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Information on how to import or export to/from Peru.

Many travelers and tourists visit Peru and ponder how much money could be made if they were to import or export products back to their home country.

Please submit any insight, tips, tricks, techniques, or opportunities that might help these people accomplish this goal. Any information regarding international laws, customs, suppliers, shippers, business culture, and trouble with bribes or payoffs is appreciated.

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Dr Owen Nair-Marshall

August 12th, 2008

Hi, I am Australian who has lived in Peru for 2 years I commenced exporting and importing just on one year ago.Importing be prepared for long delays at Sunat The Customs office of Peru, there is a load of paperwork to fill out all in Spanish. It took me three days the first time to collect a couple of boxes of imports from Australia. there was a fair bit of money exchanging hands at every point,another one of the things one learns, everyone has a dip into your pocket. The freight I sent from Australia was by Air cargo and this was one thing I learnt , make sure you send via a good agent in Australia who has the contacts and ground work done in Peru.There are no shortcuts in this line of business.

Ensure that you place escrow on you purchases before money is exchanged and the goods you purchase as as described.Check every piece on arrival and if the full content of manifest and invoice does not tally contact your seller immediately. Most of the small sellers cannot be trusted, some bigger companies cannot count, and goods do get lost regularly specially if you are first time exporter from Peru.
Remember Peru is a developing country whose economy is now starting to grow. The Gorbierno, the government here are making great steps at ensuring that investment in Peru is fair.

Good luck

Exporting from Peru is not as much hassle I have exported into Sydney get an agent to do this work it ends up much cheaper with less stress..In Austarlia thay know there job well.

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Michael Calvert

October 20th, 2015

Would like to set up an importing business from Peru to Australia, mostly in the rugs,clothing and apparel market but also hand made crafts and pottery. Need a reliable export agent to assist.

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