Reasons to Hate Peru

Reasons to hate Peru.

Not every country can capture the hearts of all the travelers passing through it. For some, the reasons to love a country can be surprisingly few.

Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you hated about visiting Peru.

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George LeGrunche

March 16th, 2010

Peruvians are liars. The biggest liars I ever met.
Peruvians don't bathe often.
Peruvians are often boring in bed. Slutty women and cheating men.
Peruvians will love you quickly and hate you quicker for cultural reasons.
Peruvians will use you for all they can and move on to the next victim as soon as they have drained you dry.
Peruvians are small minded, petty, trashy, dirty, filthy and uncreative people. Unless a Peruvian rejects their own trashy culture they will cheat you, cut in line, be superstitious and proud of their trashines.
Peruvians love to trash the USA.

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Cam Sarrayt

June 12th, 2010


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June 23rd, 2010

HAHAHA……..damn, you have issues, why is this so annoying to read…………………i know why……somebody cheated on you, a peruvian…hahahha……as a psychiatrist my advise is to tell all your problems to your mother….i believe she could understand you or come to my center…'s not too late to help you.

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Claudia Ninan

August 3rd, 2010

George, there good things and bad things about a Country, if someone used you it was because you let them do that. Don't blame others for ur stupidness

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August 5th, 2010


You call them 'small minded'.

How much of a big mind is a person that takes time to write a blog about hating people? And not even someone in particular but instead make such a generalization.

You will find people like that everywhere in the world. Is not their nationality, is the way each of them chose to be.

Im with Jason. You've got issues.

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August 10th, 2010

Sorry actually got to agree with some of the above not all. I have been living in Peru for 3 years and have never met such a deceitful people, I have been cheated and robbed and disrespected so many times by so many people (including neighbours police judges and goverment workers)as to form the opinion that the culture is institutionally corrupt underpinned by a culture that condones lying. that said once you accept this and guard yourself accordingly PERUVIANS CAN BE THE MOST LOVING, GENEROUS, GIVING PEOPLE MY WIFE SON AND HER FAMILY ARE TESTEMENT TO THIS.
There are so many reasons for this . I like to describe it as a culture of necessity. People are driven to behaviours by appaling goverment and rampant corruption underpinned by a distorted and censored press and corrupt judges who supplement their income on a weekly basis with a goverment who steal so much of the national wealth it is laughable.
I was hard pressed to find on Peruvian who had not suffered some injustice and therefore outside of family a "retaliate before you have to" amoral culture exists.
I cannot condone it but i do unsderstand it. As a "gringo" people laugh when I tell my stories of the policeman who stole and ransomed back my pass port or the local official who repeatadly "lost" my papers only to try resell my house to his cousin. and numerous other incidents "they say well Garrett you should not be so trustful!!!!" Peruvians by nature also are not loyal as they have no expectaion of continuity.
Peru I am afraid to say will not change without cuultural and or military revolution ( i think both) Peru I love you and hate you , You are a schizophrenic psyco. My advice to all just imagine you are in a train carridge in a blackout. how would you protect yourself? well practice this in peru trust no one love a few and you may come to enjoy what is a spectacular rich and varied culture

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George LeGrunche

August 21st, 2010

George here: @Jason, you are not a psychiatrist because you're simply too stupid for that lie to be plausable. BTW, my mother died 20 years ago. Go fish. @Missy and others, all generalizations have exceptions, but this is obviously true and well known to anyone who has been in Peru for any length of time. I've been to Peru far too many times. I'm partially Peruvian, though, thank God, raised in the great USA. However, I know the mind-set. You don't. All you know is political correctness. A pathetic short cut for thinking. To the rest of you: Getting "laid" in Peru is about the easiest thing in the world. Women there go crazy for anyone from the USA and many of them are "hot". Use them but don't marry them or they will use you and do their best to ruin you. Garret is the only one who has it right. Lying is ingrained into their culture and they see it as a positive attribute.

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August 25th, 2010

Bueno George, he leido tus comentarios sobre mi pais y sobre mi gente.Noto hay mucha negativa de tu parte, definitivamente has pasado por una odisea de litigios y penumbras…Pero si, en parte tienes razon. Tenemos gente inculta, ratera, mentirosa (A mi tambien me incomoda eso) . Como tambien tenemos gente culta, honrada y honesta. Como en todo lugar. Los Estados Unidos De Norteamerica se caracterizan por ser los estafadores internacionales mas grandes…Basta con Irak (Buena forma de inflar la moneda). Asi que de estafas no hablemos. Sobre robos, que me dices del Bronx??? - New york?…Hay muchos puntos donde en EEUU (un pais de 1er mundo) te roban-matan…por unos dolares. Delincuencia hay en EEUU, violaciones…Asesinatos de niños adoptados (Rusos), Contaminacion ambiental…(Que paso con la fuga de petroleo?)…EEUU es uno de los pocos paises capaces de hacer guerra a otro pais e incluso ANIQUILAR a su PROPIA GENTE (Your own people man) por dinero $$$$ …Y eso lo sabemos nosotros…Lo sabes tu George.Etc etc etc…Con todo esto que quiero decir mi estimado George…Que mientras que a ti, un gringo (Ese apodo te lo ganaste con los vietnamitas cuando los tuyos fueron a joder a Vietnam "Green Go!" …Verde vete!)…repito,mientras que a ti,gringo te roban por ingenuo, POR METERTE DONDE NO DEBES, o por tratar de tener sexo con alguna menor de edad (Se a lo que vienen a mi pais asi que no me hables de moral) y esta te deje calato…Y te pasa aqui y afuera (En Rusia por ejemplo te odian…Y las mujeres te dejaron,dejan y van a dejar calato)…hay gente en mi pais que deja mucho que desear…y me disculpo por ellos. Realmente se comienza por uno mismo si se desea cambiar. Pero tu gringo eres muy debil…Gracias a Dios nunca me han robado,ni aqui ni en ningun pais…me han querido estafar pero me doy cuenta…que paso contigo gringo? Solo el gringo se queja. Ni mis mujeres peruanas juntas sufren tanto como un gringo. Yo amo mi mundo, amo las culturas de todos los paises sin distincion…pero una de las personas (Ojo, no al pais ) que no paso…es al gringo. Con tu MacDonalds, tu petroleo y tus quejas…solo vienes a joder.Y sin ti estamos bien. No nos haces falta.Aqui nadie te quiere, nadie te llama. Tu solo vienes…porque tu pais esta hasta las huevas.Regresa a tu pais si no te gusta.O se bienvenido y calla…como el resto de turistas (Los cuales amamos). Ya no eres especial gringo. Aprende a ser hombre. Y sobre las mujeres mi querido George "The cowboy"…No te quieren por ser "Mr. Hot"…Creeme…Solo te usan.Porque para eso vas. Escribeme gringo

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September 18th, 2010

ive been here for over a year and i have to say, it really is a terrible society. nearly every single peruvian i have met has been rude, brash, disrespectful, dirty, uneducated, sly, primitive, stubborn and disloyal. I am a graphics professional, my work is top class and i KNOW what my time and efforts are really worth and nowhere else in the world (and ive lived and worked in at least 10 countries) have i encountered such a mass of bullshitting cowboys. they will undercut you at any opportunity, lie about you or your work, claim your work is theirs, the list goes on and on. ive had people say 'i urgently need xxxxx by a certain date, then they contract me, and when ive been halfway through the work they suddenly never contact you again and never respond to my attempts at contact. i ABSOLUTLEY detest the shithole and i wont be coming back. and for any of you pig ignorant cunt peruvians - i look forward to the day one of you approaches me in my own country and i can show you exactly how civilisedthe rest of the world can be. for me, there are no reasons to love peru except the fact that it's got an airport to escape the place from. saying that tho, nowhere else in the world have i experienced a charge just to actually fuckin LEAVE the place. disgusting rabble of shit.

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September 26th, 2010

Have to agree with alot of the hateful coments. I often go to peru for sex drugs and the food. Rent out a nice pad cocaine girls its a blast. country is also very beautiful to travel through. That being said, the people are very dirty; they've been raised to be dishonest and selfish. If you are a gringo visiting, you just have to watch your everystep. It's challenging, its like a game, it can be fun. ANyway, I'm sure there are some good god fearing peruvians as well, I havent had the pleasure of meeting any, they must be far and few in between, especially when you're in the urban centers. oh yeah theres also alot of gays. god bless the jungle

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September 28th, 2010

The majority of Peruvians tend to be utter scum, they lack culture, can't queue, their driving style tells you everything you need to know about them to be honest, another reason to hate them is the fact that they try to look like westerner drives me mad. I live in Peru and i am obliged to agree with every negative comment on this site due to it being the truth. I wish Peruvians could see a first world country just so they can see how uncivilised they truley are. You do get scum in every country but Peru is 95% scum at its best, Long live the queen.

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September 30th, 2010

If I were not married to a Peruvian I would think these negative comments would be racist and judgmental; however, I am married to a Peruvian and she herself admits that her people are everything that they should not be. I don't like to make generalizations nor do I like to stereo-type peoples, cultures or races; but, Peru is a unique place. I have traveled to more than 35 countries throughout Europe, Central & South America and the Caribbean and I would have to admit that I was robbed only in Peru. I was given false soles from the cambista only in Peru, the young lady in the market tried to steal 18 soles from me …the taxi driver changed his price after the trip was finished…the lawyer took advantage of us and charged us literally 20 times more than any local person would have been charged…the list goes on. If only the Peruvians would turn their hearts to a moral code their lives would change! The miserable government that is in power steals from its people; the Catholic Church has failed to teach morality to its constituents. Jesus is not a part of their lives. If everyone–including all cultures and races would obey a simple rule, we would not be writing this entry–Love your neighbor as yourself–and Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Think about it… would you steal from yourself? Would you lie to yourself? Would you endanger yourself? Come on we are all human beings and are not above God's moral law. My wife is the most trustworthy person I have ever known. She is reliable and lawful. She is moral and does not lie. She is 100% Peruvian. You know what the difference is? She lives by God's moral law. What Peru as well as all of the cultures in the world needs to do is follow God's moral law. End of story. You in Peru who read this entry take initiative upon yourself to teach and to spread the good news of Jesus the Christ throughout Peru! What the WORLD needs is JESUS!

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Renzo C.

December 19th, 2010

How can you people judge a country for a couple of people you met or whatsoever, you are calling Peruvians small minded, have you considered how small minded YOU are for saying all that trash about Peruvian people?
Peruvian love to trash the USA? Well I don't know about that, but you make the US look bad by trashing.

Peace from Renzo ^^

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January 4th, 2011

íf you don´t like peru ? why many foreigners come and live in peru? if you have many opportunities in their countries , why you come to peru if you said that here is very dangerous and there are many thieves ? I really don´t understand you ., if you don´t like peru ,so stay in your country and never come here

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January 7th, 2011

So true guyz… they are narrrow minded… and they do try to be westerners and this confuses you, cause when you get in contact with them they shock you by their shit nature.

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January 16th, 2011

Hey don't generalize I've lived in Peru for 13 years and I have seen some of the things you say, but what about USA. You make it look like a perfect country with all your money, but what about the oil spill in the mexican gulf, don't tell me you don't have narrow-minded people there too. Ambicious people, you only had a good foundation as Christians, but look what it has slowly turned into, the USA media shows sex icons, that's where we get the slutty peruvian girls, where did you think we learned that? Your country is bigger, so there is more population, therefore there is more variaty of people. Besides, you are NO ONE to critic Peruvians. If you love the USA why don't you just stay there, why did you come to Peru so many times anyways? And how do you know about sluts who lay down with USA men if you didn't do it, how do you know they use you if you did not let yourself be used? You obviously wanted sex, and got what you want. Go and whine somewhere else and get a life!

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February 6th, 2011

I will have to agree with some of the coments, peru its a very nice country to travel, im peruvian but the people there are uneducated ( not all of course) but you dont have to say that all the peruvians are uneducated

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March 7th, 2011

wow so many vitriolic and unabashed messages of hate…….well they did have some real and damning info about Peru it is corrupt it has got very rude people who don't consider anyone out of their families. They do take advantage on a very regular basis and many of the police and elected figures are totally without morals. But not all the people are so utterly vile there are many who see the corruption and desire change unfortunately there seems to be little political choice one bad leader or another. People here do sometimes see only the most glowing aspects of their society but wouldn't you if your country had so many problems. It might be an idea for most Americans and Europeans to be a bit more self reflective about the problems their countries also have which are many and considering the difference in economies and the reasons behind the poor economies of Latin America might do well to read some history and discover that America and Europe bear the responsibility for the dreadful state of most of the poor countries in this part of the world with their destructive empire building!

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April 18th, 2011

A lot of people from different countries agree that peruvians are copy cats and love to steal anything, even culture.they copy so many culture stuff from Bolivia is not even copied good is horrible imitation.

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June 19th, 2011

I'm from Peru and believe me I'm not crazy about people from USA. Besides you can find good and bad people everywhere, not just in Perú. By the way I would never like to meet people like you, so stupid and prejudiced.

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Frank Von Schmidt

June 24th, 2011

Of course you are. When Peruvian women find out I bring in 6 figures a year they are all over me. I use them. I usually get it almost free. At most I buy them dinner, cheap jewelry and fuck their brains out. It's a great country and I've deflowered more girls than Osama bin lauden and his supposed 72 virgins. Haha. Well, the Peruvian pussy party may be over now that they stupidly elected a left wing dictator. I shall miss the pussy and the food. Pisco sours nice too. The men are idiots and pollution dreadful.

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July 23rd, 2011

FRANK VON SCHMIDT you stupid ass, there is every kind of people Everywhere, in USA there is a bunch of prostitutes, drugs, serial killers, psychos, lot of white trashes (which Im pretty sure you are a white trashy 2) just like in all the countries, whats wrong with you ? you said women are over americans? well let me tell you theres a lot of americans that would die for being with a peruvian, maybe thats your case, but peruvians are smart they wont be over a white fucker trash as you, so thats why you hate them. LOL get a life douche bag !

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Frank Von Schmidt

July 28th, 2011

Millie, Millie, Millie… it must be a tragedy to be named after a former president's dog yet unable to match it's intellect? With your poor grammar and idiotic meanderings it's little wonder you cannot see the forest for the trees. Hate Peruvians? Why I LOVE them! They've given me more orgasms than Viagra and Megan Fox combined. And you, dear (girl? transvestite?) are obviously the poor white trash you so harshly speak of. Classic case of self-loathing. tsk, tsk. I've yet to meet an American who would "die" for being with a Peruvian but the pussy is not bad (so long as they keep it clean). Peruvians are none too hygienic but they are ok in bed. Not nearly as good as Colombians but a bit better than Chileans… who will sleep with a cockroach. Perhaps you're mother was Chilean? So there you have it. And I've had women from all over the world, not just Lima. They all think I'm about to marry them, poor dears. I'm a database architect which takes me around the world. That's quite a life and while I might be a douche bag, I admit it. I use women as they would use me without a care in the world. I work hard, play hard and make no apologies. Good luck on getting that life, dear child. HA HA HA.

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August 7th, 2011

Frank- I bet you aren't such a cocky prick when you aren't hiding behind your computer. grow up you stupid piece of shit

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Frank Von Schmidt

August 23rd, 2011

Seanie baby. Panties in a bunch cuz u ain't getting none? Head to Peru! To praja trajillos and tell them francito sent you. They do you right boy. Turn you into a man. You thank me later.

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August 27th, 2011

Im brazilian and i hate peruvians. Im dating some japanese girl. I used to like her so much.
One day reading her old e-mails i found that she used to date some peruvian dude. He was always cheating on her and asking her for money.Giving excuses like living in a poor country and bullshit like this. She was so naive. She belived him,and did all that he used to ask for. After reading the e-mails and figuring out what happend i start feel sick of her. Im actually surprised that she dont have HIV or some sexual disease from this peruvian pigs. Im thinking about breaking up with her because of this. How she could be so naive and belive a peruvian. Fucking liars!

I live in Rio de Janeiro,Copacabana.There is a lot of tourists over here. Its very easy to find peruvians asking them and the locals also for money or trying to sell peruvian stuff like alpaca hats or cds with that stupid flute songs. I hate being obligated to see this pigs infesting my city.Their country is so fucked up that they need to humble ourselves in better places.This kind of person do not accept the shit that they came from so they are always migrating. FUCK YOU PERU! I wish i could kill some peruvians or expel them from Rio. I hope that one day a meteor fall in Peru and wipe this race from the earth.

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October 12th, 2011

wouuu!! que horror como se puede ver tanta maldad! JAA de vrdd dan pena, Peru un sitio maravilloso con lo bueno o lo malo muchos paises los envidia. Soy americana y voy al Peru hace mas de 15 años voy y vengo conosco a gente muy linda en todos lo aspectos sus paisajes ni que hablar.ALGUN DIA ME QUEDARE VIVIENDO TODO EL RESTO DE MI VIDA EN PERU es un pais marivilloso y de verdad es una pena que haiga tanta gente ignorante que piense eso del PERU.

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Claudia Ninán

November 18th, 2011

Gotta agree with some of the negative comments but you find those kind of thing in every part of the world. Why are you people so negative? look at yourselves and your countries.

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Mosho Ng

November 28th, 2011

Es impresionante la cantidad de estupideses que uno puede leer en un solo dia creen que los peruanos son ignorantes, son ustedes los que se dedican a criticar estas actitudes que son normales en cualquier persona de cualquier raza o nacionalidad. si pues la verda somos un pais un tanto subdesarrollado pero eso es gracias a la mierda de estados unidos y sus putas empresas que vienen aca con hambre de monopolizacion y roban nuestras riquezas nuestros recursos y explotan todo a su paso pues esto que les a pasado a algunos de ustedes que han venido a mi querido pais, les an robado o insultado quizas estafado en primer lugar quizas sea por que son inveciles y confian en todo el mundo. un peruano por hay les vio la cara de invesiles que tienen y aprovecharon la oportunidad de estafar a un pobre huevonaso que vino a su pais a violar niñas virgenes y tener sexo rico consumiendo nuestra rica droga como dicen.. pues el robo y la estafa es como un cobro por todas las cosas que han venido a hacer en mi pais que creen que ban a gozar gratis y no pasa nada jaja. no se puede juzgar a toda una nacion por la acciones de unos cuantos de ser asi entonces todos los de nacionalidad norteamericana sean unos violadores hijos de puta por que vienen a paises donde la ley no llega atodos y decidan violar a niñas a cambio de unos dolar por que eso es violacion no es protitucion es violacion hijodes de la puta que les pario asi que no vengan a hablar mal del pais que los provee a ustedes de recursos para que su inutil imperio siga en marcha
pdt:yo soy un estudiante clase media curso la carrera de ingenieria civil en cajamarca peru mi educacion no ah sido la mejor pero por lo menos la tengo no acostumbro robar ni estafar….etc pero si viera a un gringito con la misma cara de huevon como tu quizas tambien te robaria y estafaria mastarde podria ir a tu casa y violar a tus hijas virgenes a cambio de unos dolares o mejor a cambio de unos SOLES (moneda peruana)

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Proud American

December 12th, 2011

You see this guys comment above mine? Do you see in the second paragraph how he says that he or she, is an engineering student? (even if you don´t read Spanish you´ll be able to understand that much). How many punctuation marks that they use?? NONE. They ALL write like this & you´re supposed to be able to read it?? IT is one big sentence.LOL! Peruvians are dumb as shit. I´ve lived here for 2 yrs and I´ve never been treated worse in my life. They are rude, can´t wait in a line, drive terrible, and their the most unsafe people I´ve ever seen. That is why this is the third-world; due to the corruption in police & government.

If you are dying to see the historic sights which are quite nice, fine come see them and then leave. Don´t trust anyone or even speak to them.

I´ve been robbed three times. It is become depressing. I can´t wait to leave.

Disgusting rude people. That flag on the right corner should be OLD GLORY too. After living here one is very proud to be an American and see all the great things that we have. Our system of laws are fantastic and the majority of people do follow them. Not here, cause there ain´t no laws here. It´s just a bunch a animals pushing each other in line here & cops that will take your ID and then ask you ¨how much is it worth to ya¨? fucking cunts… THANK YOU & GOD BLESS NORTHAMERICA

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December 16th, 2011

I'm married to a Peruvian and I'm from Chile living in the USA, at the beginning of our relationship I was always very supportive of the Peruvians in everything from sports(soccer) to other things but the more I know them the less I like them, they exaggerate everything and they seem to think they invented everything from the potato to the car. Being a Chilean I usually read Peruvian newspapers to see what they think about us, we are usually trashed by the media and commentators alike. There seems to be no objectivity in general in their society, I have visited several times but will not return.

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January 24th, 2012

This is the problem with people, and i am contradicting myself completely by typing this comment. People care too much about what otehrs think, look at all these fights and arguments, it doesn't matter especially online, you are not able to change an idiots mind especialy with typing, i agree with some of you, there are good and bad every where, i stumbled upon this sight diong my projnect and i guess it was interesting to read this, i was looking up peruvian morals, and all i see is hate, ignorance, and bored idiots who need to get off the computer.

also, Peru was a wonderful place when i went, i got invited into many peoples homes, made great friendships, you have to be a kind travelor, open minded and more accepting, to any negative experiences you should try to understand always the others situation and not only you self

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Someone with an opinion…

January 26th, 2012

At the cost of sounding redundant, anywhere in the world you are bound to find your share of mischief and wrong doing. Having said that I have read nearly every post on this topic both English and Spanish and I have come to the conclusion that even the people who are coming to the defense of Peru while trying to maintain a rather composed disposition, they too spew much anti-American rhetoric; hateful even. Let it be known that the Original poster described he too is of Peruvian descent so perhaps he has a right to bad mouth his own people. All in all, Peruvians rising to the aide of your country in the form of defense on a digital blog, I challenge you to prove the original poster wrong by being objective and not slandering or being hateful, simply rise above it. You are only proving him right in certain aspects if you are putting down other countries specifically the United States. Hell, to be honest I think the U.S.A should cut ties with many other countries at this point and focus on it's own but the U.S.A are diplomatic to a fault and there is of course much to gain in the world of corrupt politics. . By the way I found this topic because I was bothered by a Peruvian and some of their habits but I am not going to generalize them all, I have known awesome Peruvian people. Here is a bit of advice for everyone "Do not trust anyone".

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February 19th, 2012

As a hater of my own country (peru), I have to say what george wrote is true, and peruvian people who come here and start trying to defend peru are just stereotipycal peruvian who cannot accept the truth, don't deny it, I know how my "peruvian partners" usually react to criticism.

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March 1st, 2012

I´m a Gringo from Texas and have been living in Peru for about 4 years now doing export business. I´ll just tell you like I tell my friends back home, Peru isn´t the place to come too if you´re looking for hot chicks period. I have lived in the jungle, sierra and Lima and have been pretty much everywhere in Peru with the exception of the upper northwest side like Piura and Tumbes. Sure you can find a few nice girls even in the worst hellholes on Earth but The fact of the matter is most Peruvian women are just too indigenous looking, so if you like girls that look like Pocahontas (and not the cartoon ¨cute¨ version either) than you will like Peru. But it´s not just that they are physically unattractive they are also like lifeless Zombies. These girls can´t fuck either, it´s like fucking a dead corpse with these Peruvian girls and I´ve been with girls from the jungle also where they are suppost to be more ¨caliente¨ but that my friends is all BS. The women here are also lazy and don´t take care of their bodies. Some of the chicks you see have the meat in the right places but they don´t do any exercise to tone that shit up. Sure they´re easy to get but shit the only ones that have some talent in bed are the ones that have been with gringos before. Colombia is where you need to go, Beautiful women all over the place and they think they are just normal because there are so many hot ones. Unlike here in Peru if you do find a cute one, not only is she going to know she´s hot but millions of other guys are already trying to get her also. Another thing about Peruvian women is they don´t seem to have any real preferences in men, it´s all about resources that they need at the moment. It could be money, food, clothes or whatever but they will go with the man that has which ever resources they need at the time to give. It doesn´t matter if you are a young goodlooking guy or an old man in a wheelchair they will go for the resources and not physical attraction or anything natural like that. Me, I don´t even waste my time with Peruvian chicks anymore I always go over to Colombia or Brazil for women, it´s WAY better.

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michael grayco

March 4th, 2012

The bitches in peru, they are the best, so are the thai women, cambos and viets, too. They are lovely and I don't care if they hate me, they treat me like they love me because I travel with a fist-full of $50s, yes……they l-o-v-e love me!

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March 8th, 2012

me and my peruvian boyfriend (who comes from a poor family) have opened up a resteraunt after borrowing money from my family- his brother was very happy to help to only 2 months later open a retsraunt exactly the same 100 m away. when you cant trust your own family who can you trust. we brought a peice of land which turns out could not even be sold to us. evry morning at 7am i listen to our neighbours fight about what ever… someone stole 1800S./ another got discounted 200S./ from work for having longer lunches. little girls puppie got stolenI hate to judge a country on the people because there are always good and bad right…… well in peru aswell there are good and bad but after so many incidences its hard to believe that the good are actually trying to help you. im such an open minded person and am trying to understand it here but really peru is an amazing country but the people make it shit. If they dont start to change they will (if not already) be considered the least trust worthy.

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March 28th, 2012

some pretty harsh stuff said. DANIEL from US what you said about jesus and all that shit, i'll pretend i didnt hear it. por desgracia, i have to agree with a lot of those comments. Ive met some great people here who ill be friends with forever pero, it seems the only decent people with morals come from the top end as for the rest….hate to generalize but they just lie, lie lie. One lie after the next…its so fuckin annoying and if its not a lie, its a massive exaggeration. They try make themselves sound interesante, gain your trust and fuck you over…and when you catch them out lying…they dont feel ashamed about like a normal person would, just sly…i guess they do what they need to do to survive. I mean its funny, but whats the fuckin point in having a line if every cunt cuts in front????hahah and pretends like nothing out of the ordinary is happening when questioned

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March 30th, 2012

As a peruvian, it's really sad to read and find all these comments, Unfortunatly you can find this kind of people everywhere, not only in Perú. I agree about the crazy drivers and dishonest people, but all depends in the environment you grown up, thats why you have university to be a better person with education and values . I'm not that nasty, lier or slut girl you guys think all peruvians are. I've been in the Unites states for 2 years and in differents cities even in salt lake city, and I met sluts and nasty people there too.
My boyfriend is a wonderfull guy from texas, he is coming to Peru soon, and now Im really worried he will find this and he wont get a good impression.

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March 31st, 2012

For Peruvians upset at the negative and nasty comments, I think the clue is in the title.

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April 1st, 2012

Yes, the title explains it, and if you don't wanna read about someone smack-talking about your country, you don't have to read what they write. Because, 1, they're opinions aren't going to change over a blog comment, even if it's the complete truth. And 2, I'm pretty sure there are hate-blogs on every country and people and thing out there. This is just one of them.

Yea, I'm Peruvian-American. I always felt my country was filled with cheating men and because-of-that crafty women. ^^ That's why I didn't want to marry a 100% Peruvian man because I knew it wasn't going to end well. (I've watched the Laura show enough to know better than that. .. No I'm not racist or self-race-hating. They're just not my pref)

My husband (Irish/English/Native-American) visited with my family to Peru. I had visited it nearly half of my life there but this was his first time. And I'm sure without having my family members as guides, he might've been eyed and robbed. lol, I loved translating to him what all the merchants were yelling at him. However, he enjoyed every moment of it and would love to go again, just us two. The thing is, he was used to visiting simple foreign places. He lived in a small town of Korea (dunno where) and he said it was the same thing, down to the crazy driving, just the dust was a different color. He just developed some street-smarts and tolerance, which I think anyone traveling to a foreign country should have ready.
Thieves and sluts are in EVERY country and that's a fact, including the USA. You tell a US woman you make 6 figures (or more), and she'll open up just like any seedy woman would; she'll just have more makeup and jewelry on. ((Hell, our country has ruthless cities too)) But not everyone in the underdeveloped countries are malicious beggars. There are also resilient survivors. There are many good people, strong people who live through it all, whether in modern or rural homes.
Hell, if I went to Peru by myself (or any other foreign country), I'd probably suffer the same issues many blogged about here, but that's because I'm far too naive and would need a dependable guide to make it through. But that doesn't mean I'm going to hate on my home country (or anyone who does), or anywhere (foreign or US) that may have thieved on the guilelessness of tourists. I'll just give respect to the different cultures and enjoy it as best as I can. … From afar if I don't have a guide.
((Oh, and no April Fools jokes here. Just my 2 cents+. Peruvian and proud to be. Not everywhere in the world will be to your liking or completely American-friendly, so deal~ You can go back to hating, guyz. I've said my piece. Tear it apart all you like. Won't change a thing; me, Peru, or you. And kudos to you defenders.))

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Peter L

April 21st, 2012

Well my wife is Peruvian and I'm English so we split our time between both countries - Summer time in Peru and Summer time (sort of Summer) in England. When in Peru we do hate the driving conditions, the annoying horns and car alarms and the poverty on the outskirts of the city. We do however love the weather, the food and the quality of service in hotels and restaurants (in England, USA and elsewhere, they have no idea of service and yes they are all in it for the tips but in Peru they are still better at service).
So all-in all we love Peru, especially after a bad summer in England where the food is poor and 2 hours of sunshine bings on a hosepipe ban.
Viva Peru!!

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May 6th, 2012

3 good things about Peru.
1. The naturalese - nature
2. The food
3. The ancient ruins.

Everything else is shit.

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May 11th, 2012

Food is great but they are so good trying to scam people and one-up thinking they are "know it alls" or "show offs".That being said. I agree with the first poster who mentioned all thouse things and its true, ALL PERUVIANS ARE THE SAME. I also agree with Bill. here, Like notorious b.i.g. said once in his lyrics "Peruvians trying to do me in". They are all leachers and scammers who try to one-up at every instance, they lack intelligence to have a intelligent conversation without them braging or them stating they are always right. BEWARE OF PERUVIANS who try to seek friendly rapport, they are all talk talk talk to scam you.

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May 13th, 2012

What a stupid forum. Peruvians are different from city to city and family to family. A lot of people here haven't had a pot to piss in(like many people in the US;baltimore, philly, denver, dallas fort worth, mesquite etc.) and therefore view the world differently than those who have had the privilege to travel it in luxury. They're many great peruvians and many shitty ones too, like every country. The driving part, yeah driving here is stupid. They might as well not have lanes, just a bunch of assholes with TIco's fighting to cut each other off(unless they're searching for a fare). I love Peru, living here is great, fuck those who lived here and can't appreciate one of the most beautiful countries in the world. "Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. " Por los personas que no han conocido la tierra peruana y dicen cosas malas sin conociendola, chuparmela hasta lloras. Que magnifico es el Peru, VIVA EL PERU!!!!

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May 15th, 2012

im living in LIMA since 2010 , cant wait for the moment to get the fuck out from this shitty ass country…is hard to talk generally about a country but this fuckers deserve more than that in fact , 99 % of peruvian can kill a brother for a few soles just imagine what they can do to you ..i never been fucked in any way just because i know how to protect myself but here the police , market ,driver, whores, bus nigtmares, doctors , bartenders,taxis drivers ect ect ect it seems like the only reason they get up everday is to see who they will fuck up, i"ll try in any way possible to enjoy the country but ill just give up. Peru is worst country in latin america sad but true . and fuck off if tell me a diferent shit im talking about my owm expierence ..

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Cholo hater

May 25th, 2012

All that I have wanted to say here has been said with great description and feeling, but I have to say my peace so here it goes. Peru is shit because of the people. The Spanish should have killed every last mother fucking Peruvian when they arrived here. They are full of shit at every breath, I have friends here and they are good people but they to are full of shit. They a boastful people with no follow through on what they boast. They are void of original thought, you can see ten businesses that are the exact fucking same on the same street right next to one another. Its like one person opens a business and starts to do well and then people see this person doing well so they copy that persons business exactly and open right next to the original. Try going to a government office and get someone to help you, it makes me remember fondly my dealings with the IRS or any other American government agency for that matter. Anyone with any amount of authority or power or control over a situation will use their status to make whatever it is you are trying to accomplish more difficult. People will not help you what so ever, they will even mislead you and lie to you so they don't have to do real work. Customer service is non existent in Peru, that being said in the high end restaurants they will do a good job of waiting on you but that is it. Don't expect a smile or a thank you or even a "can I help you" that isn't rude. Rudest fuckers EVER! EVER! They think since their ancestors built the Machu Pichu that they are inherently good builders, that is a laugh. The only beautiful buildings worth seeing in this shit hole were built by the Spanish or the Incas anything else is poorly built shit and to watch these people work is a joke. They are the laziest workers I have ever seen in my years in construction management. The food was good for a while and then I started craving real Chinese food not fucking chifa, good Italian food can not be found or a real fucking beer like a Spaten, Molsen, Stone, Guinness, Stella Artois, New Castle, fuck…. I miss good beer. I am getting the fuck out of this shit hole country in less than 3 weeks thank god, and when I do get state side I am going to a bar and getting a proper beer to wash the tast of 3 years worth Cusquena out of my mouth. I love my Peruvian friends and my wife's family very much but the rest of these fucking bastards are worthless motherfuckers. Fuck Peruvians. Live in and love your miserable shit hole country you dumb cholos and don't immigrate to "America" please. You all love your country so much, stay here.

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May 26th, 2012

I've been here 5 years and found if you just try to avoid as many of them as possible you can get along OK. Go to any town in the USA where they don't take care of their homes and claim everything is the governments fault the people are just as low rent. Why do you think the rest of the world wrote them off. Plenty of good Peruvians have managed to get out. Go to Boca Raton Fla they are thriving there. This is whats left after the brain drain. Its like the Spain of Latin America. I hope they never change or I will be out of a job. Not worried 500 year track record. I'm here because they will not do it. Like taking candy from a baby. Don't take it personally. You should see what they do to each other. Thus the reason for a wall around every home.

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May 26th, 2012

Me again. I forgot one thing. I guess this would be a ¨good¨ thing about Peru, which is that for the most part they are pretty docile. Yes they lie and steal but it isn´t an in your face kind of way, they are pretty much pussies. What I mean is you don´t really have to worry about being attacked (if you are a man that is LOL!) I was living in the jungle and it got so boring that I had often missed living in Mexico where you always have fights going on or something. And Mexicans are more funny even if it is a more macho kind of humor. These Peruvians are like fucking drones and STUPID as hell. Have any of you ever noticed this, you can ask a Peruvian something and they will shake their head as if they understand whatever concept you are conveying and at the end they really didn´t get it? LOL! And in the juingle these fuckers can LIE!!! You could hook thes SOB´s up to a lie detector test and they will pass the test even though they are LYING like a mofo! LOL!

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Scotty W

June 1st, 2012

I'm sick and tired of all of you Americans bad mouthing Peruvians. Just because they lie? Come on! Every one lies — they just do it more than anyone else. And because they are ugly, stupid people? Come on… would you insult kids on a short bus? NO! Of course not. So just STOP insulting the good people of Peru. For there are lots of good people in Peru. And come on, the food is great! I love their chicken and inka cola, which taste like bubble gum. I mean, who doesn't want to drink bubble gum? And sure they hate the USA but they're cowardly people. They won't hurt a big fat gringo because they can't and they have no guts, as Bill stated. So come to Peru and enjoy the food, if you're a big strong Gringo. Enjoy the ugly women and remember, they're can't help that either. A lot of fags in Peru so if you want to get AIDS that's the place to be! And the women: ugly as hell, but God love 'em, they can't help it! So stop bashing Peru! They're a messed up country but they CAN'T HELP IT!!!

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June 7th, 2012

Counting days to get out of here too: 77 minus vacations (outside of Peru, obviously). Horrible, horrible people, from rich to poor. No manners whatsoever, the words "sorry" or "thank you" do not exist in this culture it is just "me me me" all. Never met people of this kind, anywhere. They are all like as if they've just come out of the jungle. Their food is good, in the 5% of the restaurants where one can actually eat without getting the shits. All the rest would never be able to even open in any civilized country in the world. The people are so false and mistrustful that they don't even trust their mother or father. Fuck everyone 200 per hour is the spirit. In my almost four years, I have tried so many times to give them a chance, but every time I got fucked up by…exactly: the peruvians. Nothing good to say about this country. Sorry to have ever have accepted a posting here, but soon, very soon, I will be gone never to come back again, ever!

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canadian sweety

June 10th, 2012

Dated a peruvian…..I WILL NEVER EVER DO IT AGAIN!!! All that ass hole told me is give me a baby……after few months of dating on and off…..I realised he was MARRIED!! WTF? I have never in my life met such a liar ever the best liars it's unreal…..and ho….his friends played along with him….bunch of ass. NEVER AGAIN!!!! Girls please take my advise….stay AWAY!!! btw…..I didn't give him a baby don't worry lol!!!!

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June 14th, 2012

Have anyone noticed that Peru is the only country on the list that everyone seem to think SUCKS. OH about your food rice bread and potato's aint eating anywhere. MacDonald's would provide a better diet. Ceviche made with any fish Peru could not sell to another country. Never saw anyone so happy to shove great dishes made with the worst possible product in your face. You have to go to Chile or Miami to get a good Peruvian dish. But defend it if you want . It seems funny that people look for this page and add to it. Look how many other countries there are to bash. LOL I still hope they don't change because I'm the guy they hire to get rid of them and improve business. Laughing my way to the bank

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June 21st, 2012

peru is the worst shithole in latin america, big liers, dirty , and uggly
im glad i finally escaped from that shithole,never coming back ever!
much better in mexico , better hotels, beaches, women etc and not so far from my country

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June 26th, 2012

I like Peru and have met some nice people but two girls have screwed with me and I didn't even get any… The first contacted me on fb and sent me messages like te quiero, well she was attractive we met up and starting hanging out for some time, I asked her to get more serious and she told me let's wait, when I brought it up again she told me she still had feelings for her x, I bided my time and finally decided to move to another part. The girl started sending me all sorts of messages like eres mi todo and writing stuff like I will have a good answer for you in the near future (eliciting to us dating, at least I don't know wtf else she was talking about) I spoke w her on the phone and she said o ya come back come back, she disappeared to her pueblo for a month and when she got back she played the whole thing off like she had been joking about, now I want to think she was lying to save face rather than believe she was joking me in a rather cruel manner…
The second girl I met in Lima, I was in the park waiting to meet a girl for lunch when this other girl sits near me, after a few minutes she begins talking to me, we exchange numbers, 1 hour later she has already sent me 2 messages and called 2 times, asking to meet that night, I tell her I already have plans but the next night is good. The next night we meet and after talking I tell her I gotta go because I have work early, as we're leaving she asks for a kiss and we proceed to make out, no doubt I'm worried about this whole situation as no peruana put out this quickly with me before, the next day shes hinting and eventually asks me to move in with me, I tell her no but I'll help her find a place, she tells me she can move in w me or she is going to move in with a friend who she would 'have to become enamorados with' I still ain't lettin a stranger live in my place after 2 days of having met, we decide to meet up that night, I show up 5 minutes late and she says shes gone, we proceed to send texts and shes asking the next time I'm free I tell her Friday and she finally sends me a message saying shes gettin back with her x but wants us to still be friends… wtf? not to say I haven't met wonderful peruanas, some girlfriends for a time and had good relationships,, this is just 2 examples of locas…cdt muxo de las locas!

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Sticks, stones, etc.

June 27th, 2012

Well … wow. Sounds like a lot of people have really been hurt here somehow, and that's unfortunate. I can't speak to matters of the heart, or, erm, other sensitive body parts, but I was just going to comment on the more day-to-day aspects of living here that I really dislike about Lima … which, I suppose, is really more a manifestation of what I miss about the U.S. So this may be a bit boring, but here goes:
- The pollution. In every sense, not just the air, but noise, unpleasant sights (consistently seeing men openly urinating on the side of the highway comes to mind), bad odors - it's a full-on sensory assault! Perhaps I am just too observant and sensitive to these things, because plenty of people seem to be able to filter them out and not even notice. To be fair, there are blighted areas in every U.S. city, however, the way things are zoned and decentralized, if you don't want to pass through those sections, you really don't have to. Here, that's not the case.
- Inefficiency. Should be self-explanatory, but just for an example, the multiple lines one must stand in to make a purchase (pharmacies, electronics stores) and actually receive your item. It's just an affront to good design and workflow, and this bothers me. Although I understand it is a symptom of the deeply embedded mistrust of their fellow man/woman. Also dealing with immigration, and returning again and again only to be told every time, you're missing x document or y payment or x whatever. Why couldn't they have told me all those items the first time I was missing something? Ugh!
- Utter disregard for safety. Forget about public safety, it's not even in most people's brainspace, but even for oneself. The unnecessary risk I see taken daily on the roads by other drivers (everyone from taxi and bus drivers to the upperclass pitucos in their Audis and Porsches, it matters not, they all become part of the unwashed masses on the road), pedestrians, even parents with young children really is disconcerting. How on earth can you expect anyone to consider another's life as valuable when they don't value their own. I just miss … civility. And the general expectation that the other guy is going to follow the rules, and the one that doesn't will actually be punished.
- I suppose this would be related to rudeness, but a particular pet peeve - no one pulls over for ambulances. What if that was your parent, your child, or you? I realize there are ingrained reasons for this too, again the mistrust, and also I would say a lack of any public campaign to educate all drivers. But it's one of those things that my foreigner's brain just says no, every time I see it happen.

There are other certain aspects that I don't care for, but those are the ones that are probably most palpable and recognizable to others regardless of what one's motives are for being here, their relationships, age, gender, race, etc. For the record, there are aspects of living here that I do like, but, see aforementioned topic of this thread.

Oh and yes, lying, dishonesty, this urge to "trick" others is deeply ingrained to the culture. I'm not even mad about anything right now, it's just a dispassionate statement. To the point where people lie even when it's not even really necessary. Everything is a trick question, I suppose, and no one wants to get into trouble. And then of course by doing so, you've created conflict where there was none before. It's just really immature, but hey (shrug), I am but a guest here.

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June 30th, 2012

I've lived here for about 3 years and agree with many of the nasty comments. OF COURSE there are exceptions. when making generalizations there always are. i have a few (take note of *few*) friends that are not like any of the bad stereotypes, but even some of my closer friends, they're still fucking grubs. it's a nation of beggars, and NOT just the poor ones. even the upper class peruvians will try to bleed you dry. They see kindness and generosity, ESPECIALLY generosity as weakness. i'm generous to a fault, but i'm not stupid. never in my life have i had people OUTRIGHT ask me for things like they do here, it's amazing to see. people i barely know, at my house, "can i bring the rest of that bottle of whisky home with me?" WTF?!?!! i've stopped parties at my house dead and kicked everyone out of my house twice because of behavior like that. they're generally dull witted, stubborn and deceitful. they have the ultimate victim mentality of a conquered people. the main thing that keeps me here is it's cheap, and the women throw themselves at you if you're decent looking, white, and have some money in your pocket. like Frank Von Schmidt (a man after my own heart) i string the "bricheras" along, making them think they have the "dumb gringo" hooked, meanwhile i'm just fucking them and they get very little out of me as far as spending anything. i've dated 1 girl here who was an awesome person, only girlfriend material one i've found. the rest i just play because they're trying to play me, and it's so easy to see through because again, they're generally stupid yet think they're slick. and the guys? hahaha no wonder the women love foreign men. the men are coddled and spoiled and treated like gods by their families, and live at home until they're like fucking 35 years old. if you have your own place here women look up to you like you're daddy or something. and all the dudes look alike, so, i'll stick around for a while on some conquistador shit haha.

like others have mentioned, they way they drive speaks volumes about their character. they're too stupid to realize that by constantly cutting everyone off, blocking intersections at green lights, etc EVERYONE become late. everything slows down. they are so short sighted and focused on "me first" that they don't even realize they're shooting themselves in the foot. they will blatantly rip you off or treat you like shit, thinking they're smart for it, meanwhile if they treated you fairly and well (in business) they could have gotten up to 20 times the money they got out of you by cheating you and treating you like shit that one time. many peruvians know all this. i was warned about these very types of things BY PERUVIANS when i arrived, and i figured they were exaggerating. nope, it's pretty much true across the board. and what that one poster above me said about them being timid is true too. i'm no tough guy, but i'm not afraid to fight, and i'm MUCH bigger than your average peruvian in height and build (the dudes are mostly built like 13 year old boys) and the few times i've felt the need to get loud and up in their face they cower. they're jealous of the surrounding south american countries because they've gotten their asses handed to them in every military conflict they've ever engaged in, and go figure, a nation of slow witted dipshits, why would it be any different. they blew their entire load on machu pichu and ceviche. the one peruvian nobel prize winner had the brains to leave and become a citizen of spain because he was fed up with how stupid peruvians in general are, fact.

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June 30th, 2012

I suppose this would be related to rudeness, but a particular pet peeve - no one pulls over for ambulances. What if that was your parent, your child, or you?

yep. whenever i hear an ambulance on the street (i live on the 12th floor near a street en route to a hospital) i hear the driver yelling frantically on the loudspeaker for people to move. EVERY TIME i look out there from a birds eye view, NOT ONE person moves an inch. again, perfect metaphor for their society "to hell with you, i don't care, me first."

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July 14th, 2012

Overall, the comments on this board seem to reflect the groundswell of opinion. As an expat from Ireland, living here for over a year now, I've gone through many of the negative experiences posted here. Conclusion: I think my peruvian girlfriend summed it up when she said that the Spanish conquest left the Peruvian psyche in a state of everlasting insecurity with no expectations, no creativity, nothing. Today you see a nation of dull-as-ditch copycats, no originality or quality whatsoever and people who naively steal a little from you or waste your time or fuck up something that was going ok, the saddest thing is they seem to score so many own goals, no wonder they are the laughing stock on this board. For me, I have to try to balance this with getting my own things done each day. So far I have some achivements so I can say I am moderately happy with things. The important thing is that you are happy living here, if not then the solution is simple …

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July 15th, 2012

i'm so sick of people talking about how friendly peruvians are. i've been here 2 years and even my peruvian landlady wont allow a peruvians. they are the rudest people i've met in my journeys through latin america. sure, if your a two week tourist you're going to love them, but once you're outside of the zone you will be treated like human trash.

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August 5th, 2012

I travelled to Peru last month, an I was shocked of how people behave! Always looking at you, forcing you to buy garbage stuff, and the worst happened, a policeman stole my cash when I was at the airport in Cusco! you can't trust anybody. Of course there must be educated, honest, sweet people but based on my experience.. I only saw vulgar, disrespectful people.. Taxis! Because you're a foreigner they want to charge you 10 x the price! And they are demanding, and dirty minding, enough, I'm not coming back.

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August 10th, 2012

To all of you trashing Peru, i have three words for you: YOU ARE RIGHT !

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August 12th, 2012

George I totally agree with you they are jealous people and very ugly inside and worse the outside!!!!

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August 15th, 2012

Wow amazing stories. I am in love with a peruvian woman, maybe its best she move to Australia if she wants to be with me. I cannot see myself living there from what I have heard. Understanding the bible and law, I can see how the catholic church is trying to override Christian law (In Australian) with their corrupt Roman law. Unfortunately catholic nations are in serious trouble, as we are not far behind.

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August 18th, 2012

Ive learned to hate 98% of peruvians by living here.(im in a commitment) The rudeness, selfishness, inconsideration, the disrespect and the disgusting manner in which they drive is unnerving. No matter how polite you are it will hardly ever be recognized. There is something seriously wrong with their society in general., its a vicious cycle of shitty behavior. You can say all you want about Americans believe me ive heard it all but one thing about us is we dont tolerate disrespect in any way shape or form as it is something frowned upon. You wont see people in the US cutting lines, speeding up in a car to force you out of the way, not moving out of the way so someone can pass by, if someone bumps into you the right thing to do is excuse yourself! These people mustve gotten their education out of a gumball machine! i dont understand how a so-called family oriented culture can treat one another so hypocritically. I feel very sorry for some of the women here whom ive met that are intelligent and dignified ladies.. such a poor choice in men available. Feel free to hate back

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August 18th, 2012

oh and for the guy talking about the US and our government..Little man…know something…the too big to fail banks are the ones financing these wars to consolidate power through land grabbing and fraud. Its not the people who are the final decision makers. We are discussing Social behavior here not politics.

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August 27th, 2012

I keep coming back here to read the posts of others.

¨height and build (the dudes are mostly built like 13 year old boys)¨ - gringouuu

LOL! No shit. There are a few stockier ones but it´s all fat and no muscle. And what´s really amusing is these shitbags actually think women want their sorry asses. I guess this is why the women have no preferences in men as far as physical attraction goes, as I had explained above in an earlier post.

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August 31st, 2012

This place is terrible.
I love it, yet hate it with a passion.

The culture is terrible.
Procrastination and mediocrity are promoted in every sector.
Pride almost doesn't exist.
Trust is lacking in most citizens.

Now, why do I love it?
I still believe it is possible to rescue the country.
What this place needs right now, is complete cleanup. Utter eradication of combi culture, chicha culture to begin with. Obligatory taximeters. Values should not only be a school lesson. New integration techniques should be implemented to erase the racism and distrust prevalent among citizens.

I am afraid the only way this place has now is Orwellian observation coupled with a big, well regulated police force.
One CCTV camera per street, one police car per couple of avenue blocks.

In order to combat the ridiculous amounts of corruption, red tape is not the solution. What is needed here is actual regulation, observation, regular tests on staff.

A good start would be the rise of a new generation. Conformism must go, and education for the next generation should display that. If the next generation is never taught what is wrong with being conformist, they will become another group which enjoys all the excesses of the previous generation and later grows up to be the standard consumers of the terrible culture promoted in Peru.

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gringo viejo

September 2nd, 2012

"Now, why do I love it?
"I still believe it is possible to rescue the country."
- Alex

Before any of the things you suggest could be implemented, you would have to first change the mind-set of the populace, and I'm afraid that just might not be possible. If those in control allowed that to happen, they would lose a lot of their ability to divert the majority of the wealth into their own pockets.

I'm retired and have been living in Peru for 11 years. My wife is Peruvian. I agree with a lot of the negative remarks I've read here, and yes, I know the same things exist in the USA. But here, the entire culture is built around it. Almost every home has a wall around it and steel bars on every door and window. I often think how much more attractive the homes would be without all that. Store fronts exist of a barred window with a small hole to pass merchandise and payments through. This can only be the result of not trusting anyone and I'm sure stems from the fact that they know how deceitful the majority of people are here. I love my wife dearly and I respect most of her family, although there are a few of them I avoid at all costs.

My wife will not allow me to go out alone because she knows how the masses here cheat and trick gringos. If it were not for her, I'm sure I would not have survived here.

I would give anything to be able to move back to the US, but the truth is I can't afford to live there on my income which consists only of Social Security. I loved living here when I first came, but the "adventure" is over and I'm tired of not being able to buy my favorite foods in the supermarkets and having to buy all the tools and materials for my hobby from the US, plus the exorbitant cost of shipping. Everything I've bought that was manufactured in Peru is of inferior quality. Even worse than that, the things commercially imported from the US are by and large second-rate discards that they can't sell in US markets. So yes, the US is partially responsible for the conditions that exist here.

So I just stay in the house and work at my hobby and write. I only go outdoors to ride my bicycle in the mornings or once in a while to go to the doctor or dentist. I guess I'll be buried here in this shit hole.

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September 4th, 2012

Utter eradication of combi culture

that's slowly but surely happening

chicha culture to begin with

they'll never let go of that one

Obligatory taximeters.

haha yeah right. they'd just rig them.

and get a hold of corruption? not in any of our lifetimes. they like their corruption here.

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September 5th, 2012

I'm 100%Peruvian ,although not ugly at all, i'm light skin and natural blonde, anyway, i came here to United States 13 years ago when i was 9 , well to make a long story short, my parents bought me and my sister here on a tourist Visa and they ended up staying, so we became illegal, recently about 4 months ago , my parents left the country for good since they were tired of living here illegally besides the fact that they werent working and they were struggling paying bills , anyway, they left and they took my 2 year old baby with them, because i guess they dont trust me enough with my own baby, and surprisingly i let them get away with it…Now me and my sister, have a ticket for December 14th to go back to Peru for good, well at least for a couple of years til they allow us to come back to US, and to be honest i'm scared as i can ever be, for one, i dont think i will get used to living in Peru anytime soon, and the main reason why im scared is because well, im very attached to my babys father (my husband), he's a white American and i cant bare the though of never seeing him again, and i have asked him to come with me at least for a week and he can always come back since he's an American citizen, but he wont even do that for me, he says what will he do in a third world country, but here in US he's not working either , im the one paying the bills and supporting him, no joke.
The point is, i dont know what to do, and December is right around the corner from now…if i stay my parents will be upset not to mention, my baby will grow up thinking i abandoned him (which would be true) and i cant live thinking if something happens to my parents , whose going to be responsible for my kid?, i know every child needs a mother, and then i think, well if i leave this country, how many years will i be banned for?, and whats going to happen to my husband? (baby's father), i know im not responsible for what happens to my husband, but i do care a lot for him, even though he doesn't have a job, and since i been with him which have been like 3 years and a half now, i have only seen him work 2 weeks, and all he's ever done for me, was take me to the movies, and buy me dinner. I guess its true, Peruvians love hard.
I cant help but wonder , what will he do when im no longer here?, go back on the streets?, i feel guilty for all that's happening.
I dont even know if i will like it in Peru, im sure its going to be very hard to get used to the people, places, and not seeing green grass everywhere you go, but i guess whats bothering me the most is, what will happen to my husband? and when will i see him again? that is if im able to return to America , and that could take years, he might be dead by then…
I wish i didnt had to choose between the 2 people i love the most..
No matter what choice i make someone will get hurt.

No matter what choice i make, someone will get hurt.

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September 8th, 2012

choose your child margarita. your child needs your love more than your husband or any other person.

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October 10th, 2012

Well, I'm a peruvian and I have to agree with 98% of what people say in here. You have to consider something, the education in here (and most of the countries in Latin America) is extremely poor, I'm lucky my parents gave me the best possible education according to their income and that allows me to see things from a wider perspective but you just can't put us all in the same bag. I've visited many different countries as well (including the US) and that's why I think people should not generalize. I like the US but I've also seen robbery and violence in there and I know those guys do not represent the entire country. If someone ever decides to visit Perú and enjoy it looking at the bright side I'll be more than happy to give you a hand if I have the chance.


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October 26th, 2012

I stumbled upon this site..and gee it made me feel less..crazy and racist. I had myself thinking I was the only one understanding how badly uneducated everyone is..everyone. They can barely speak spanish..never mind..figure things out. I havent been ripped off royally..yet, but man..they dont like to butter up anything..for the opportunity of keeping the cash flowing. I stayed at a hotel for a good price, but asked to rent for a month. The owner just calculated 30 days by the hotel rate..gee..thanks mr. I will be sure to tell all my friends not to stay here. I met a peru guy..he said and did all the nice things, then one miscommunication and he became non-existant…even though he said countless times I am a gentleman..yet he can not even ensure I stay in a safe area, tell me a few things..and then ferk off. who cares if i end up in ditch..yes..i have to agree..this place is depressed, is depressing and has no a nuclear bomb went off ..and they are in recovery stage..poor peru..they will never evolve.

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November 2nd, 2012

peruvians all want to merry americans to better themselfs their women are slutty and ugly with no ass at all but they think they are gods gift to americans

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Sweeden under cover

November 8th, 2012

I have lived in Peru for 4 years, i had travelled Peru before and it was great.
But to live and the more i got to know the people i started to hate it, i hate what i have become here. Here are some of my findingds about 80% of the population.
>Pathological Liars (lie, lie, lie, lie and lie)
> Exceptionally lazy and unreliable
> Abnormally unintelligent
> Worst mens style and fashion (long nails, square shoes and bad dirty rags even in ok jobs, i had to tell some people to buy new clothes for meetings!)
> Stupid dumbed down retard TV (esto es guerra??)
> Terrible drivers killing and maiming people needlessly
> Corrupt and horrible govt institutions
> Slutty cheap women
> Car horns all the time for no reason
>Rude people and the WORST customer service in the world
> 0 society or comunity spirit
> cheatng thieving spirit among most people
> i guess one good thing is that the women love us grngos! when my friends come or we go out as an expat crew we get attention off all the girls which makes the sad "macho" peruvian men jelous, and they cant do nothing as we are twice there size and 4 times the strenght.
I know a lot of good Peruvian but even they admit 80% the countries people are garbage. My wife is lovely and she also hates her country and people, as soon as my contract (construction) is finished we are going back to Sweden.

oh and i am sick of being told that "Peruvians are so friendly" i dont give a shit if you lie to me in a "friendly" way or take the piss asking me to buy beers in a "friendly" way.

"Friendly" (as seems to be the only good thing anyone has to say about this backward rabble) is not good if you are a stupid, cheating, lying scumbag.

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November 13th, 2012


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November 17th, 2012

To clariffy there is a difference between travelling and living in a country. I have been to over 40 countries in asia, africa, south america and europe.

These are my findings after living and travelling in Peru for 6 months mostly in Aequipa, Cusco and Trujillo: Its what i experienced, i am not trying to be funny, provocotive or frivolous in any way.

There is so much child abuse, fear and disgracefull behaviour in the educational system.

Schools are more obsessed with uniforms and litttle brass buttons and tassles than education.

Never have i seen so many silly parades in my life or out of tune bands.

Fear of not getting a titulo is the only motivation for education.

Most peruvians hit kick and abuse animals on a epidemic level, the only counry i have seen worse is Pakistan.

Noise pollution is everywhere, no one can appreciate nature or the sound of silence.

Never have i seen so much rubbish thrown on the floor. As well as the street peoples rooftops become junkyards often with a dog tied half dead. Indonesia is bad but Peru is worse.

Children are hit and abused from an early age many sufferung permanent damage, people are so insecure especally the men that they abuse children and animals.

The men are very insecure they beat women regularly girls grow up acepting this, they are often verbally abused by thier own mums.

In no counrty have i ever had so many people tell me how dangerous thier country is or how i should not trust anyone.

Never have i seen so many barricades, and houses festooned with medieval defences.

Constant whistling for attention rather than calling peoples names.

Very few people read any books at all and have a very basic spansh level.

Never have i seen so many useless private schools. I have never seen so many people studying mickey mouse titles in "administration"

Many married men tried to force me to see prostitutes with them.

Never have i seen so much disrespect and horrible behaviour to other humans or animals or the earth.

To lie is totally acceptable and the norm.

I feel guilty for the chldren raised in this system, there is almost no hope for them. I wish i could have done more, people need to see this forum to realise what is going on here. Because it is happening.

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Stay away

November 22nd, 2012

To hell with the Peruvian people.The world knows they are mostly turds. Its not like that's not well documented. After 5 years of living here. The food is so damn mediocre. Boring mush. I always have to ask what kind of meat is this. It spent the afternoon boiling in a pot to make it eatable that it doesn’t matter if its chicken lamb or beef. Besides the fact it’s plated with 4 carbs. Ceviche made with the worst seafood ever. Has anyone here been the Caribbean? Lemons, OK they are Key Limes I love them but they are found all over the world.Nothing new Peruvians there not yours. Oh yeah . Some times I have to take guest to the Lima Country Club.What a joke. I swear my Fettuccine Alfredo was nothing more than one of those Knorr dried foods that you reconstitute. Fortunately taking a Peruvian out to dinner. Their clueless. And let’s not talk about the brats in the place. Dress codes are for respect of others.
Oh well enough of this. On the bright side looks like in the next year I will be out of here.

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a warning from history

December 1st, 2012

The more time i spent there the more i hated it and the horrible selfish people.

I voluntered for 6 months and never in my life of volunteering have i experienced such abuse and a broken society beyond repair. We were seen as walkling money bags to steal and lie to, one girl was beaten so badly by a peruvian man she had been dating that she was never the same again.

We started a business selling duck eggs to local high end restaraunts, but the people just ate the ducks after a week, they were proud of it, sniggering when we uncovered thier lies.

yes there are good and bad in every country but trust me, its mostly bad here. Be warned.

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December 2nd, 2012

Reading all of these comments Made my eyes Bulge. I have never heard of any stereotypes of Peruvians simply because i wasn't experienced with them. But I can tell you now, i have some of that crap culture in my family and i have seen nearly every stereotype that is on this forum. The lying, the copying, the "my-poop-don't-stink-and-I'm-better-than-you" Attitude, big nose, square body, no butt, and i have to add, sausage fingers that make wanna hurl. This person even tried to attack me physically during an argument and people had to get between us so i wouldnt get hit. Overall my opinion about peruvians wont change…they are low class Animals, jealous and petty.

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December 8th, 2012

Thank you for posting this up. For so long I have felt as if I was the only one who hated Peru while everyone blamed me for being negative and not seeing the good. Everything posted up here (except the postings and statements about sex) I have lived through. Been here 7 years and was always told it was me who had "mal entendimiento" (misunderstanding) if someone else lied; I felt I had to just shut a lid on everything that I was living through (the lies, the cheating, the constant asking for money cos I'm a foreigner, the constant racism, and all that has been written above) because I'm supposed to respect the culture and the people. However, it turns out that the people get easily offended at everything if it's not going the they want it to go which is a form of manipulation to get what they want from you but they don't care if they offend you. I have watched ambulances stuck in traffic and been so mad I've wanted to get out and personally kick every car blocking its path. My husband had no idea what I was talking about until we went to Panama, a country that was influenced culturally by the US and he saw how cars pulled over to one side so an ambulance could pass, how people yielded to one another, how they left openings so another car can turn. I stepped onto a crosswalk and he was mortified thinking I would be roadkill but was totally in shock to see cars stop for me to cross the road. Here in Peru, the drivers speed up when you cross the road to try to hit you. No one yields. In anything. It is a very selfish country and all they care about is getting ahead but they rarely do because of their dishonesty. I can go on and on but thank you all you other posters for having done that for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for showing me that I am not alone and that here on this post, I don't have to listen to Peruvians go on and on about how beautiful their country is (they haven't been anywhere else that's why) and how good the people and food are when it's all a huge lie. Thank you for helping me see that I am not alone. And that you all see the same thing I see and more. Thank God we're leaving this place next year. It can't come soon enough. And Jo from Australia: don't move here. Seriously, please don't move here.

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fernando Arrendo

December 11th, 2012

living in the USa teach me something very important: peruvians are very disrecful,unconsidered,ruthless and liars.they culture are shaped by peasant that cannot liVe in the coast.they only copy the culture of the first world but are unable to conduct themselves as civilized people.the poverty is everywhere and they believed in messianic political leaders who the money from thier taxes.their music is awful,they do not have artists or musicians but an improvised ones.they hate foreighners as well as peruvians.they do not have ethics or moral codes to follow.their food is harm to the liver,or stomuch.the only thing they have made well are their archeological ruins.They lak the entreprenership of the civilized world and are don`t have morality.Cheaters,liars,stupid,disrectful….PERUVIANS HAVE NOT REAL CULTURE….

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December 26th, 2012

i agree, in the two months I stayed in peru, I was robbed twice, once at gunpoint and kept locked in the house of a supposed 'friend', who benefitted from calling me mentally ill and charged my relatives for my detention in his house. Men were continually coming onto me as a way to get out of their own country to somewhere with a better lifestyle.
When you think you can trust someone, think again, as a gringo, you are not considered a friend. Its a different culture, and I'd leave them to enjoy it. Overpriced and two faced.

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Peruvian bloodsuckers

December 27th, 2012

I personally know three Peruvian women who came here to the states, found men that they knew would be good providers and wound up pregnant and had a shotgun wedding all within a few months of each other. They were all friends and followed one another to the states with the plan to make an American man their slave and entrap them cause they know Peruvian men aren't worth a damn. And one in particular of those the women who happens to be a member of my family unfortunately succeeded on driving a wedge within our family By brainwashing her husband into thinking that they are better than us so it's been a constant battle trying to keep the family together. The worst of it is she's not even a pretty Peruvian. Ive seen some that are attractive, but this one looks like a damn toad, craters all over her face So not only is she a royal You know what, but it's hard to keep the vomit down just looking at her. I tried to like this girl and be her friend, but she had always looked at anyone who is not from Peru like they are beneath her. That's where i Wonder, if Peru is so great, why they hell do you come here for? Please go back, i promise you won't be missed. Oh and another thing, you're in America now, do please speak the language dear.

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Jonathan Maicelo

January 2nd, 2013

Absolutely certain the previous comment. I also know those dirty Peruvian and I can tell you for sure that are poorly educated people, especially people resentful and envious persons, in South America we know very well to these criminals and miserable Peruvians we know that Peruvians are people scam, people traffickers, parasitic beings humans, etc.. And people are terribly ugly, these Peruvians here in its varied "gastronomy" feed on cats, dogs, rats, guinea pigs, birds, frogs, etc.. It's a totally primitive and backward, it is not surprising that Peruvians are also cannibals in this 21st century. So if you see a Peruvian Loving hovering or their families get in either as an employee or concierge, be very careful because these Peruvians have their loyal custom of stealing or even murder provided families achieve their true purpose. If you do not believe, check on Peruvians in the world and see how they are judged and sentenced unfortunately for those countries where they have to bear the presence of these unspeakable and filthy Peruvians who do not know anything but robbing.

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January 18th, 2013

Peruvian Triathlon - Lying, Cheating and Stealing. The girls are generally nice looking, but the nicer looking they are, the more deceitful they are. They are also all money grabbers. As for the men, I hate them all except one, and I have lived there for 9 years. Liars, thieves and cunts, nearly all of them. I try my very best to avoid them at all costs. Having said that, Peru is beautiful, the food is brilliant, and the expats that live there are mostly a good bunch. Just a shame for Peru that it is full of Peruvians. I am enjoying a break in England, a proper country, and apart from my friends and family, I miss nothing about Peru at the moment.

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January 21st, 2013

To peruviansaretwats:

¨The girls are generally nice looking¨

If you truly believe this then England must really be hurting these days.

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January 29th, 2013

my husband used to date a Peruvian whore. She used him, destroyed his credit, drained him dry, cheated on him, lied about being raped in order to guilt him into being controlled. She got pregnant and uses the little girl to try to control him and get him back. Her parents knew about her using him, and they lied and covered for her. They used him to get a restaurant then turned their backs on him, made sure everything was in their names as well. The most manipulating deceitful people you will ever encounter. Just run the other way.

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February 1st, 2013

I will have been living in Peru for 4 years in April. I came here because I was in love, after 2 years of traveling back and forth from the US I moved here. It has been so hard to deal with all the negatives here. So much of what has been posted is true. After building a life here, home, etc., I have been dumped for another. It´s true and typical. Beware. If you are from a 1st World Country and come here for more than a visit you will probably end up saying the same terrible things about Peru. I love many things about my new country, I have citizenship, but I hate more things. I guess since my relationship has ended I will end up going back to the US. Problem is, I stupidly gave up everything there. It will be hard going back. I am older and starting over again is not something I am looking forward to. I tried to love Peru but Peru has screwed me. What a shame the people here don´t have a clue. This could be an amazing place, they have all the natural resources. They are simply lacking education, culture, and self-respect. (Inka, Moche, etc. is not the kind of culture I am referring to)

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February 2nd, 2013

There's not much more you can say after what's been said.

I think the biggest thing that stops Peru moving forwards is that they have a mob mentality. If anyone seems to start being original or to move ahead of the pack everyone turns on them and devotes all their energy to preventing them doing so.

Any Peruvian who eventually manages to make something of themselves has the tendency to abandon the country at the earliest possible venture which just leaves the dregs behind to carry on fighting.

I am friends with a small number of Peruvians (after 7 years living here I've managed to find a few who won't rob, cheat and steal at the first possible opportunity) and one of them chose not to abandon his heritage and to try and make a difference even though he had the education and money to do so if he chose. Well he's recently given up on that idea after his neighbour beat him within an inch of his life because he asked him to move his car.

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February 4th, 2013

I agree with most of what is said here. It's hard to live there because you have to constantly watch out for deceit, it's just tiring, it's avoidable but a constant effort. Someone here said they needed God… It's a strictly Catholic country, I was laughed at by my Spanish teacher for being an atheist. You would never be treated like you are there in an atheist country. I'm sure it is not because they are Catholic that they act the way they do; most likely it is out of necessity, but I really don't think a lack of God is the problem.

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February 10th, 2013

First I would like to introduce myself: I'm 28 years old, and Russian by nationality.
I met a Peruvian girl from a good family in 2006, and later in September 2010, I arrived in Peru for the first time. I did not know what I'm to be faced with, so I decided to stay in Lima. So I left my work and family in Russia.
Now almost three years have passed and I'm still here. And I regret it, as most Peruvians helped me to develop such conception of ​​them.
These people are lazy, pseudo-religious, dishonest and always looking to blame somebody for their incompetence (all but me is guilty is what they think). Before I couldn't realize why it is so hard to do the things right for them? Catholic Church teaches them to do that, doesn't it?
Russians are orthodox christians, but I do not go to church,
even more, I think if mature person wants to live honestly, he/she does not have to go to the church every Sunday and help to church leaders to get richer.
My mother-in-law wanted me and my wife to get married in Catholic church. Shit, she even wanted to take bank credit for these needs.
I tried to explain her many times that I will not do anything in the faith, which is strange to me, even though I will be paid for it.
I do not understand till now why I have to pay more, just because I'm white and they think that I come from rich country?
My grandfather never had slaves or something like it and he never invaded to this little country. It's like they never had some history or geography lessons in their schools.
They say that in Russia there's very developed racism, but I compared two countries and I can conclude that racism of peruvians is the part of their culture and it is ineradicable.
Why should I always wait for some dirty tricks from Peruvian? I mean for me as honest person, it's incredible that I got used to feel like it already.
It is only nation I've seen, that says "tienes que ser mosca, tienes que ser mas vivo".
Why no one thinks that people do not want to cheat anyone?
I find it so close-minded. I think these are consequences colonial rule of the Spaniards. It is sad, because the country has a good raw material base, but inutile, greedy, and just stupid people. It is hard to do any business with them, because they want to recoup the monthly costs at my expense. They disrupt terms, after all, each businessman knows that time is money. They do not understand that I do not owe anything to them. I thought that I was only "gringo", who doesn't like this place. But the same opinion is shared by some of my few friends, which are the Russians, Australians, Slovaks, Germans.
The population is very different in Peru, and I openly find it ridiculous, the attempts of rich people to isolate themselves in their houses, turning them to fortresses with steel bars and barbed wire around. The rich o the poor ones, mostly all Peruvians are the same - just look how they behave on the roads or in queues and you will understand me. For example, if one driver breaks the rule, another one has to do the same to be mas vivo! To be correct here is to be stupid. And their children? Once me and my friend, we were drinking some coffee in the cafe. My friend has congenital malformation - something like a hump in her back. So one of these little beggars approached to us and asked me - what's wrong with your friend? Also, once when I was eating empanada in other place, four different beggars visited me in 20 minutes. When I got tired of it, I said to the last of them - carajo, dejame comer en paz, justo tengo plata para mi empanada. So what else I got tired of? You know their way to be, that innate arrogance - well their parents let them do all, so i guess this is the key, they raise like big kids and act in the same way.
Some of them live with their parents till they turn 40 years old, it is what I find really funny - I mean, you have to be independent, right? All these peperas y bricheras en calle de pizzas. You know even that Miraflores supposed to be some kind of civilizated place in Lima, but they fucked it up. As I speak Spanish without an accent, they always want to know where do I come from. Why do they care? Why they always look at me like I am alien? I mean, like they've never seen something different? Their food is crap, I hate it already. And it's like they have some complex about themselves, cause all the time I watch TV here, they want to show some "gringo", trying their disgusting ceviche or another shit and saying something like "ohh ceviche, pollo a la braza o que rico" with american accent. I feel like I'm in magicland of the idiots. Or another thing that their TV shows is when someone is getting killed in the news. NOTHING MORE!!! Or one of that soup dramas for the cholas… I am fucking done! Hope I'll never get back to this porqueria!!! Well after all, I am guest here and I have to try to respect them and their way to be and they don't have to change themselves or their mentality cause of me. So if I can't change it, I have to go! I don't wanna say that I hate all, but it's just cause I am really tired to be different from peruvians and that's why. I DON'T WANNA SAY THAT RUSSIA IS THE BEST PLACE, BUT IT'S MY HOME AND I'M COMING BACK SOON.

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February 11th, 2013

Peru is a disgusting place, I lived there for two years and in those two years I became the most cynical, hating, distrusting, impatient person…. I hate how it changed me, i hope I can change back to how I was.

These people are downright stupid and have no self respect or respect for others.
Dirty, filthy, thieving, lying, lazy, inconsiderate fuckers you will ever come across.

This country will never improve. The Spanish should have finished them all off is what I have thought many times…

Lie their ass off just so they don't have to do work…. Any type of government institution will make you run around in circles, palming you off to yet another person… No one seems to now what to actually do, or they simply don't want to do the work.
Useless, pathetic little people. No manners of any sort.

The police are a joke and seem to be there just to take money off people rather than enforce the law.

I have been to many trouble third world countries, but Peru has to have the most shit attitude towards everything. They play the victim card, and they are only victims of themselves and their inability to improve themselves.

Learn to Drive, to treat others they way you would like to be treated, some simple general manners; have some self respect, and learn and respect the value or live. And last but not least, some general hygiene!

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Mr. Oso

February 17th, 2013

In 2001, I fathered a son with a peruvian "woman" (yes, she has used him as a tool & a weapon to extort money) in Lima and after flying back and forth for several years I made a commitment, for my son's sake, and moved to Miraflores where I resided for 6 years.
During that time I have discovered that 1. No one has friends in Lima. 2. Most of the american x-pats are either criminals that have been tossed out of the states and/or they assume the paracitic persona of the locals; stupid, lazy, liers. After reading the posts here, I can not disagree with the general consensus! If you're a criminal that speaks English and spanish then Lima is the place for you!
I have been relieved of over $460,000 by these criminals and now it is time to name names! Go ahead you assholes, try to sue me and prove me wrong.

LUIS SARDON; This scumbag worked for me for about 1 year. He claimed he was deported from the states because of no documentation, when in reality, he was kicked out after he got out of prison. During that 1 year he spent most of his time surfing gay porn on the office computer then stole my new vehicle which he totaled and killed someone with. The "police" would not do anything because, you ready for this, he had access to the keys! He is black, shaved head, gap toothed and speaks very good English. Avoid at all costs!
CARLOS THE TAXI DRIVER; this guy trolls Miraflores in search of tourists and x-pats offering to help and befriend them with his excelent English. He will relieve you of everything. He is a young guy that gives new meaning to "Cash Cab". Be wary!
SANDRO MONTEBLANCO dba JENSEN & HUGES LEGAL; Monteblanco claims to be a lawyer but is not. He is one hell of a salesman. He took our family for approximately $17,000 and produced NOTHING! He has an office in Barranco. It turns out that he has an outstanding arrest warrent issued in Oregon for FRAUD. This information is from the FBI. Peruvina lawyers are douchbags but this guy is a piece of shit!
FELIPE OLIVERA dba Serra Azul S.A.; Olivera is a builder in Miraflores. I purchased 2 apartments from him and when it was time to obtain titles he disappeared. Since then, he has double sold one of the apartments and paid off a judge to take posession of the other one. He has taken us for $67,000. Felipe, may you burn in Hell.
TESSY CASTRO CALVO; I saved the big one for last! Tessy worked for me for almost 18 months. She claimed (they all have a sob story) that she came back to peru to help her family after being adopted by missionarys in Beverly Hills. After 8-10 months of her employment she had no problem with supplying me with the sleeping pills that I had started using due to a leg injury. Little did I know but the pills caused blackouts and major depression. She took full advantage of that and I suspect she was spiking my food with Skopalomine (Google that one). She has stole and embezzeled approximately $350,000 and everything I have created, inherited and obtained.
In closing; I will have justice served on all you fucking rats until the day I die!
The FBI, State Department and Interpol are coming after you!

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March 10th, 2013

The extent of comments from so many commenters is absolutely amazing. And based on my two years there, unfortunately it's mostly true. Peru is a country with so much potential. But the people will suck you dry.

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April 7th, 2013

Just wanna say: Peru is not the only shitty place.

All the above comments are a carbon copy of Honduras and also the country of Belize.
I have had really bad experiences. I gave the culture a chance -6 years. The spanish culture is basically the most deceitful of any culture rivalled only by the black central american culture. They are NOTHING like the black people in america. I am not a racist person in any way but have become extremely prejudiced. American black people are generally good people. NOT HERE!!!! It is TOTALLY DIFFERENT HERE. The blacks play the whole "slave gult" card and so gringos are targeted. The racism is beyond comprehension. I have never been to peru but you can't tell me its worse then the black culture of Belize. Not possible.

I grew up in a small town in canada so crime is a new thing for me. Things get really freaky when people start dying around you. A guy I was talking to at his shop one morning got shot in the head the next day. In 6 years about 10 murders in this little town -population about 4000. And the people don't think its a big deal or anything !!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?

I have some neighbours a few houses away that are beyond the definition of "lowlifes" and no matter how many times i have given them the benefit of the doubt and try to be friendly they continue to hate me because i am white. So fuck them.

I love what the guy said about the atomic bomb thing. The new world order is welcome to test nukes on Belize City or Dangriga any time. What a wonderful idea.

For all the canadian people posting on this page: Be really proud that our culture values life and is considerate. Those things become really obvious when you do some travelling. The tropical weather is not so great when little girls are being murdered a few blocks away. AND TO THINK I ACTUALLY VOLUNTEERED HERE TO HELP THESES GOD DAM PEOPLE !!!! CAN YOU HEAR SIZZLING BACON? REALLY CAN YOU? WELL THATS WHAT ITS GONNA SOUND LIKE HERE WHEN GOD RAINS FIRE FROM THE FUCKING SKY.


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April 15th, 2013

I consider my self as a nice person that is why I´m taking 10 minutes to let as many people know, KEEP AWAY from Peru, I have been living in Peru for 2 years (I´m leaving thanks goodness), They are simply bad, bad, bad they all fake being stupit people. nothing in Peru is worth suffering having to interact with the people, it is torture! Peruvians are dishonest, Lazy!!!!! LOTS and LOTS of the foreigners get robbed, They smell foreigners from miles and will play tricks on you to try to rob you even in the good areas! I have been disrespected so many times by everyone!!!!!! I feel sick and tired! they are the biggest liars, they have no desire to make or do anything good unless they have an interest on your money, they will squeeze you like an orange! I have had a lot and I mean a lot of contact with Peruvians and I can´t stop seeing a big pattern of evilness and greed, stupit pride and the desire to make others feel as miserable as they are.

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April 17th, 2013

I have been here 6mos, 2 more to go. I was so over this place after 2 mos. The surf is consistant, that's why I'm here but the blatant, disreguard for people's rights, the unimaginable poor hygine & the terrible food has been the worst.
They crank their music for sometimes 16-18hrs. Every song has the same beat & they just play the same 2hrs. of music repeatedly. I've seen them stinking drunk from 2 p.m. - 6 a.m. (the party is just winding down as I'm headed to the beach). Super nosy (won't give you any privacy when using an ATM or on a computer) & gossipy. The staring is the worst. Even though I wear baggy clothes & have my hair tied back, I'm stared at until I am out of their range of vision. Sometimes there is whistling or yelling, which I totally ignore but then I have Peruvian men telling me I should smile & conform since I'm in their country. Dude, that would make it so worst! Do not make eye-contact & have a neutral face. When I 1st got here I was so happy & polite, trying my Spanish & doing the proper greetings. WRONG! I just drew unwanted attention to myself.
In a line-up, they will just budge in front of me. They rarely walk anywhere, always use dirtbikes, quads or their vehicle. They will let their vehicle idle on average, 20mins up to 2 hrs. (car stereo was being used at the party).
No one talks in a normal tone of voice, it's always loud, lots of repeating phrases (they only have 1/2 as many words as the English language so I think that's how they get their point across), forced laughter & heavy clapping to punctuate whatever point is being made.
Some female shop owners were nice but the majority of business had hostile, unhelpful employees (Cruz De Sur & Civa buslines, airport, pharmacies etc.)

In the summer months getting bouts of diarrhea for 7-10 days is considered normal here! There is little to no hand-washing, dog & human shit is everywhere, people & dogs rip apart garbage bags for food & plastic bottles which is all contaminated by fecal matter becuase toilet paper isn't flushed.
Nose-picking in public as well as blowing your nose into your hand or onto the floor in the house is acceptable. It's totally fine with someone sneezing or coughing & not covering their mouths, even over food. The surf camp I stayed at, they would just remake the beds, for the next tourist, no clean sheets. Bathrooms, if they even got "cleaned" were just wiped down with a cloth. Huge amounts of RAID was sprayed in the air, everyday to combat the flies & cockroaches instead of actually cleaning the kitchen.
Most all of the coastal areas get their fruits & vegies from a valley that has 16 active mines that spew pollution into the river that runs through it. The farmers use heavy fertilizers & pesticides so it's not even worth the risk to consume this food. The Peruvian diet consists of white rice, potatoes & a small piece of meat. Do not eat the pork in this country! When the garbage is collected, the bags are ripped apart at the landfill & the pigs get the shit-contaminated fruit & vegies scraps 1st, then they let the poor people come in & grab what they can in 10mins. (I watched a documentary here!). Do not eat the "carne"/beef/goat/?, it is so tough & the cattle I've seen along the hwy. look bad, thin & ill. The chickens are slaughtered that a.m. & dipped in boiling water to remove the feathers & then left to sit out up to 8hrs. before being cooked. If you have to eat street-food, don't eat any meat after lunch cuz it's probably sat out all day. Oh yeah, the flies that have been all over the shit outside, have walked all over the uncovered/unrefridgerated meat.
Everything & I mean everything has sugar in it, they only have white, no whole grains, the cheese isn't cheese. It has a similar texture but tastes like plastic.

So this was my 1st & last trip anywhere. I chose Peru because I needed cheap but I can't wait to leave & I will never be back. If your coming to surf, I suggest you rent a nice condo with a kitchen near the beach so you don't have to drive. Oh & NEVER take a mototaxi or some little shitbox taxi,both crush like tin cans on impact!!! It happens all over Peru, daily!
Take Care & Good Luck.

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May 8th, 2013

Peruvian food is unhealthy and disgusting. It has little or no fiber. Vegetables and whole grains are not eaten here. Peruvians eat white rice, white bread, potatoes, white pasta, oil, and fish (often raw!) and chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken. And the funny thing is they never get tired of it. But I guess they have no choice. Every restaurant has the same 20 dishes, the same! No matter where you go. There are is no authentic foreign cuisine in Peru due to a lack of ingredients (funny how all their neighbors seem to have everything that is unavailable in Peru). You will find only ONE Indian restaurant in the whole of Lima and they don't even serve Basmatic rice! And then Peruvian has the audacity to saw their cuisine is the best in the world. If you aren't even capable of trying any other cuisines in your own backwater country how can Peruvians even know what food from other countries tastes like???

You can't find the most basic food items in Peru such as real lemons, turnips, kale, chestnuts, cherries, whole wheat flour (or whole wheat bread) and many whole grains are not available (edible barley, oat groats, rye grains (or flour), millet, wild rice, bulgur wheat) etc. etc.

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Peter Steiner

May 11th, 2013

They have the ultimate loser's mentality: "Lo que no hay, no hace falta". If you're an ambitious and determined person, in Lima you'll be labelled crazy and pretentious. The only thing that's valued is being a good fellow who can crack a few jokes, but even then, eventually, many will ask for compromising favors just to see if you're willing to help them out. They confuse being clever ("vivo") with being a freeloader. They will admire you if you can deceive and make money off it, but they will pity you if you put in a constant effort towards something. Independent and autonomous individuals (usually the successful ones) will be seen as lacking compassion because they should share with others, especially family. At the same time, few are considerate, but many rather selfish in public, when driving, at work, or when they cut in line because "they don't have time", creating a soup of disregard, envy, entitlement, and mob mentality in Lima's daily life. They only feel a moral commitment towards their family, the reason why they think the end justifies the (immoral) means they use.
If you do participate in this ethically miserable society, be prepared to be both, a victim and a culprit of corruption, and to deal with people that think it's normal because it's always been like that.

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May 24th, 2013

Wow, Peter. You just read my thoughts….
They confuse being clever ("vivo") with being a freeloader.
It couldn't be said better! Bravo!

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May 25th, 2013

wow. I got entraped by a Peruavian woman and was just looking to see if there was group of men that could give me advice on what to do. I am not naive and have been coming to Peru for well over ten years. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly as well as the saints in Peru who you truly value as real friends because there are less of them than you have at home. I do have some real friends who have had my back when i needed it and I have tried my best to have theirs. I sadly have to agree with many things here, but feel fortunate that I also do have some very real and good friends here too. Mostly, I worry about what will become of my daughter as her mom is a classic "bruchera" and her cousin's dad's all gave up on them.
wow. Me entraped por una mujer Peruavian y estaba mirando a ver si había grupo de hombres que me puedan dar consejos sobre qué hacer. No soy ingenuo y he estado viniendo a Perú desde hace más de diez años. He visto lo bueno, lo malo y lo feo, así como los santos en Perú lo que realmente valoramos como verdaderos amigos, porque hay menos de ellos que usted tiene en su casa. Tengo algunos amigos que verdaderamente han tenido mi mal cuando lo necesitaba y he intentado todo lo posible para que ellos tristemente tengo que estar de acuerdo con muchas cosas aquí, pero se siente afortunado de que yo también tengo algunos amigos muy reales y bueno aquí también . Sobre todo, me preocupa qué va a ser de mi hija como su madre es un clásico "bruchera" y sus primos los papás todos los entregó en ellos. Pero hay mucha jente buena en Peru también, ten fe.

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July 2nd, 2013

Finding a decent human being in the cess pool of Peru is like trying to find a deep of clean water in a pig sty. With much difficulty, you might find one, but only among thousands que no sirven para nada. Every culture has good and bad, but Peru is disproportionately composed of evil, calculating, opportunistic mongrels. Anyone they see is fair game to take advantage of to get what they want. A disgusting breed…

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July 5th, 2013

Glad I found this site and happy to add my two cents. Being half-Peruvian myself, I was embarrassed and ashamed reading this board, but not surprised. My Peruvian family in the states regularly commit a variety of fraud and even cheat each other when they can! Everyone talks shit about each other and thinks they are somehow better than other Peruvians, but they're all shit. The women belittle and abuse their sons yet treat the girls like princesses, so it's no surprise what you get as a society. Fortunately, I was raised by my American mother far away from my Peruvian family.

About 10 years ago, I spent 2 months in Lima with a group of American students. Every one of us were either robbed, cheated or lied to during our stay. Several students couldn't wait to get out and spent the extra money to get an earlier flight. Pretty much everything said here is true so I won't bother repeating it. They are a selfish, petty, ugly society and I will never return as I've seen all I need to. God help you Peru.

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July 8th, 2013

I have to agree with people who said Peruvians are lairs. What George said is true. Peruvians are cheaters, hypocrite , deceitful, disloyal ,unfaithful and dodgy. They will cheat you sooner or later no matter how loyal you are to them. Cheating and lying are somethings running in their veins like the blood. They will love you quickly and forget you quicker. It is so difficult to find a trusty person in Peru. Of course every country has bad people and good people but in Peru nearly impossible to find a trusty person. I have never met such deceitful people. Their culture is shit. They lack educations and they have no respect to people. Peruvians are the biggest lairs in the world.

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angry expat

July 13th, 2013

been here a few years, the op is correct, i've lived in many countries and these are the worst people you will ever meet. anyone who's on the pc - ÿou find good and bad people everywhere"hasn't lived here. their really is no lower form of life than a peruvian. come and stay for a month and watch in amazement as:

1) your backpack gets unzipped and your stuff gets stolen even though you never took it off.

2) a gang of thieves too impatient to rob you via dialogue cut your pocket/leg open with box cutters just to get what's in your pocket.

3) your next door neighbor beats his dog with a belt and you listewn to it cry all night (3 nights per week).

4) you make documented reservations for visitors and show up and they double the price.

5) you leave your apartment because they are tearing it down next month and they don't want to return your deposit because they need to paint.

really, these aren't low quality people, this is just the average peruvian. no one came here racist/nationalist or biggoted, but they all leave that way. there are worse people, but expats don't reside in those countries.

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Robbed Tourist

July 13th, 2013

I was also robbed in Peru - at gunpoint after catching a taxi from Lima airport. They took my bags including my camera which included four weeks of memorable photos. Worst experience of my life. Once the taxi dropped us off, we were standing in the middle of a dark street and three men rushed around a corner at us with guns.

My girlfriend is Peruvian, so I've had to travel there twice, and never want to return. It's everything what you should expect from a third-world country - dogs everywhere, poor drivers and no road rules, and don't you dare drink the water. I could not speak in english or not be seen to be foreign in case it would inspire someone to rob me or charge me 'tourist rates'.

Not much intelligence. They blindly follow anything to do with catholicism and family without question.

And again with drivers. The way they drive is pure stupidity and selfishness without concern for others on the road. Worst kind of society, really. They appear incapable of understanding that their driving, blocking traffic lights and everyone else makes it worse for everybody.

And back to the robberies. It happens more than is reported.

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Tired of Peru

July 15th, 2013

I have no experience with the country itself, judging from what I've read here, I wouldn't be caught dead there. Machupichu my ass…But I live in Miami, and there is no shortage of Peruvians here. They are everywhere. Dealing with them on the streets, they seem to think that they are entitled to everything and they will take advantage of any situation that they can. I never knew much about them in my youth, but now that one has infiltrated my family, I'm becoming more and more aware of their innate evil that I've yet to see in another nationality. I don't like to pigeon-hole any person because they belong to the same ethnic group generally, but Peruvians are a special breed imo. They are very calculating. They look at you as a means to an end in getting what they want. They only look out for themselves and their own "kind", and if you get hurt in the process, too bad so sad for you. They are incapable of empathy. They smell pretty bad too, I don't know if that's hygiene or something they are born with, but it's enough to make a skunk pass out. I'm sure there are a few that are not so bad, but it's one in a million. If Peru were to fall off the face of the Earth, it would be to better humanity as a whole.

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July 26th, 2013

I'm a peruvian living in Peru, and I feel ashamed and embarrased with all I've read here. Sadly, it is true. Although I wouldn't say it's ALL peruvians. But, yes, most of them are deceitful, stupid, lying, disrespectful bastards. Even the ones that live in the upper part of the cities and seem to be well-behaved and frown upon their compatriots' driving and littering, lie to their spouses and children on a daily basis and are more than willing to bribe people to get what they need. It's a cultural thing.

I think Peru has three kind of people. The ones that live in the coast, and that think being 'vivo' is the same as being a freeloader. They are the ones that praise the chicha culture. Then, there are the ones that come from the highlands (Puno) and Bolivia immigrants. They are scum. They are deceitful lying bastards that never look at you in the eye and will try to take advantage from you at any cost. And the third one, the ones from the jungle, a mixture of the previous two but a bit dumber and sluttier.

I wouldn't advise you to stay away from Peru. It's worth a visit. But be aware of EVERYONE and remember that you can (and will) get robbed or at least tricked by everyone, especially policemen.

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August 30th, 2013

To Juliet:

The jungle people are indeed dumber, however they tend to be a little more innocent then the Serranos and Costiños. The Costiños are famous for being Ladrons (thieves) and criminals, while the Serranos are just filthy, disgusting, miserable shit people period.

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September 2nd, 2013

I just got back from a three week vacation in Peru. Both my parents are peruvian and I was born in the United States. At first I was a little saddened by the conditions(poverty, traffic,pollution, etc.), however by the end of the trip I had a lot of fun.
My family there was amazing. My aunts cooked every day(they wouldn't let me help…lol) and although they may not live in the best conditions they never complain , just work exteremely hard everyday. My grandfather on my mom's side is sick but my uncle cares for him as well as his other son. I could see having his family there made him very happy and I admired the fact that they are so close and have so much respect for their older loved ones. The rest of my family took us out and showed us the sights.
I know that the way of life there is different from a lot of westeners and europeans, however if you were born there let me ask you how would you adapt? If the leaders are corrupt then how does a society progress? Unfortunetly, they haven't had the same luxury as many of you and so many are poor and are in survival mode. My cousin who is a doctor had actually just gotten mugged because they were trying to steal his phone, which was pretty sad. I don't condone this at all, but just saying that not all the people there are the same. There are a lot of people who deal negatively with the hand they were dealt with in life(like those that scam others, lie, etc) however there are also people trying to make the best of it. If you guys hate going there so much and think it's such a bad society then maybe you should do something instead of just come on some board and whine. We've even had some students from Peru visit the engineers at my job here in the states. I met some extremely smart and kind people while in Peru.
The conditions there are difficult to live in at times and I don't like it when the people there lie or take advantage of others either. I know a lot of my family there just wants it to be a safer place also. Peru has a lot of beautiful things to offer like the culture and the beautiful scenery. I wish Peru the best in the future.

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September 7th, 2013

Well, guess I could dump my head here but no sense in repeating all the above posts. I came to Peru in the last year of Fujimori. I was Impressed by some things and as I was brought here as a consultant in industry for some very rich and well connected people, it was fun and exciting. I also got to know how Fujimori was keeping out some predatory bankers and trying to preserve the culture. notice how much hospitals and other things the Japanese DONATED here? well, he's out now and the bad guys are in and Peruvians have something they never had before….. credit. lets see the place in 5 years and see how things are then. (Oh ya, throw in birth control and the whole gay thing and see what a country is like without a generation to support the elders…)
And so, my story is I broke the rules. no one to blame but me. I started out in san Isidro and riding in a Mercedes everyday to work. but…. I did what they told me not to do.
I was told "look, there is a class system here and good reasons for it. if you ride the bus, eat in the street, eat with the workers or basically associate with anyone who doesn't speak English, you will be cut off." well, my liberal streak got the best of me and the quick result was I am on my own.
without spending forever explaining why, just learn from my mistake and use the following filters/rules:
if it doesn't speak English, it doesn't have any money. (if it does, they got it illegally.

if it doesn't have a car, Nextel and a CMR card, don't do business with it.

if it cheats on its wife, It will cheat on everything else too.

if it warns you about other Peruvians, be extra careful with it.

if for some reason you must ride the bus and your from the u.s., always say you are from Canada or better still, Hollandia. they're smart enough to leave those guys alone.

if you get your dollars from an ATM, exchange them immediately at a major grocery store by buying something.

if you want to keep something nice, like a car or whatever, buy a gun. if you cant deal with that, then don't come to Peru.

always try to pay or get paid electronically, not by cash or check.

only use FEDEX, never anything else, especially if mailing credit cards.

only carry copy of your passport, never the real thing.

remember, Lima is not Peru. it is only the ass end of it. much better places to the south, but avoid people from the mountains or jungle.

a hobby like racing will open up many doors and opportunities.

if you aint Catholic, your fair game and way down the food chain. period.

remember, the coima system makes sense. when you break a law, the cop is on your side. he hates the govt. more than you and so if you pay him instead of a huge fine, your both better off.

if you want to be in lima, live on the beaches out of town. Miramar in punta Hermosa absolutely rocks and if you make a long contract, rent will run 500 to 1000 sole a month for something really nice and you never worry about getting robbed and since there are no police, as long as you don't hurt anyone, you can do whatever you want.

more later…….

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September 23rd, 2013

Peruvians are miserable and rude. Not only to foreigners but also to their own people. They never smile and manners don't exist in their country. It's a sad, racist country.

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September 30th, 2013

As a person from Europe or North America you will have to experience Peru to get an understanding of the whole picture and why there are so many angry comments about this country. I could write a 1000 pages on things in Peru that appear wrong and twisted to me. Instead, I would like to give a brief heads-up on the Peruvian mentality to people planning to go live there. You really, really will have to know what you're doing, and plenty of things at best will seem odd to you.

-Inequality: It's there in any country, fine. But in Lima it's celebrated. If you have money, you must show off. If you don't, forget filing some sort of legal action on someone with money, he'll buy his right. This is a feudal society. The colonial oppression is deeply ingrained in Peruvian identity. Privileges and envy are around the corner, and this is widely accepted.
-Herd attitude: While having people you can depend on is nice, in Lima interdependence is the norm. As an individual, you're nobody and you will get nowhere. It's the entity, the family, and close friends that counts. Everyone will have a say on anything you do. You will have to have support first before you can actually start going after what you want. And they will need your help eventually. Don't you dare saying it's compromising. Even at job interviews they will ask a bunch of personal questions rather than talking about what you can do.
-The 'good enough' attitude: Forget striving for the best results and trying to be the best you can be. Peruvians work to live, very few of them actually feel like their job or profession makes a part of their identity. Excel at anything, put in the extra effort, and you'll face more problems than appreciation.
-The suspicious attitude: Keep in mind that most people have low education levels, so they get suspicious and scared of what they don't understand to the point where some even hesitate to get on an escalator or letting people take pictures of them because they believe the camera might steal their soul. They compensate for their lack of education with religion. Religion is never put into perspective, it's simply considered normal, and if you're not a Catholic, then you're 'different'.
-Short term orientation: In Peruvian culture, a lack of concept and a lack of long term planning is normal. Be it the government or be it in the work environment; the most imminent problems will be 'fixed for now' instead of looking for a proper solution. This is the reason why you will find COUNTLESS institutions, services, and individuals that are unreliable and the reason why things don't get done as good as they can be done.

In a nutshell: Don't expect the same level of rationalism, understanding and professionalism as in developed countries. Peruvians get embarrassed by this and feel inadequate very easily. They'll backfire quickly, and with that herd-mentality you're screwed in a heartbeat.

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October 3rd, 2013

Hey, anyone remember Jeff Foxworthy?
Why don't we start a list of….
"You might be a Lover of Peru if you…"

…never had to use a bathroom without toilet paper.
…never had a loved one in an ambulance stuck in traffic.
…never rode a bus in the mountains.
…never had to take a cold shower.
…never got fake money or damaged money.
……………add please!

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October 6th, 2013

To Skip: You could also say, ¨You might be Peruvian if you¨

Don´t bathe often…..ect…

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October 10th, 2013

slow internet is one of most significant reasons for me.

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Edge of the Bridge

October 12th, 2013

I dont understand why there are people on this blog trying to stick up for Peru… Fuck off and let us enjoy the truth. After 16 countries that I have lived in and visisted this is the place that I have been the longest and the only place where I dont have local friends bc Peru and Peruvian people are as shitty as described above. My friend who has also been to Peru as a volunteer (thats actually why a lot of ppl come, to try and help u!!!!!) sent me a message that said i have a present for you!!! Then sent me the link to this page. Im so glad to have received this blog as a gift bc now I know that someone out there understands me bc most peruvians are too ignorant to see their flaws and too arrogant to admit or accept them. I got stuck in Peru without enough money for a plane ticket (long story) and Im desperate to save up and leave!!!!

Frank Von Schmidt, love your posts man! There are many great ones and I havent made it all the way through yet but in your case… well said AND well played!

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November 6th, 2013

I just got back from Peru and I have to say, I have never felt that unsafe in my life. the drivers, the people watching you, measuring you up…even the sweet ladies in the market will try to rip you off. I was ripped off in a CAtholic church! I don’t feel I would want to go back after feeling that my life and my belongings were constantly in jeopardy.

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November 12th, 2013

I consider myself retired and 'out of the loop'. however, I am privy to info now and then. most people don't know why rich countries like Congo and Zimbabwe are in perpetual war. well its on purpose, mainly over 'blood minerals'. now, Bolivia is about to explode into the most horrible war you can imagine. I have seen the mercs on their way there, the u.s. has built a permanent air force base in Paraguay and the u.s. embassy is kicked out of Bolivia. all this happened while we were distracted by the snowden case. I can give a lot of reasons for all this but I think you should just research it for yourself. tantalum and lithium are the new wars.
and so, the one thing that has never been mentioned, ill mention now because I know for sure it will spill over into Peru. you Peruvians have never had to spill blood. We covered your asses because of the Monroe doctrine. while you danced in the street and screw everyone but your wife, I took a bullet in the ass keeping the commies out of your country or letting the Chinese exterminate you. because you are my brother in Christ, this is so. remember, those people don't believe in God and they think less of you than those in Africa.
…and how did you thank me? I am robbed at every turn, cheated and for some reason, you think white people are bad. Even my preacher was robbed in the street! Don't forget, the only white people who practice the slave trade are Jewish. it is us |Christians who stopped that.
ok, the doctrine is over. you Peruvians are in deep shit. and while those mercs do disgusting things to your babies while you watch and then they kill you, I am going to remember how you thanked me for saving your lives in the past.
I have my private collection of atrocity photos, but I have a feeling the best is yet to come. go to youtube and search 'the unwatchable movie' to get a taste of what's coming. I saw those mf'n south African mercs at FAP in San andreas last year and their new machie jets. those aren't for war, those are mass people killers and all is Monsanto-Bayer funded. dance while you can….monkeys!

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just got back from there

November 13th, 2013

I think the comment about Peru operating as a feudal society is spot on. I found that I was not judged on my own merits, accomplishments or character but rather on which family I was a part of, mutual acquaintances and where we sent our children to school. Also less indirectly, whether we ran into each other at certain social clubs, events, and where one summered/wintered. If all these items didn't line up, it's not like you get kicked out of the circle, but quietly you do find yourself on the fringes, people avoiding eye contact, that sort of thing. We could have moved down a notch on the social ladder where it's decidedly "browner" but frankly as far as manners and expectations that's probably where we belonged as a closer approximation of where we are in our home country. I never grew up belonging to a country club or aspired to join one. I went to Catholic school, but it was parochial, not any elite prep school walled in like a bunker. But moving down, to do so would be unacceptable to extended family members, if we didn't maintain "status" it would reflect badly on them. Sigh. It's hard to just be yourself in Peru. Everyone has their game face on, all the time. Also, maybe it was just my insecurity, but I always felt underdressed. Even if everyone was in tshirt and jeans, it seemed I didn't have on enough jewelry, or have the right designer bag, or my hair hadn't been freshly highlighted or peinado'd. I just couldn't clean up well enough to pass. Oh, and also … mistreatment can also happen within families. If you confront, expose bad behavior or otherwise rock the boat … it's not pretty. People definitely have a very, very dark side here.

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November 15th, 2013

I usually dont comment in this sort of things, but this just knocked my heart out. Im a 21 years old peruvian with spanish family (conquistador much), lived in Lima my whole life, never been outside and this whole thing just opened my eyes. EVERYTHING said here is,unluckily 100% true. At least 95% of peruvians are the sort of scum described above (trust me, Im not). Ive spent my whole life thinking that I was some sort of anti social unable to relate with people, till I slowly started to understand that people here are the worse scum on earth.

I realized about that because I live in a tourist zone where Ive met many outsiders: all of them amazing people compared to the ones living here. I cant wait to leave this shithole once and for all, its been a hell of a lifestyle and I dont know how I keep my sanity: cant even walk without the fear of being robbed, streets smell like shit, the sky is gray and depressing most of the year (just like the locals) and the fact that Im white and blonde worsens things up (much racism towards white people, who they see as easy targets for not being "vivo" enough).

Peru has many wonders and opportunities, if it only got rid of this zombie, blood sucking culture it would be amazing (aka most peruvians). *Sigh* finally getting some stuff out of my chest, if you ever come here try visiting Cuzco or Cajamarca which are decent places (to visit, not to stay living) and besides every single person trying to sell you things for 10 times its usual price, you may have a very nice time there but whatever you do dont ever come to the capital, its pretty much like Mordor.

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November 20th, 2013

I don't know how to start. I've been living 20 years in Peru (I'm Peruvian) and it's so sad to read these comments and realize that almost all of them are true.

I'm not going to tell you the same story you've read on previous comments, I completely agree with the fact that most of Peruvian people have a distorted moral, ethic and values. There are many explanations for this issue (I think a sociologist might love studying why this society is so f*cked). Lack of education? controlled media? commies? capitalism? aliens?

But everything nice that you've heard about Peru (culture, biodiversity, and that kind of stuff that I don't remember) is true. And not everyone is bad, as in every part of the world you can find awesome people, so don't be negative about all Peruvians.

However, being cautious is a plus. Do not make deals with someone that pretends to be your friend. Wait some time, keep some distance and you'll notice who wants to take advantage of you and who is going to be your friend.

Love Peru, but hate Peruvians

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November 24th, 2013

I spent 5 months in Peru in 2008 and been back a few times since. It's certainly developing and feels safer now. I have some lovely Peruvian friends who admittedly come from the higher end of society and have lived abroad. It is telling that Peru gets so much negative feedback on this forum. I just checked out Reasons to hate Canada and there's not a single comment LOL.

Corruption must be weeded out or this country will never prosper. Blame America all you like but Peru is in charge if it's own destiny. Elections are on today in fact. Will anything change? Doubt it.

It is very difficult to trust people here because on a whole they are less honest than people from other countries I have been to. Yes there's bad people everywhere but the corruption is so ingrained here. It comes out in everything. I'm looking out at the street right now as a woman with a baby tries to cross. Not a single driver will get her an inch. Cross the street in Canada and every car stops. It's amazing.

Poverty, corruption, duplicitous people. This place needs something radical to change the hearts of the people. The status quo is so low it's sad.

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December 2nd, 2013

Yo soy irlandés y viví dos años en Perú. Llegué allí con el corazón abierto, yo era más que ingenuo, yo confiaba en todo el mundo y quería crecer como ser humano. Antes de ir a Perú yo había viajado y trabajado en países como Colombia, El Salvador y Chile, así que yo no temía ir allí pero ahora después de más de un año me he cambiado o mejor dicho este país, este pueblo, esta gente me han cambiado, me han empeorado, me han arrebatado la confianza que antes tenía en el prójimo. Si tuviera niños nunca les dejaría visitar la tierra podrida de Perú, no querría que mis hijos se encontraran con esta gente de la peor calaña que jamás ha existido sobre la tierra. Lamento hablar así pero todavía me cuesta comprender las cosas que encontré en Perú. Cuando yo vivía allí, una amiga mía fue violada en grupo por unos chicos a los que conocíamos. Ellos aparentaban ser nuestros amigos para después traicionar y herir a mi amiga de la forma más horrible. Y este suceso se puede añadir a una larga lista de injurias que yo presencié o por lo menos de los que oí hablar. Hay buena y mala gente en todos los países del mundo pero el peruano es la escoria del mundo.
Iiving in ireland. My advice; stay away from Peru. Go to chile instead.

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Peter Steiner

December 5th, 2013

Peru is on last place in the PISA study. This explains a lot…
And in Lima people are now practicing public denunciation, which also shows the mob mentality. Some think they are better than others and therefore have to educate them by taking pictures of any infractions (i.e. someone throws a plastic bag out of their car) they see and then post them online together with name, address, license plate, phone number etc.
This is all without getting the police involved! You should hear what they say to each other when such a situation arises in public.
They're primitive to the max. No civilized behavior at all.

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December 6th, 2013

How nice it is to read some of the other comments and discover that I am not alone! I lived in Peru for 2 years, and although I never considered myself as a racist before, that sure changed afterwards. At least it made me realize just how much I love my country (Australia). I´ll get to the point and say what I disliked about peruvians:
- they are extremely indirect; you never know if they love you or hate you, they seem so manipulative and have a very deceitful character
-they are histerical and overly-dramatic; very emotionally immature
-promises mean absolutely NOTHING to them, they agree to something and then either do a backflip on you or just never show up
-they are always bragging, all talk but no substance
-very rude; I have always been polite in my dealings with other people but this has only ever been met with dirty looks
-the men are not only built like 13 year old boys, they also dress, talk and act like them too (on the plus side, when I arrived in Peru as a 15 year old girl, I never once felt threatened by the thought of being overpowered by a male- I was taller and physically stronger than them)
-money leeching; enough said
-sleazy, dirty, peniless men, who seem to think there is the slightest possibility that I would EVER, consider having ANYTHING at all to do with them
-they are always on the lookout for ways to rip you off and squeeze out money from you
-people "borrowing" money from you and never giving it back, then getting sulky and offended if you don´t want to lend them anymore
-the constant behind back gossiping
-their laziness and get something for nothing (from a foreigner) attitude
-their sheer stupidity; I don´t even know if I can hate them for this, it reaches the level where they should be pitied
-their narcissistic and jealous personalities, combined with an over-inflated ego
-their obsession with trashy western pop culture- a problem, I must admit, not at all unique to Peru
-People telling me that in Peru there are good and bad people just like everywhere else. While theoretically correct, if in most countries the split would be 50-50, in Peru it would be 0.1-99.9%.

I normally am against generalizations, but after being disappointed time, after time, after time by the sly backstabbing ways of my peruvian friends, I must say I have not met one single peruvian who has proved my views wrong. I kept believing that one day I would meet someone who was different, but I never did and gave up on believing that I ever will.

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December 19th, 2013

I lived in Peru for 3 Years, will never live there again. To visit is very nice, the place is beautiful. My daughter is Peruvian, she is very small to remember Peru thank God at least my experience there. People will cheat you as much as they can because that is the life they are used too. men cheating is so common because most men like my ex father in Law work too far from home and so he had 3 chidren with another lover and came home to his wife once a month with whom he had 8 children. Its very common and the men there are mostly garbage. There is good people in Peru though, like in any place, only that I will say that the chances of finding a good person there are much much much lower than in any other place I have traveled for business too, like Colombia, Panama, even Mexico. Never did my company loose so much money as they did in Peru. And yes, I personally paid off various officials just to get documents that were mine back ect….The people I met were mostly from the Jehovas Witness religion in Chaclacayo Peru, and they would all drnk an entire box of beer before church, call their lovers and go to church with their wifes. The sad part is that they expect you as a tourist to always pay for everything, I mean ALWAYS. I remember that even to meet my ex parents I was told that it was a cultural thing in Peru to give some kind of help before hand, and so it cost me 100 an something dollars, trully surprising. I dont think the Mother really never knew but the only ones in the family that had a little bit of money were the two sisters who both married foreigners for their money and somehow kept them to this day. The remainders were all boys and they are all broke, the all keep sending companies and people outside of Peru letters with documents as if they were mine owners just to get people to send them money.

Really the few Peruvians that I met that are still my friends is because i never gave them any money and i spoke straight to them about asking me for even a soda. You get so tired of it after a while. Even at the US Embassy the guards at the doors do the same thing, thats why if you ask an American Official at the US Embassy in Peru, they will tell you that they change their guards every so often because they are always making people pay them extra to go into the embassy. Noone told me any of this, i lived it and i left Peru moved back to the US, now I have to work South America again and I opted to just go there once a month.

Men is Peru are as if they lived in the 19th century still think that women are not as important as men, and its even worst if they are part of a religion such as the Jehovas Witnesses in Lima, because they are trully strange people into their own world and they only care about them, and when you stop giving them any money you are simply put aside like a piece of meat and reminded that you need to pay for you own food and many other things.

Peruvians are mostly not good people you just have to be smarter than they are which is not hard at all, and keep your eyes open, dont give them any money and the good ones will stay close enough to you.

And by the way, the good thing about Peru is that anyone can call themselves anything they want, Im an engineer, I"m a Dr. I'm this and that its trully incredible considering that more than half of the country does not have the money to even pay for college.

Its a country that lived under terrorism most of their life and so thats what they are used to a simple type of life, stealing from people, and yes, they are not very clean people at all most, not all. Yes if I had to chose I will work again only in Colombia in Cartagena, thats a nice place, people seem nicer and they are much more educated and prettier to luck at at least lol.

Peru is a place that is very rich in minerals and many things that do not have a life of their own, most of the people there need to see what the world looks like outside of Peru to learn the meaning of loyalty among many other things.

the best places in my personal opinion in South America are Colombia and Brazil, the worst one is definedtly Peru.

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December 24th, 2013

Me parece de muy mala educación algunos de los comentarios aquí sobre todo los que hablan de las drogas y el sexo. El hecho de que algunos extranjeros van a Perú con el único propósito de dar rienda suelta a sus instintos más bajos y viles sólo sirve para manchar la reputación de todos los extranjeros. Sin embargo estoy completamente de acuerdo con la mayoría de lo que se ha dicho aquí. El peruano es una raza feísima en todos los sentidos. Te robarán todo, te vejarán, te culparán y perderás la fe que antes tenías en el mundo. Si quieres en la vida visitar un lugar que realmente se parece al infierno yo recomiendo que vayas a los pueblos de Talara, Chimbote, y Trujillo. Gente malísima. Hace poco hablé con dos jóvenes canadienses que me contaron de sus experiencias en Perú. Ellas dicen que nunca volverán a Perú, no logran entender cómo el país puede ser tan distinto a los países vecinos de Chile, Ecuador y Colombia, países de gente culta, honesta, decente. Lo que ellas me contaron de Perú no me sorprendió para nada porque yo y miles de otras personas de todo el mundo sabe la verdad de Perú. Son estafadores, pervertidos, enfermos que contagian a todos con sus mentiras. Thank God for countries like Chile and Colombia.

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January 4th, 2014

My wife is Peruvian and I have been to Peru six times. The vast majority of Peru is low-class and poor, so one would expect low-class behavior equal to that seen in any Walmart in podunk white trash towns in the US. The vast majority of people do not respect each other as can be witnessed on any road with cars. The middle-upper class Peruvians I have come to know are great people; educated, polite, and very warm and welcoming. Peru will probably be a "third-world/developing" country forever due to the corruption that is too deep to ever remove in my opinion. It is unfortunate, but I honestly do not see any chance of improving their society for the better. Peru is a beautiful country with amazing spectacles of nature at every turn. Human nature on the other hand is on ugly display, and the vast majority of people are uneducated/corrupt to the bones, partly by neccessity. I love/hate Peru but there are definitely many positive aspects. Come for the comida criolla, great history/culture, surfing, friendly people. Watch out for traffic, corrupt cops,rateros, choros, thiefs, bricheras,dangerous bus drivers.

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January 13th, 2014

To Derek above: At any of those, as you put it ¨podunk white trash towns in the US¨ you can leave your doors unlocked both home or cars and not have to worry about being robbed. There is absolutely no comparison here. Also the notion that the upper class or well off Peruvians are somehow better is equally as far fetched. Sure they may have been around and know how to fake the funk more but in the end they are just as fucked up. Furthermore the ones that do have money only got it 2 ways. 1) They come from a family whose lineage goes back to the Spaniards and inhereted this money, or 2) the deal in cocaine. that's it. The only other extremely rare possibility is if they managed to make it as a soccer player. I understand you want to defend the honor of your Peruvian bride and that the only reason you ended up with a Pervian women is because you didn't have much luck with American women but I can't let you get away with such blatent nonsense.

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January 31st, 2014

-POLLUTION (noise/air/environment is not very neat.. especially surco)
-You literally get sick when you walk out of the airport, more likely for someone who suffers from asthma.
-The service is sometimes very unfriendly… and for no reason, they argue a lot about unsolicited things. Also it's sometimes poor, let's say for example you asked someone to do your hair, they try to do it as fast as possible to just finish.
-Gold-diggers, especially doctors such as plastic surgeons, dermatologists, hairsalons, spa's, etc. The are more prone to the pleasure of earning money than actually being concerned in your well-being.
-People… *sigh*, in work, school or anywhere there WILL be a lot of judgement/backstabbing/mocking/very strange UNFRIENDLY humour, etc. It's very probable that you might not be very well recieved if you come from an open-minded country. They can be VERY closed-minded and some might not, but if you're weak and not secure of yourself or strong, they will more likely take advantage of you… without any reason.
-Huge triggers of stress everywhere.
-SECURITY, for fuck sakes, TAKE CARE. Don't carry any luxurious material and never defend yourself violently when you get mugged, just GIVE IT.
-The only nicest place in Lima is Miraflores (the flower area with harmonious peace), but it's too damn crowded already because basically everyone wants to live there.
-Job unemployment is most likely… and for no reason, you might get fired. So better have 2-3 careers, just incase.

-The food is unexpicably delicious… for a brief moment, um let's say 50 minutes and your stomach crumbles incidentally and you take the ugliest living shit in the bathroom. This is because the percentge of clean and unpolluted water is very low.
-The culture is beautiful and such amazing ruins.
-If you're not a sun-lover (like me), the sky is the purest grey you will ever see in life, kind of like the London sky. *Reason why many British people come to Peru.

As for me, I had a horrible experience, make sure you take iniciative of your surroundings and you'll be fine. Be sure to be prepared for EVERYTHING. By the way, the cons are the cons of living in LIMA.
The only thing that I actually hated about living there was becoming one of them. That was the only reason.

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February 14th, 2014

Wao! ! what a wake up call !

I live here in Trujillo, Peru for almost 2 years. The Honeymoon is over.

I am from the States living there all my life. Visiting Peru many times since 2002 [ It involved a woman, but that is over Long long ago. ] I decided to move here in 2012.

The cities that I have visited and in Trujillo where I now live remind me of 'neighborhood' structure like the states in the 60's where you have lots of local shop owners and little corporate presence. Malls here are expanding and supermarkets like Wongs and Metro are a lot like ones in the states at present.

So it seems that Peru is to be politically correct an 'emerging nation' a 'developing country' but if your from Great Britian or the States it is more honest to say it in the present and not the future tense, Third World. There is only a small handful of places that have order and sensibiltiy. I refer to Lima; Miraflores, Surco, San Isidro, San Borja……..And Trujillo; California, El Golf and La Merced.

Once outside these places you travel back in time. Just 10 minutes drive by car and your either in a shanty town, adobe built straw roof construction neighborhoods with dirt roads and paths, little plumbing, rigged electric and generally poor folks living in what I have to call slums. Traveling throughout Peru it is mostly like this,,,,, and this is the state and consciousness of this country.

In the cities most all houses are behind fort type walls, that have electric topwires or sharpened steel rods and windowless doors to prevent entry. Most houses you can't see and you will never see. Usually, all of the windows of a building have Iron Grates to prevent entry. This is unfortunate for getting OUT of a building if there is a fire or anything that requires you to escape. Peruvians live in fear of being robbed. I think this is an outgrowth of having been conquered by the Spanish. Too little too late. It may be true that this overcompensation for protection and security is because inwardly they know that they also would take what they could if it were possible and something was left unguarded. Security is everywhere, at supermarkets, any office or business building, on the streets and residential buildings. It is like everyone is defending themself from themselves.

There are no standards of construction and no building codes that I know of that are enforced. Everyone does what they want so nothing that is built has any durability or future value. All of it is simply just 'good for now'. From my travels I would say over 80% of the sub par buildings are unfinished and remain that way for years and years. The electric wiring here is simply dangerous, no grounding and 220v. It is usual when doing anything with the wiring you will get shocked. A usually simple changing of a lightbulb might get you blasted with current.

The water throughout Peru is not drinkable. To be safe you need to use bottled water.

In general there is very little viable infrastructure. The roads are dangerous. The roads anywhere in the mountains are treacherous. Most travel is done by bus and these buses are HUGE and DoubleDecked / they have very short wheelbases and are very unstable. The drivers are bullies using their buses as weapons to intimidate any vehicle nearby. God help you if they are behind you and they want to get by. They drive like they are Nascar, passing on turns and lumbering in speed toward oncoming traffic.
Many of the buses, cars and vehicle are without any safety standards. In the states, most of them would be pulled off the road for vehicle violations and impounded. Even on municipal transportation you will fine bald tires and on private and commercial vehicles you will sometimes see no tread at all. Commercial vehicles hauling cane and such are way way Way overlimit for weight and of course present danger to others. The drivers of most all vehicles are totally vicious in there maneuvering, any traffic lights or signs are usually disregarded. Pedestrians do not have a hope of a car yielding. Drive at night and you will find many cars with no lights,,,, and on the highway expect to be blinded by hi-beams. In fact, the concept of traffic lanes is totally out of the question.

In business and customer care the usual is that you have no rights. Once any person has your money in their hand,,, the deal is over and done.

There is NOTHING that is sanitary in the country. Any public bathroom is a disaster: filthy, smelly, no seats on the toilet and no paper at all. You have to carry your own and get in and out quickly. The typical market would be immediately be closed if a FDA inspector would enter…. there are no standards for sanitary condtions or hygiene.

The diet here is Starch rich. You will see two or three starches in a meal / rice, potato, yucca, beans on a plate and NEVER a vegetable. This is ridiculous for a country that is so agricultural. I think most vegetables are for Export Only.

The Magic Zipper:
It is more likely than not for a man to pee on the roadside pubicly making no attempt to conceal his Perurination. I call it the magic zipper / if you pull it down you become invisible. Harry Potter is jealous.

Stray dogs are everywhere, they live on the street and they live miserable lives.
Many are undernourished and forgotten and in a way, the people most of which are poor live the same way. You will find beggars and errrrrrr performance artists at streetlights capturing your attention because you had to stop. Many are children who ask for money. The adults are trying to sell or beg for a few coins a day but when you see the kids it is pathetic. A nation that does Not care for its animals or children should not be treated mercifully.

I have to say that I am not offering my opinion here but stating observation and fact.

The tremendous potential of this country is wasted. Peru hangs on to old ruins and times past. I think the old cultures and tribes of the Moche and Chimu and Inca were on their way to development but became extinct. The present day native here has not advanced or evolved socially or economically and now I believe never will. Peru has gone backward and stands still.

The political regime does nothing to advance the country. I am sure that selfishness, incompetence and corruption abounds in the high offices. Peru needs the basics:
Roads, Rail, Schools, Truancy Laws, Building Codes.

Alright, so why am I here….. and why do I stay…..

I could not afford on a meager pension to live anywhere in North America or Europe. I have been broke before and being broke is emotionally depleting so being here affords enough green energy to have some of what is available:

But how're ya gonna make some time
When all you got is one thin dime?
And one thin dime won't even shine your shoes

[excerpt from the song "On Broadway"]

I have to say that after reading All the entries here that I will not disagree with any of the comments. I must add that despite much of this truth and sometimes saying to myself WTF am I doing here….. there are some enjoyable aspects to living here. If that were not true I'd be outta here in a New York second………..pistachio

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Arthur Schopenhauer

February 18th, 2014


I am a 25 years old Peruvian from Lima, and I honestly cannot refute anything any of you have said. Everything you said hits the nail on the head. From a very young age, I have always been highly intelligent, as such I've grown to be a depressed misanthrope being surrounded by such massive amounts of stupid, bigoted, materialistic people without manners, sense of community, aesthetics or caring for the other at all, plus things like the retarded macho culture (out of the 5 women I consider important in my life, 4 have been abused to some degree, two of them with stories that would make some of you cry) and corruption on every level of society. I initially thought I hated humans, then I traveled and realized I actually hate my people.

My advice is to only come here to visit. If you visit Lima, never leave the more traditional districts: Miraflores, San Isidro, San Borja, Jesus Maria, (most of) Surco, Barranco, Pueblo Libre, La Punta, Magdalena del Mar, (some of) Lince and San Miguel. As for the Center of Lima (Downtown Lima) district, only visit the historical places, it's dangerous elsewhere.

Don't stay here for a prolonged period of time. Peru is Dogville, and you will be Nicole Kidman.

I really don't look Peruvian, people mistake me for a tourist constantly. Which gets old after a while, especially when you're in your own fucking country. Yes, if you're white, you will be stared at for your entire life. It's normal to me.

If you're an average looking white woman, you will be sexually harassed with whistles and the most insulting phrases ever by men every 3 blocks. My girlfriend has been unfortunate enough to be a very attractive young white woman, and she literally cannot walk 3 blocks without being sexually harassed by a male, even taxis stop and ask her to get in for a "free ride". I wish I was exaggerating. I am not. This harassment is the biggest reason why I'm leaving the country with her as soon as possible.

Worst thing is that, whenever there is a campaign to combat this sexual harassment women suffer here, men don't take it seriously. They even feel offended. Not joking. They actually think they have the right to say all sort of things to women and harass them.

By the way, don't fool yourselves over comments by upper class Peruvians saying they're better than the rest of the country and that they're not part of the problem. Upper class Peruvians are equally as shit (and historically they share a great deal of responsibility for having Peru be what it is today), they're just much wealthier and have a more western-like upbringing, that's all. They live in their own bubble blaming lower classes for the country's troubles, while being posh, extremely materialistic little bitches themselves, with little to no brains for the most part. I myself am surrounded by these idiots, living in Miraflores. And just like the lower classes, they don't realize how shit they are, they only keep blaming other classes for their problems. Granted, I prefer living among them than the lower classes, but still…

This country will never get better. Yes, economically we're much better than before (even if more unequal than ever), but that's only because we were utter shit before. We're not going even a tiny bit further when it comes to social development either, pretty much the opposite.

Anyway… don't trust Peruvians. Yes, I know that also means don't trust me and other very few good Peruvians in this country, dear liberal reader. I don't give a fuck. We deserve it.

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unhappily married to a cholo

February 20th, 2014

I have been married to a Peruvian cholo for 17 years. I have no words that can express my dislike towards these people. I have tried effortlessly for 17 years to get this Indio to change his ways. I am from the Caribbean Island of Cuba. I was raised by wonderful parents but they made the mistake of teaching me the word of God "we are all the same and should love one another". There is nothing to love about these people. They are sly, conning, liars, deceitful, antisocial, superstitious and they all have a terrible dark side to them. They are like really bad actors and actresses. They perform all day while in front of people and try to come off as honest, educated, polite, well mannered and very moral. They are the most immoral culture I have ever come across. I find most men to have a very gay side to them but they truly try hard at hiding that. The women are just cheap ass scum. They are not interested in changing their ways. I have met many people from his country during these years including his family. I can honestly say that they are all worthless pieces of crap. Not one of them is worth a penny. They have no sense of family. Their family values lies in not forgetting to call each other on birthdays and that is it. I am checking out after 17 years of trying to get this miserable MF to see himself for what he is to no avail. I think hell is when you die and you were terrible on this earth you are born again a Peruvian. I am sure there must be a few nice people from Peru but I can assure you that they were just born there f you go back to their gene pool their ancestors are from another place for sure. Oh and they wonder why people discriminate against them. WOW!

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February 23rd, 2014

To Arthur Schopenhauer above: It's good to see an honest Peruvian. I've always said 99% of Peruvians are shit and less than 1% and good. You seem to fall into that less than 1%. Also you brought up the much hyped ¨economy¨ of Peru. The fact of the matter is Peru's economy didn't have the debt problem most other coutries have and it's soley because Peru doesn't give credit in the first place The only way you can get any loan is if you have ownership of something that is equal too or more than the value of the amount of loan you want, such as the title to your home that you put up to cover them in case you don't pay it back. LOL! This is just another example of the lengths the Peruvians themselves have to go too being nobody trusts anyone else in Peru.

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February 27th, 2014

yes i agree witrh you my friends i live in peru for 10 months now this place is full of shit the people very narrow minded abd thieves and big liars
they all cheaters and when they know you are stranger even an old lady selling in the mercado santa rosa would change the price for carrots cus she sees you are a stranger
yes verywhere they steal and cheat but peru is worst
i went to brasil lastly just to see if its the latino culture but i was surprised of how helpful the brasilians are and honest and their police federal very civilise and not full of shit in the block head peruvians who were very amazed al together with me upon our arrival to brasil

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Arthur Schopenhauer

February 28th, 2014

To Bill: Thanks. Seriously, finding this page and people like you is almost therapeutic. It makes me feel like really am not insane, just surrounded by the worst crowd, as you may know the excuse that "there's bad people everywhere" is so common here, pretty much as common as the mediocre "well, but our food and landscapes are awesome". And you're pretty much correct on our economy. We were rather in African levels back in the 80's thanks to a populist leftist government as well, and that's why we're "so good" now. But our economy is very much overblown indeed, and very dependent on the high prices of minerals at the moment. Even more, not a bit is being invested in education (Peru ended up last in the international PISA test, which involved over 60 countries). The result of the economic "boom" among such stupid people is quite simple: we have a lot more urban idiots with money, and thus power.

What do I mean by this? The much celebrated "new middle classes" of Lima can now all kill you with their 4×4 trucks on our roads, watch "Esto es Guerra" or "Combate" (trash television) on their High Definition Smart TV's, get a lot more drunk every weekend, throw even bigger amounts of trash into the sidewalks every day, buy much more drugs, corrupt more officials and elevate the prices of the few decent districts we have in Lima by speculation (prices of apartments and houses have skyrocketed in the past few years, specifically since 2010, mainly due to drug money, speculation, and credit for the marvelous new middle class). Plus, these people don't have any aesthetics at all. I am serious, it's simply not in their brains. They will live in a shitty-looking unfinished house (those where you can still see all the interior bricks, Bill probably knows for sure what I mean), but as long as they have some super-car or truck, a Plasma TV and plenty of material possessions they'll happy. When you ask them about their horrible homes they are puzzled. They don't even see what's wrong with them.

Yep, these wonderful "new middle classes" will rule this country some day! And I sure as hell won't be here to see it.

To Greek above: That's also true. If you're white or foreigner (or both), you have to pay what I like to call "gringo fee" at pretty much every local market. I've been cheated at markets more times than I can count. Seriously it's so normal for me. You can't even ask for a different price at some other shops in the same market because chances are EVERYONE will apply the gringo fee.

This is why I prefer supermarkets for most stuff, even if they turn out to be more expensive. At least prices are static there (and it doesn't smell like shit). But tell any Peruvian you always shop at supermarkets only, and they'll think you're pretentious. LOL!

Yes, I have to laugh in order not to get depressed, so very very often…

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March 1st, 2014

To Arthur: Yes I have seen the unfinished homes and buildings with the iron rods sticking up into the air from the concrete and bricks. LOL! I was informed that the reason they don't finish the construction completely is so they don't have to pay the taxes. LOL! I live in the jungle (the best part of Peru, Tarapoto to be exact) so at least I have the nature and natural formations to enjoy. I would never live in Lima - BIG time shithole with nothing nice to enjoy.

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March 15th, 2014

I'm an American that is well traveled and love Latin American culture. I have to agree with the above, there is no other hispanic race that I hate more than the Peruvian race! I hate Peruvians, Puerto Ricans, and Brazilians. Peruvians are the weirdest, most dishonest, pieces of sh$t people I have ever met. Every American friend that I've met that has married a Peruvian
has ended up in jail. Peruvian ladies are drama queens! They love to use people and the men love to hit women. My aunt married a Peruvian who always beat her up and later became a dead beat dad! I went to the University with this Peruvian, that later dropped out, and went to his house. He was like 20 years old and had to ask his stupid mother for permission to open the fridge and eat, wtf? Later, I talked to this Colombian that use to rent from a Peruvian that rented to like 3 other people, and he said that he couldn't wash his clothes nor cook without them getting mad. I sell cars, and would no sell to them, drama queens! Same with Puerto Ricans! They are very close, hate them as well. They live off the government, cheap people and lie. I married a Puerto Rican, and when I left her she didn't have anything to do with our daughter. Yet, she had me on child support the whole time and would spend years without seeing her. And it isn't uncommon to meet many puerto Rican men with like 8 children and not even seeing 1. The Puerto Ricans are good in bed, and usually have 4+ kids and they just meet you and want your kid too!

And Brazilians, the comment above, who the f#ck would want to go to Rio. Out of like 20 of the most dangerous cities in the world, 12 Brazilians cities are on the list. Brazilians are the only race I've ever met, like the Peruvians, that can't stand each other. There is so much envy and hatred among themselves. They are dirty, nasty liars. They are very selfish and temperamental. They did a study that determined that all Brazilians have a large amount of black in them. Maybe this can be attributed to their temperament. They also lag in education to neighboring countries.

I really like Medellin, Buenos Aires, and Cartagena. I like the Colombian people a lot, but not to found of the Argentinians!

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Fanny Noël

March 17th, 2014

I am peruvian and I really feel ashamed towards my country. When you live here you learn that most people are ignorant and have no values. They will take advantage of you if they see you are foreigner or naive. This is mostly due to the abandonment and the ignorance the government submits the people to. I always try to think it is not people's fault to be that way but in fact this behaviour and way of thinking is so enroted to their minds that it is passed from generation to genrration: people are liars, scammers and thieves.
Sure, there are many postives advantages like the views, landscapes, nature, fauna, beauty, exquisite food and diversity of culture. However the COUNTRY ITSELF isn't failing, what makes bad is THE PEOPLE from there who are mostly very selfish.
I am a peruvian who loves her country for the natural beauty but hates it too because of the ignorance and poverty we can observe everywhere. I am leaving the country soon and won't be back for a long time. I do recommend the country for a tour but not for a living because EVERYONE, literally, is corrupt, lying and selfish.

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March 22nd, 2014

Unfortunately, I'm Peruvian and I agree 100% with what has been said here. These are not "complaints", but the simple truth. If you are planning to come here as a tourist, or, worst of all, to spend several years living in this shithole, just forget about manners, logic, decency and common sense, 'cause you won't find any of that here.
I've always thought, since i was a child (and i don't need to be a nuclear scientist to realize this) that most people here are evil and corrupted by nature, without redemption. What can you think of a country where the daughter of a dictator, thief and murderer (Fujimori) came SECOND in the last presidential elections? Humala is now president just for a difference of 3% of the votes…
Corruption has always been a problem here, but the situation worsened dramatically between 1985-2000, when we had two delinquent-politicians as presidents: Alan García and Alberto Fujimori. This was a period of extreme thievery and immorality in the country and government, coupled by the violence of two terrorist groups: Shining Path and the MRTA, which killed thousands of people in the Sierra (mostly poor people). Needless to say, middle and upper class people (who don't give a damn about the majority of their countrymen), only "realized" that terrorism was a "problem" in the early 1990's, when Shining Path began putting bombs in their tidy neighbourhoods.
That's one of the main problems in Peru: the complete lack of empathy/concern of the upper classes towards less privileged people, a problem, I'm afraid, that has no means of getting solved. This country is full of sociopaths who only care for themselves, and lack entirely of civility, manners and respect for their fellow people.
So, please, think it twice before coming to Peru. There's nothing remotely positive or good about this society, where most of the population just behave as if morality or decency didn't exist.

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April 7th, 2014

I work in the US and have had the "privilege" of working at a "high end" peruvian restaurant with a well know chef. I cannot stand working for these people. Nothing is their fault… They steal wine, they trick you every chance they get. They have no education and they blame you for everything that has gone wrong. Never again…

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April 16th, 2014

Well, its been a while. I had planned to make a post called 'to be fair' and explain why things are the way they are here…. in my opinion… and a lot is not necessarily the direct fault of the people here.
That's going to wait a while. You see, I stepped in monkeyshit again. Damn wife got a hair up her ass and was jealous about some woman I never met who was in the audience of the show ola ke ase, of which I was a recent contestant. anyhow, she jumped on back of my moto, without a helmet and right by the zoo, where we live some cops pulled us over. To make a long story short, they took me to the commissary because a gringo is worth more coima. my u.s. driver license is valid here but they like to play the game. I keep 10 sole in my SOAT pack and that usually works.
but at the commissary, they have this big sign saying San Miguel Police love tourist. damn right they do! Commandante took my documents and accidentally 'lost' them right on his desk. he was suggesting 1000 soles would keep me out of jail. complete bull. I broke no law and and paying squat.
in the end, my wife was groveling and we payed 50 soles and he 'found' my documents.
so, beware! if you want to go to the zoo, carry some bananas. Not for the animals in the zoo, but for the monkeys outside.
Another thing. ive been singing karaoke here 15 years. they used to like English songs by gringos, but now at least in san Miguel, I am lucky if I get one song no matter how much I pay and in rustica and rockys or norkys, cant remember, they usually turn me away at the door saying I am drunk. not true, but for years I sang English and now it aint so popular. in fact, I never see any gringos in any of the bars on la marina anymore.
some badass looking Russians go in there though so maybe its a mafia/casino/fear thing.

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David Colby

April 28th, 2014

I came to Peru three years ago to be with an enchanting Peruvian lady. It seemed like a pretty nice place - I had lived in Mexico for a few years and there were many similarities. I soon found it to be the sad, pathetic place nearly all these posters are describing. I broke up after 6 months with my lady friend because she was a compulsive and addictive liar - refused to tell the truth, and refused to feel even a little guilty about lying. I began to see that it is a cultural trait in this country. The only thing they might learn from having their lies exposed is how to lie even better the next time… but the lack of intelligent thought is so prevalent that even that small opportunity for self-improvement goes begging.
So I left the mature (60 year old, claiming she was 50… and looking 40), lovely, elegant and rich lady behind and took up with a gorgeous, poor, sexy 33 year old…. whose lies made the lady's look like kindergarten fibs. Now, after those three years, I've come to the conclusion that 99 out of 100 women here are compulsive liars (the reason I know it is not 100% is because I did briefly date one women who admitted to me early on that she had been a bomb maker in the Shining Path - who would ever make up a lie like THAT?!).
But I digress…. the subject of this post is Reasons to Hate Peru, and finding rampant dishonesty in a nation is hardly grounds for hating a segment of this earth (or we would hate all nations - show me one place where all people are honest)…
Fact is, Peru is a beautiful country…. this is a beautiful planet, I've been on nearly every continent (not Antarctica nor Africa) and can honestly say that I have not seen any place that is not beautiful to behold (maybe a little inhospitable to humans, however…). The problem with Peru - as with many places - is that it is populated by people who do not know how to live beautifully. Cabrini Green in Chicago was lovely, shiny and new replacement for blocks of Southside slums… but a year later was a slum again, the most dangerous piece of real estate in America - because they moved the same former residents back into the new apartments! The beach at Puerto Escondido is a paradise turned into a slum because Mexicans have been its caretaker for generations, Peru is a mess because it is populated by Peruvians, what is now Israel was in Arab care for nearly 2000 years and they turned the Land of Milk and Honey into a desert (and in 70 years the Jews have turned it back into lushness)… Monroe, Wisconsin is a lovely little clean and safe community because it has been cared for for 150 years by Swiss-American caretakers… Peru is destined to continue as a dangerous, disgusting place for many generations to come because of the apathy, ignorance and self-centeredness of it's citizens. Education is not the answer: no intelligent educator, or professional of any type, wants to work and live in Peru, and whenever Peruvians succeed in obtaining and education and see the world with intelligent eyes, they flee… to the US or Canada or Europe. The only hope for Peru would be the emergence of 2 or 3 more Fujimori-type strongmen to rule the country with tough-love and force changes in the very fabric of the society.
There are good people in Peru. I would not be so presumptuous as to state a percentage of good to not good, I just know from my experience that there are some kind, principled, honest folk there…. maybe not enough of a Nucleus of Hope to build a decent society upon, but people who should not be lumped into the same barrel of bad apples as have been described in these postings.
I remember during my first couple of months in Lima I took a taxi from a pharmacy in Miraflores, where I had purchased $80 worth of prescription medicines, to my girlfriend's house in Surco… and had unfortunately left the bag with the pills on the floor in the backseat of the taxi when I got out. Two hours later the maid came back to the living room from answering the door with the package of pills in her hand! Seems like the taxi driver had discovered my loss an hour later, and even though he was way over on the other side of the city, and his whole cultural background would have been screaming at him to keep the pills and sell them, he came all the way back to Surco to return me my meds… and get this: he didn't even stick around for a reward! What taxi driver in any capital city in the world would do that? There might be a few, but not many….
So I would ask the deliverer of that nuclear bomb to hold off on the button and spare Peru… for the sake of that one taxi driver, and for his children, who are obviously being taught honesty and Golden Rule principles, if not in words then by the example the taximan is showing.
Yes, there are liars, and thieves, and con artists, and gringo-hunter women, and card cheats, and corruption, and stupidity, and horrible customer service, and beggars, and street dogs, and disease… the result of millions of poor, ignorant people living lives of desperation while being exploited by the rich and powerful. But there are also many Peruvians who see this and want to change their country…
I have many friends in Peru, some of them Peruvian, most of them expats who are married to Peruvians or are trying to make Peru their homes. It is not a foreigner-friendly place. For a single, blue-eyed American male like myself whose history and tastes have pulled me toward Latin women, it is a great place to meet lovely women of any age. For a surfer, poker-player, skirt-chaser who speaks fluent Spanish and has a few bucks - pretty nice. For a first-world person or couple seeking quiet, sandy beaches, uncrowded roadways, friendly neighbors, Christian values, inexpensive and safe living, good, healthy eating, sunny skies and sunny faces - not too great.
That being said, I have walked home at 3 am from the poker tables at the Majestic near Larco Mar over a mile to my apartment in Miraflores past Kennedy Park many times feeling - and being - perfectly safe, thanks to the police monitoring cameras, lots of lighting, and lots of police and security guards on the street. Can't say that for many state capitals in the United States….
Do I want to live in Peru? Definitely not, these past three years have been enough. Do I hate Peru and want to see it wiped off the global map? Not at all, it is what it is, visit if there is something that you can enjoy at this moment in your life. Will I come back? Maybe… but probably not. There are many better places in the world, places with the same advantages and more, and with fewer negatives. I read several folks commenting on their practically being forced to live in Peru because they are living on their social security or other limited income. There are many other countries and areas where you can live much safer, much healthier, much happier… for less.
If you have a few bucks and want a reasonably calm area with OK weather with some pretty, fun girls, with sidewalk cafes daytime and casino action nights, Miraflores is not a bad place to escape from December and January cold and snow. But for anything else: Cartegena, Panama City, Palm Beach. Who needs Machu Pichu?

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May 8th, 2014

@Pistachio: Peruvians' fear of being robbed has nothing to do with having been conquered. It is because if you don't lock everything and put sharp pieces of glass on your walls you ARE gonna get robbed. Have you seen women get dragged on the street by cars trying to steal their purses? Getting their arms or legs fractured and teeth broken? I have. Many times. It's pretty common in my city.

Some advice for people coming to Peru: keep an eye on your money when buying things at markets, flea markets and stuff. If you hand them a high-denomination bill, don't lose sight of it! Otherwise there's a high chance they'll change it for a counterfeit one and then yell, insult and threaten you -and this is priceless - for trying to rob THEM! And trust me, when the "caseras" get together to yell… god, that's terrifying.

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May 10th, 2014

What the hell? why take anyone's opinion? just check out one of thousands of links that bear the truth. Starting with the u.s. embassy. (my favorite)

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May 11th, 2014


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May 14th, 2014

Peruvians are wonderful people. Cholos (uneducated Indians from the Andes that have invaded the coastal cities with a culture completely alien to Peruvian culture) are not so wonderful. This has nothing to do with their race but rather their culture. Unfortunately, Peru is now composed of 70 -80 percent cholos. Peru was not always what one encounters today. The change started about 30 -40 years ago. The Velasco government encouraged their migration and terrorist activities in the 80s also forced them to leave their homelands and move to the cities for safety. With technology like radio, tv and internet the most isolated, backward and uncivilized Indian in the mountains can see the western way of life and want what it can offer so that also is a reason for their migration. Sadly, when they reach the cities they have no preparation, education, Spanish language skill, hygiene, etc. Peru's great burden. They now out populate the Peruvian society and the cholo culture has become the norm. It is a cultural problem due to ignorance and lack of education (remember, they had pretty much been ignored by the Spaniards and then the Peruvians for 500 years) so it can be remedied by schooling the children and including a civics/citizenship class in their primary education. This new educated and informed generation would start the change so that within a generation or two we would see a vast improvement in the culture. This being said, we also have to face the reality of the majority of primary school teachers being cholos themselves so they first would have to be educated before they could teach it to the children. Do a google history on Peru's primary education. Over the last 20 years it has fallen to the last place in Latin America. Before the Fujimori government teachers had to have a bachelor's degree. He changed that and now all that is needed is a few courses from non-credited or unregulated private institutions. Many cholos saw this as a means to a profession and took the few courses or bought a false title. Because of the failing status of Peru's education the Garcia government forced the teachers to take a basic aptitude test (the test consisted of what they should be teaching their students) and 75 percent failed the test. These are all facts, so before you criticize Peruvians remember that Peru is made up of two very different cultures that unfortunately go together like oil and water.

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May 19th, 2014

Well what do you expect from a developing country, I might as well say that im Peruvian. I love Peru and will always defend it no matter what. I sincerely won´t refute 99% of the things you say cuz they are true. At the end if you are born here and live all your life here you learn to love your country, I can´t disagree with comments about pollution, safety, lies etc, because they are 100% true. Its a beautiful country in what concerns landscape, ancient ruins, food. About Arthur Schopenhauer comments i would consider nice districts only, San Isidro, La Molina (more residential not for tourists, nothing to do), Miraflores and some parts of San Borja (also residential, not many things to do). To clarify Centro de Lima(would only go there to see catacombs, and Plaza San Martin, or to Club Nacional), Barranco (calles de las pizzas) all bars around there suck, don´t know under what lies you go there thinking that you wont be raped, Chorrillos (except if you are going to Marina Club) or doing some surfing is not a nice place, people from Peru with a medium to high standard of living usually go to other places than the ones I´ve heard in this forum. Centro de Lima was before the residential part of Lima, if you go see all the buildings if they would be restored they would be pretty nice. What happens with Centro de Lima is that through the dictatorial government of communist Velasco Alvarado the residences where technically given to poor people who didn't pay their rent and where allowed to continue living there, saying that today its filled with scum, as you would expect from a favella in in Rio de Janeiro.I don´t know how to express this but please, if you go to shit holes, take combis (that are literally the unsafest way to transport in Lima, really cheap guess you have noticed that) and walk with your backpacks and stuff in places where you have been warned that they steal or at hours where you know they steal, I really don´t see how you can expect to have a good time. Before coming to a city you need to know Lima has almost 10 million of inhabitants, i bet that 9´600,000 of those almost 10 million are really poor, so if they see you they will probably steal because they win less than 500 soles a month, for you to know thats less than $200 and they have to feed huge families due to their lack of education ;) Would recommend not to travel to Lima with a low budget, don´t eat street food, and yes you will get sick because you drink fucking tap water, who the hell would do that in Lima where apart from getting stomach problems to tourist´s (due to not being used to all the bacterias found in it) if you drink it for a long time will probably increase your possibility to get lead and other mineral poisoning that may lead to cancer. Yup its hell!!!!! but i love it, i love to have a family lots of friends and to be culturally identified as peruvian, to have a culture. Something that I think americans don´t have :) but feel that for them its fine not to have. Love US don´t get me wrong I go there for vacations but would die if had to live there for more than 2 months, absolutely boring.

a)Don´t take combis!
b)Dont go to places like San Juan de Lurigancho etc especially if you think you will be identified as a ¨gringo¨.
c) Nice restaurants
-La Gloria
-Tanta(though simple)
-Juicy Luicy
-La Bodeguita
-La Tratoria
-La Bomboniere (cafe like)
-7 pecados
-Bembos (fast food)
-La granja azul (place where pollo a la brasa was invented)
-La Trattoria
-El Mercado (restaurant not the real market)
-Brujas de cachice
-Osaka( bet you will never eat such good sushi, even in restaurants such as Nobu etc)
-Lima 27

There are much more but my fingers hurt from writing. If you go to the ones I have listed above will ensure you wont get indigestion probs.They are all in San Isidro-Miraflores except for some. I would say that Lima and Peru overall has gr8 parties, don´t take people for sure to much if you don´t want to wk8 up with no kidneys though.Go to these places to stay secure;
a) Aura
c)Ayahuasca(food lounge)
f)In the Westin Hotel (fridays they put music on the third floor, to begin the night)

If you wanna have some other kind of like more like backpacking experience, even though kinda like not so safe (drugs, really unpolite people) go to calle de las pizzas, been there for as we say ¨joda¨a few times and haven´t had such a bad time.Sometimes I´m in my car and see people like tourist walking as if nothing would happen in places that I wouldn't dare to get out of my car, I feel really sorry for them, guessing their future will surely be grimm. People that come to live from outside or to visit should like get a conscience to where they are, PERU-THIRD WORLD DEVELOPING COUNTRY- POOR PEOPLE- COCAINE-INSECURITY-CORRUPTION etc! as said before, you gotta be ahead of the game and I guess you will pass it gr8! Peruvians are very machistas and andean people due to their culture are used to hit their wife's, so if you are tourists careful with getting in a relationship with them ;) Im sure if you get your feet on the ground and realize where you are and that you are not in USA or other developed country you will all have a better time (don´t expect for it to change because it won´t, we peruvians have also given up that dream) If you live in Lima, escape during the weekends, trie Paracas, Chincha, Pachacamac, do some camping in Huaraz, Viñaq, Huancaya etc. There are lots of things to do!
Not saying that what you are saying are lies, just saying should change mentality and trie other places =)

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