Reasons to Hate Morocco

Reasons to hate Morocco.

Not every country can capture the hearts of all the travelers passing through it. For some, the reasons to love a country can be surprisingly few.

Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you hated about visiting Morocco.

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daniel hewitt

May 1st, 2011

We have just returned from a week in Morroco and it was the worse week of our lifes. The place is flithy, everyone looks like they have given up. The men are dirty and lazy and sit around all day doing nothing. Thney see westerners as walking ATM's and will do anything to scam money from them. The taxi are dirty and the dri8vers are dishonest. My female friend was subjected to sexual abuse everywhere she went from young boys to dirty old men. Their behaviour is criminal in the west but it is not only condoned but encourgaged in Morroco. The people are only nice to you if they think they can get money, they lie, lead you the wrong way and all the time laugh behind your back.
Morooco has no redeeming features and it is a place we will never visit again and i would not recommend it to my worst enemy

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M Savage

May 11th, 2011

A week in Morocco with my girlfriend was the the worst holiday i've ever had. We were scammed before we even arrived losing £50 on online reservations for a hotel that didn't exist. From the moment we arrived we were hassled and lied to for money.

Not one person we dealt with was honest with us, we would be quoted a price for a trip somewhere only to find that the price had doubled at the other end. We were then subjected to a mixture of guilt and pressure to cough up. Every taxi driver would detour from the route to visit rug shops where the owners would do the hard sell.

The rooms were either bare and dirty or were French run and overpriced and looked like something out of a home improvement programme. We were constantly approached by drug dealers at the beaches and my partner was subjected to sexual harassment every day.

The food quality was generally good but needless to say we both contracted food poisoning after three days. A lot of the rest of the holiday was spent in hotel toilets.

To top it all our return flight was cancelled ten minutes before take off. The airport is not equipped for 500 people who have had their flights cancelled. There is no information desk and no internet area. It was a near riot and remaining flights were snapped up instantly by those with internet ready phones leaving us stranded.

Ryan Air were washed their hands of us and it cost £600 each to get home four days later (staying in more awful hotels who once again tried to rip us off at every opportunity). We went about £1500 over budget.

I've travelled a lot and i'm happy to slum it or deal with hassle but this was beyond anything I have experienced before. Never again.

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