good", all the stupid talk shows where people constantly make their retarded sounds like *gasp*, *ooh*, *aaah*, whatever. Everybody is crazy about stupid annoying heartwarming stories, tv show about someone who was in a foster family, now everybody is crying *waaaaaaah* so emotional.
* Spoiled people, they have to comfortable all the time and get all they want or they will go mental.
* Horrible work culture, you are expected to "live to work", if you don't work overtime or long shifts or want to take longer vacations then you "are not a team player" or some other bullshit and you will easily get fired after sacrificing 20 years to the company.
* Vengeful people. Whenever you wrong a company or another person they will do whatever it takes to retaliate against you, regardless of if you were in the right or not. Reported some wrongdoing at your workplace? Demoted, reassigned to horrible tasks, fired.
* Advertising, colorful flashy bullshit signs absolutely everywhere.

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