Photos of Miami Beach Lifeguard Towers

My name is Jack and I live in Miami Beach.

I have seen your photos of the Lifeguard Stations along the beach in Miami Beach and was absolutely astounded by them. The quality of the photos was incredible. I felt like I could touch it, not to mention how lively the image felt.

I am trying to learn more about photography and I was wondering. The end result of the photos you took of the lifeguard stations was post processing or did you get those results by only applying the correct (understatement) settings and techniques in you camera?

I would really appreciate the tip.

Thank you,

Good luck!

Jack Fortfield.

Craig's Response:

Howdy Jack,

These images were taken with just a point-and-shoot (Nikon P5000), which is quite the ornery beast. I'm seasoned with it, so most every shot was manually adjusted for exposure compensation in the negative (EV value, probably -0.7), and ISO. Sometimes shooting with shutter priority was a necessity, though not in daylight, as these lifeguard towers were.

Not a whole lot of post-processing was done, but I have a personal style of punching up the contrast (lowering the brightness to compensate) and the color saturation. Not over the top, but enough to bring out some pop and reduce any of the "gray contrast fog" that sometimes washes over digital images.

The best advice I can give you is to work on your framing and know your white balance settings (particularly under artificial light). No amount of post-processing can get it right if those two aren't as they should be.

All the best on your future photographic endeavors,

//craig in vancouver, usa
Jan 26, 2010

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