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Information about clinical healthcare for tourists and travelers in Puerto Rico.

A visit to a doctor abroad can be a harrowing, distrustful experience.

Travelers, please submit your experiences and recommendations about seeking out medical services in Puerto Rico. Are there some hospitals and clinics to avoid at all costs? Have you had a positive experience anywhere? Is a doctor's signature necessary to obtain prescription medication?

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October 21st, 2010

If traveling to Puerto Rico you can avoid spending a day of your vacation in an emergency room due to a minor health problem or accident. There is a company with fully accredited and emergency experienced physicians that visit tourists at hotels.

GALENUS VIP MEDICAL SERVICES provides urgent medical services and could help you avoid an uncomfortable visit to the hospital. You should ask at your hotel to see if they are already covered for this services.

Believe me, you dont want to spend part of your vacation in a crowded ER.

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