Reasons to Hate Sudan

Reasons to hate Sudan.

Not every country can capture the hearts of all the travelers passing through it. For some, the reasons to love a country can be surprisingly few.

Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you hated about visiting Sudan.

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Gorilla Safaris in Uganda

March 13th, 2011

Too hot and dusty!

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March 10th, 2013

Thirteen Reasons Why…

1. Poor economy (there are more beggers on the streets than the hairs on my head).

2. Damaged roads (lots of holes).


4. People aren't exactly as friendly to different people as claimed (I get a lot of stares walking on the streets and unfriendly unwanted attention at school).

5. Racism (in this case it's black to white, they call me "halabi" the US equivalent of "Ni**a" when said by a white person).

6. Lack of personal freedom in schools and colleges (forced to cut hair very short, strict uniform, no jewelry and anything else you can think of) speaking of schools and colleges, most of them are very claustrophobic with weak certificates.

7. Lack of therapists (which i really need at the moment).

8. Unbelievably-scorching-burning-blazing sunny weather.

9. Screwed up politics.

10. Lack of credit cards (thereby eliminating online shopping from the country).

11. Speaking of online shopping, there are some products online that you can never find here (in my case, horror fiction books).

12. Of Course, How could I forget? Religious persecution. Especially in schools.

13. Now this last reason belongs exclusively to me: my parents love it here and refuse to leave or listen to my complaints, so as you can see, I'm forced to stay here until i graduate from college (if I can survive that).

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July 10th, 2014

1. everything here is fake the other day i saw a product called mike(instead of nike) and fake clothes
2.too hot american/british retailers google playstore or apple store
5.i feel uncomftable in this country,every time i go outside or even at school people are always staring at me
6.the roads are terrible and extremely dusty
unfortunetly im staying here until im finishing university :(
you must stay aware if your parents like this country your life will officially messed up the moment you step out of the plane

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