Reasons to Hate Slovakia (the Slovak Republic)

Reasons to hate Slovakia (the Slovak Republic).

Not every country can capture the hearts of all the travelers passing through it. For some, the reasons to love a country can be surprisingly few.

Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you hated about visiting Slovakia (the Slovak Republic).

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September 19th, 2010

People are narrow-minded (absurdly uneducated, racist and lack foreign language skills), the police is unfair and is only creating trouble and the weather is gloomy and cold most of the time. They lack culture and history, have no empathy (see the racist cases against roma communities or against foreign citizens - Hungarian, Austrian, British, Chinese etc.)

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Joe bloggs

April 7th, 2011

The driving is dreadful.

The people are defensive and will not admit a mistake.

They are aggressive and rude.

They have no culture.

They are racist.

The police harass foreign registered cars.

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December 21st, 2011

I think Slovak are racist and they just love to stare!!!! when u enter a public transportation they stare at u!! esp. that i'm a muslim girl wearing a head scarf they look at me like I'm an alien! I am waaaaaaaayyyyyyy more open-minded than they r, at least I do not judge people by their appearances.

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January 28th, 2013

i am foreigner and living in slovakia,, they are such rude and agressive, they hate every one all european country they see their selves as the smartest nation ever, and in real the bumbest i have friends from india africa jewish and muslim they had so bad experiences.. foreigners are unable to make friends here.

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June 5th, 2013

Lived here for many years. Yet to figure out what is so great about this place. Shitty mountains, run down infrastructure beyond retarded people and their food sucks shit. Yes Yes Slovaks I know you put salt in the water you boil the potatoes in.

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July 28th, 2013

Well, where to start…this country is a third world of Europe. Badly run, in cultural and economical decline. Educational system is going to the dogs. People of Slovakia are arrogant, aggressive, white supremacist, racist, xenophobic against other white nations,prickly and hard to cooperate with. I work in an international company and my Slovak colleagues talk often in a very rude or blatantly racist way about other colleagues who are not white.
The worst thing about them is that they are so hypocritical and ungrateful.

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August 20th, 2013

Been living here for a number of years, but not through choice. I have met some friendly, kind and funny people BUT they are in the minority. People here are generally selfish: drivers drive recklessly and without consideration for anyone else; cyclists weave in and out of pedestrians on pavements; people push in queues in shops, and want to be first on buses, trains and planes. They are also ignorant of other cultures, xenophobic and racist, though it seems justified to some extent regarding the Roma.

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August 31st, 2013

Well, I am Slovak and I am telling you all that this country sucks. You didnt even go to some shitty places that we live, everybody is going only to Bratislava and Tatry. About racism - The whites are terrorized by gypsies every day, they stole all your shit, and you have to work your ass off only to pay taxes. I hate 90% of people that live in here. Police don't give a shit, neither President. So I will give you one advice - Dont come in here, you will only get robbed and maybe killed.

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May 6th, 2014

I am a Muslim tanned woman live with my family in Slovakia since few years. My husband is white. Since almost 6 years, I cannot make a friendships although I have friends from most of European countries. My daughter suffers at school as she is not so white as them. They do not consider others' habits or traditions and do not understand one word of any other language. DO NOT COME TO SLOVAKIA!

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May 21st, 2014

I need to tell you something about Slovak racism. Most of you visited our capital city only I think, so you have seen mostly Bratislava drivers which are considered incompetent by whole country. Back to the point. I think you dont read Slovak newspaper and dont watch Slovak news at all, so you dont know circumstances of Slovak so-called "racism". So some facts to start:
Huge majority of Slovak gipsies or Roma or however you want to call them have no education. It isnt problem of their social situation because in Slovakia you dont need much money to study at the high school and university..its all for free. college campus taxes are quite low too. Nevertheless most of gipsies dont want to study at all. Plenty of them even have problem to attend elementary school regularly. Why? Nobody knows….. You can ask them to find out if you want to. Another problem. Most of them are unemployed because of lack of education. Despite of it most of gipsy families have more than three children. Families with six or even more children are not very uncommon in their community. And here we are…two biggest problems about gipsies/roma in Slovakia : Criminality and money. Because of hey have no jobs (most of them dont even try do find some) they have no income…. I dont have acces to official statistics now, but percentage of criminality among gipsies is huge. In small cities of eastern Slovakia (where you probably have never been) you have no chance to grow fruits and vegetables. Gues why… Gypsies will steal it and you have no way to defend it. If you beat gipsy thief in your own garden because you have seen he stole your goods, you woul be accused for racial attack and maybe put into jail for some years. You will call the police?? Its pointless..they are tired of all those affairs and affraid of anti-racism laws too. That is not all of course. Imagine that you child dont want to attend the school because he or she is bullied and robbed every day by gipsy children? Would you like it? Because it is reality for many Slovak people! Read this (use google translator) Terrible incidents like this one became quite common last years.
And money… Since most of gipsies are unemployed and have many children, they are supported by government. Gipsy woman with some children can achieve 600€ per moth for free as social support… It is not much…but plenty of slovak retired people have pension around 300€ (!!!!!!) per moth… So people who have worked for 40 years gets 300€, gipsy people who have never worked and never will work and have children who will never work too will get 600€….
YOU DONT KNOW HOW IT IS TO LIVE CLOSE TO GIPSIES!!! Its about fear …about being robbed .. about being offended …
If wou would have too live with Slovak gypsies you wil hate them too. Because it is not about color of their skin, its all about their behavior.
You were talking about Slovaks..But all of you here are insecure and unable to understand other people…. Did you ever try to find out why Slovaks hate gipsies? I guess not… As former stewardess I travelled around the world and i have never been in country where I havent seen something I dont like…But as a polite woman I dont talk about it everytime because when you are in foreign country you are just a GUEST. So try to dont talk about problems you dont understand and if you dont like country, just leave…

Sorry for my mistakes. I was writing in rage.

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May 21st, 2014

Yep! Slovakia sucks! It is run by criminals, elected by bought voices from in incest born retards sucking the social system dry so the wages are low, taxes high , there are almost no jobs available beyond 400euro/month, but the costs to live are beyond the monthly income so everybody is frustrated every day in life and living from day to day in dept. Most of these people have experience on occasion being attacked or robbed by the "suppressed" minority voters that I mentioned early , the police does nothing about it because they are protected by the authorityies ( you get persecuted by the whole system for speaking up if something happens to you and its origin is a member of one specific minority ) so people are even more frustrated . Every now and then some jerk appears in the news (from some western country that deports gypsies the moment they arrive at their train/bus station) that everyone of the Slovak white majority people is a fucking racist . There is absolutely no reason for a well earning person who cares for the safety,health and education of his family to live in this dump, yet this country is full of people that have no other option, but to try to live their lives in it so sorry for everybody if you don't catch everybody in a good mood cheering at you from the distance. You'r more than welcome to come here, live here , but not in the capital or some hotel resort, but try to show us how advanced and better you are by living next door to a gipsy camp or rent…no…better buy an apartment for your lifes savings on the same floor as this "oppressed" gip…people live and see the fast devaluation ,fear for your safety yourself , don't use taxi but public transports so you get to feel them up close, go with your wife taking out the trash everyday to make sure she is safe…and try to enjoy it , and enlighten us how to do it every day by being a shining example. I can give you one advice if you go anywhere… a white guy with bald head is an occasional threat , but a gipsy group is a threat anytime anywhere, you'r nowhere safe even if it's a mall, administrative building or a place crowded with people. They don't give a dam where they are if you get their attention and they know nothing is going to happen to them anyway. Eventually you end up being called a racist you'rself while they spit into your face , beat you up and steal your wallet and your cellphone. Don't forget it's a big "No-No!" to say who attacked you because you'r automatically a racist and a hater and have to be punished for that.

p.s. This country hasn't seen a foreigner thanks to comunism for decades. No moslims, no other skin colors, so it's really that unpredictable that if you are a different race, you'r going to be an attraction for the older people?They never been anywhere their entire life cos they can't afford it. The young ones don't give a dam anyway if you'r black,white,yellow or pink.

So summing it up…reasons to hate Slovakia really are the people living here…the ones that get elected and keep this system as it is, the ones that vote for them and get their 10euros for their votes and the ones that just make everyone else suffer ( eventhou the last 2 groups is in fact just one group).
I know shit about living in your countries and what your everyday problems are , and you know shit about Slovakia.

Welcome to Slovakia and have a happy life!

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May 21st, 2014

I am slovak. I live in Slovakia. Gypsies are problem. Slovak man and woman are maybe better peoples like peoples in other countries. American fake smile does not exist here. Peoples here are hard-working for minimum income. Arround 500,- euros monthly. Prices are like in Europe. Pay minimum….

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May 21st, 2014

Well first of all - police are rude and agressive EVERYWHERE, they thing they are entitled to act like bosses. second - i dare anyone who has never been to a gipsy area (like Lunik 9 in Košice) to speak about racism, because BELIEVE YOU ME! 24 hours with them will teach you to cover all your holes.

Sarah I am sorry, but if a chinese guy came into a ghetto, they would stare to, its only natural, we dont see people like you all that much in here and if they stare, its probably not because of bad reasons :)

driving - agreed, the worst are bus and taxi drivers.

actually i would like to ask you all a quick question - how many of you were somewhere else than Bratislava? Cause our Capital just sucks, thats the truth. But my advise would be for all of you to visit the middle Slovakia (Banska Bystrica, Liptovsky Mikulas, Martin) - you will be surprised how different it is. If you visit London, New York etc., you will alway bump into rude and agressive people. I have pessonaly met two americans in Vysna Boca near Liptovsky Mikulas and they loved it here, they loved beer, food and people. Maybe because no gipsy live there to harrass them.

So all in all - come back when you try something else than just a hectic and stressful Capital. Cheers

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May 21st, 2014

slovakians are racist because the whole EU and Brussel just sponsor gypsies with money taken from slovakian working citizens via euroval. the gypsies now get everything for free.
an average monthly netto income of a working slovakian is 400 euro (east) and 800-1000 (west). an average monthly income of a gypsy via all social donations is 600-900 euro, but gypsies do not need pay for living, for education, for food, for traveling to work, so for nothing.
as slovakians get rid of all gypsies and corrupted poltiicians in a country war which is not far yet, there will be a very good life after.
slovakia have much nice places, quality and healthy food, air. we have a plus that we are in the middle europe and in next 50 years as global clime will change and countries near oceans will be flooden, many british people will try to buy their new living places in Slovakia. then we can put all our gypsies to GB, accept britanians there who then will work for us (like slovakians were working for british people).
also, Slovakians are well educated , ask an british if can speak slovak, or cezh or hungarian, or german language. many slovakian people speak 5 languages.
but there are many stupid people too. slovakia changed very fast in last year, it was under Russia and there was socialism. In a day everything changed to capitalism. for old generations it was very hard to understand the new regimn and practices so they was very easily juggled by new era capitalist via corrupted politicians sponsored by west-europe big companies who made from Slovakia a cheap country of live robots producing items in factories for smarter west economist. everything that happened in Slovakia past years you can see happening now in Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine… just the equal steps day by day.
So you, rich west people, need to understand why the situation in Slovakia is as it is. Slovakians hate it too but we cant do anything because of corrupted police and politicians. it needs time, i hope no too much…
But it's a fact that Slovakians are absolutely not racist. they only hate gypsies what is a work, a result of our corrupted politicians hand in hand with brusel. there is no problem with any other countries and if somebody outside slovakia heard about anti-hungarian opinions, it was again an politic game. there is no real or bigger hate than french people hate deutsch !

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May 22nd, 2014

Slovakia has big corruption, lazy g**sies that dont go to school thats totally free, and people are nervous because they earn shit in job.

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January 9th, 2015

Slovaks are simply narrow minded, aggressive and xenophobic.
The usual rhetoric with gypsies or ex-communism is definitely not an excuse for being a prick with all non-Slovaks. Slovaks hate everything that is not Slovak. They will mock at everybody that is not from their country. They lack the minimal soft and social skills, that makes the society a civilized one. They hate Czechs, Hungarians, Romanians, Austrians. They occasionally mock at Ukraine or Bulgaria as being 3rd world countries. The majority of Slovaks are opportunists, waiting for the right moment to stab you in the back or take profit on you. Culturally sterile country, they try to absorb everything from their neighbours (their national bryndza food is Romanian, trdelnik is a Hungarian food, haluske is Ukrainian, their national cross is Hungarian and the flag overall is a copy of the Slovenian flag - go figure) and after that present it as theirs. The educational system is non-existent, largely non-cultural and lacking any knowledge of foreign language. They don't like black people, are very self-sufficient and the country is incredibly expensive for the peanuts they are paying , which kind of shows how spread the tax evasion is. 60s 70s infrastructure, corrupt medical staff everywhere, waiting for bribe (pozornost as they call it), doctors will refuse to accept you if you are not Slovak. They are very good at hiding the nation-wide corruption and laziness, that's why you do not get to hear too much of this realm, called Slovakia.
Occasional border patrols and police asking for bribe for imaginary speeding.
Wide-spread car theft phenomena, police covering the thieves, a mixture nation of radicalized Slovak Hungarian minority that hate Slovaks and Hungary Hungarians (?!), Lunik 9-like ghettos and villages, non-gypsy Slovak burglars.
Corrupt educational system, all of them have engineering and doctor diplomas, without any knowledge whatsoever. Half of the population works for the state (uradnicka).

I would say that less than 1% of the population is probably educated and has all the skills that makes one a civilized and educated, well-mannered and socially responsible human being - I believe they do not fit in Slovakia and should find some other country to move to, for the sake of their kids.
A very bad place to live, waste of precious life time, neuronal waste, where you cannot learn anything, one of those deserts of humanity.

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January 17th, 2015

I am a Slovak living in another country. Yes, unfortunately majority of Slovaks are racist, narrow-minded. Judging others on how they look. Hard to accept somebody different. The question is why majority of Slovaks are like that? Regarding gypsies - I don't give a damn whether they are gypsies, what accent they speak with, what skin color they have. They are humans like all the rest of us. What I do care is what everyone does. I am caucasian and my first girlfriend was a gypsy. She was a beautiful, polite, clean, respectful and honest person.

Slovakia is a small country with a small population of foreigners. It's hard to see other races from other countries in Slovakia. Slovakians are simply unexperienced to live with people of other races or foreigners. I think this will take a generation to get better.

Terrible customer service, corruption, laziness, yes true. It was worse in the past, getting better, but still a big issue. It reminds me when I invited my nieces over for few months to live with me during their summer break. I supported them (room & board), gave them pocket money for daily expenses, travelled with them, fed them and I did not receive any offer from them to help me do errands around the house (some backyard work, clean the house, etc.). The only thing I received from them was "We came to visit you and not to be your servants."

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August 14th, 2015

I have recently moved out of Slovakia because I could not stand being surrounded by so much ignorance any longer. Slovaks are a nation of primitive, aggressive and rude people with no respect for anyone, be it from their country or not. The reason why they are so racist is not that they are being 'oppressed' by the system or gypsies ( they are supposed to be called Roma by the way) as they always claim. The real reason is that they consider anybody non-Slovak to be lesser then them. They say that everyone who is non-white Slovak is a 'guest'. But, what that means is that you must adapt (!) on their 'culture' no matter what and respect them. They never mention that you have the right to get some respect back. So in other words you are supposed to show a slave-like obedience and if you do not like something you are supposed to go. I had a colleague who argued with me that segregation is normal and it is their right. Also, I met a person who said that Roma are also supposed to behave as guests should or go back to their home in India. Yeah, after several hundreds of years of living in the country they still treat them like that. Roma are a problematic group of people sometimes but most of them would act perfectly normal if they had a chance to have a decent place in the society. Unfortunately, what I noticed in Slovaks is an overzealous effort to portray them in the worst way possible. When I mentioned to some people positive piece of news about them they got angry! Basically, Slovaks only want to hate on someone to make themselves feel better and Roma are their main scapegoat although nowadays they also hate on Africans, Muslims, Indians and so on. This country has no hope to go forward as instead of building relationships these simpletons build barriers. As for their life being a misery, that is the result of their own lack of effort and good will in all sorts of contects. Blaming it all on government and roma is a weak excuse. But that's normal, they never bothered with being self-critical and having a sense for fair play.

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August 25th, 2015

Surprisingly, i do agree with most of the comments here. I am Slovak and i must admit i noticed alot of the points mentioned here being true. I married an Australian girl and whenever we talk (in english of course) people DO stare and i hear some of them say thing like "ugh… foreigners". So most of them are rude and racist and yes they DO lack the knowledge of foreign languages, even languages like english and their excuse during my school years was "why should i study it? ill never need it!". But i do have to disagree with the no culture part. Maybe you just didnt go to the right places but there is alot of culture in Slovakia, and for those that want to claim that we do not have our own culture because the land belonged to Hungary, Austria etc. is like saying Americans dont have their own culture because it was the British that actually occupied the land ditto Australia, Canada and plenty of other countries. The culture is there, you just need to look but the question is, is it worth it with all the racism and they probably wont even know the language to even tell you about it.
Also, racism towards gypsies and such could be compared to the racism towards the aboriginal racism in Australia, they get alot of benefits and bigger welfare just because they are the minority and of course the rest of the country does not approve.

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September 5th, 2015

very racist, xenophobic, homophobic country! I live here, and I can say that I haven't seen such a bunch of selfish, arrogant and uneducated people. The food is so disgusting here, and there are only few restaurants with high hygiene level and great chefs(mainly in Bratislava, Banska Bystrica, Kosice and all larger cities in here). And yes, people stare and talk shit about foreigners in buses and on the street. And, 95 % of this country think that all muslims are terrorists and very violent, so avoid this country! There are very weak travel options here, only thing foreigners think it is worth to visit here are Tatry mountains, but I would rather go to Austria or Switzerland, these countries are way more better! VERY BAD PLACE TO LIVE

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September 16th, 2015

Everibody say that we are racist but thats not true gipsies are the problem if you live next to one you gona see
when you buy somethink made from iron (they steal things from iron) for 100€ they stole it and sell it for 27€ when you tell that police they dont care if he beat you up nobi care but if you slap him you go to prison and
if you want see nice things dont go to bratislava

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