Reasons to Hate Chile

Reasons to hate Chile.

Not every country can capture the hearts of all the travelers passing through it. For some, the reasons to love a country can be surprisingly few.

Travelers, please submit a list of reasons explaining what you hated about visiting Chile.

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February 7th, 2013

most of them are Very Racist people ,There food sucks ,Dont show or tell them your ideas or else they will steal it and say is there idea.

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Anacleto Sinforoso

May 4th, 2014

The above comment was clearly written by a Peruvian. They think we are racist, because we prefer people from any other country before them. They want the world to believe that their food is magnificent, but truly who has been around the world knows the truth, quickest way to get terribly sick is to eat in one of the 87% unhealthy restaurants in Lima. Chile has international food, so you can find here anything and eat it safely. Plus a dozen of very nice Chilean dishes. Regarding stealing your ideas, the Peruvian say we took their Pisco, the truth is the distillate of wine is 1000 years old, and the Spanish only found good soil and weather for quality wine grapes in Chile. We produce 40 times more Pisco than Perú and we drink it. They (the Peruvian) do not, their quality is horrible and only recently has improved because we, the Chileans, are teaching them how to do it properly. Please read "reason-to-hate-peru".

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expat LAT

January 24th, 2015

Chilean are racists, xenophobic and clasists. As a foreign living here for a year I have suffered discrimination in a way never felt before. And i have lived both in US and Spain. Chileans are too damn ethnocentric and dont appreciate diversity. If something does not fit their standars is just wrong. And people is really envious too, if you are a foreign livingbetter than they, they resent it. And their food sucks, there is so little variety.

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May 23rd, 2015

31 yo, Afro-American here. First, I’d like to say Chile is boring: All the cities look the same, their food is AWFUL and simple, pollution everywhere, and everything, suddenly, is 14 times more expensive if you speak English (example: Paying 20 bucks for something that’s worth cents. CENTS!).

Second, Chileans are so racist. It’s like going back to the 40’s or 50’s. Yes, that kind of racism. This is the first time in my whole life I experienced something so terrible. Most hotels and restaurants in Santiago refused to believe I was “honest” (Ironically a word they like to repeat as a slur) because I was black. Then I let my white friend use my credit card and there was no problem. Also, for me it was common to hear insults from complete strangers. They would call me negro conchotumoee or something like that while taking the bus.

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