Reasons to Hate Kazakhstan

Reasons to hate Kazakhstan.

Not every country can capture the hearts of all the travelers passing through it. For some, the reasons to love a country can be surprisingly few.

Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you hated about visiting Kazakhstan.

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March 16th, 2011

kazakhstan is fucking bullshit….there is nothing to add

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September 4th, 2012

I live here, and the list just go on and on. If you read about kazakh people being friendly, you just got fucked. The thing with them is that they dont speak english, and every time they see foreigners, they keep starring at them with those looks. SOME are friendly, but like 1 in a thousand. Then comes the internet problem. Kay, now its getting a bit annoying, the government BLOCKS most of the foreign sites and popular blog sites. So now, I cant read blogs. Even some of the online shops are blocked. One thing kz people like to do is spitting. I think most of them suffer from excessive saliva. Most of them are also impolite. If youre in a queue, dont be surprise to see a lot of people cut the line. They even ask their children to cut for them, and after that, they act like sophisticated people. PLEASE. Airport is a major problem. They say that if you have a gold membership, you get to go to the golden launch, but then, you have to pay, and nothing is free, no food, no water, not much seats, sloppy tables. SOME people have to stand, i mean, whats the point of going to golden launch??.. Then, the people in the airplane is really rude. some times, people just cant stop kicking your seats, they just hang their coat on your seats and whatever. They are pretty loud too. And life here is expensive. Planning for a vacation? dont choose kz. Nothing special here. GO to Amsterdam or London or anywhere else, its cheaper, and have a lot to see there. lastly, they dont have English books and movie!! I live here because my father works here, soo its kinda boring. they translated everything into kz, THOR become TOP, and lots of other. One thing, KAZAKHSTAN IS A NO-NO-STAN!! ps. school here are horrible. just sayin.

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