Potable (Safe) Drinking Water in Finland

Information for travelers about drinking the water in Finland.

Please submit information or experiences about the quality of the water in Finland.

Is the local water safe to drink? Is the tap water or well water safe to consume without boiling? Are there specific cities or regions of Finland where water is or isn't safe to drink without purification?

Over 1.1 billion people on the planet still do not have access to safe drinking water.

What are the locals doing (buying, boiling, drinking raw)? How much does a liter of water cost?

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Zoe Smith

August 6th, 2013

Drinking water in Finland is absolutely safe and perhaps of the highest quality in the world. Only idiots buy bottled, still water or ask for it in a restaurant. Quality of bottled water is typically lower than tap water. Refill any water container from any tap. Most lake water is also safe to drink.

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