Potable (Safe) Drinking Water in Ghana

Information for travelers about drinking the water in Ghana.

Please submit information or experiences about the quality of the water in Ghana.

Is the local water safe to drink? Is the tap water or well water safe to consume without boiling? Are there specific cities or regions of Ghana where water is or isn't safe to drink without purification?

Over 1.1 billion people on the planet still do not have access to safe drinking water.

What are the locals doing (buying, boiling, drinking raw)? How much does a liter of water cost?

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January 25th, 2008

My knowledge is focused on the smaller cities (<30000 people). There are two ways that people get water for drinking that are pretty safe: Boreholes (where you can fill up one of those large silver bowls or a jerry can for 2-3 cents) or waiting for it to rain, and collecting runoff (free!). During the dry season, and in very small communities, people collect their water from water points like small lakes or watering holes. This should definitely be boiled or chemically treated if you don't want to get sick. To find out where the water comes from you can always ask or you can just look. The colour of the water makes it pretty easy to tell if the water came from the sky or some unhealthy source.
If you're interested in paying for a personal sized containing of water to drink then there are three ways to do it. Factory sealed bags containing 500 ml (called pure water) water can be purchased for between 3-6 cents depending how large the city you are buying from. 500 ml Bags filled with borehole or rain run-off water made by locals (called ice water) can be purchased for 1-2 cents , or you can buy a water bottle for around $1.

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PT Armstrong

July 10th, 2009

what is the name of the water purerfide comany in Tema Ghana

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