Pacsafe Use with Kelty Redwing 3100

Truly, I appreciate your blog site as I am preparing for long-term RTW traveling, including Latin America; thank you…!!

Can you tell me which Pacsafe exomesh model did you use for your Kelty 3100?

Thanks again and take care!

Craig's Response:

Howdy Steven,

Actually, I ditched the Pacsafe in leu of the locking zippers. Sadly, I'm growing less and less enthuastic with the direction the Redwing 3100 has taken since 2007. The 2010 model isn't impressing me (as far as they way they've created the external compartments, etc). I highly recommend the larger Lowe Alpine TT Tour 70, which I put my soon-to-be wife into last year. It's really a great pack, but 70 liters just isn't necessary for me (but at least you won't have to craft lockable zipper pulls).


//craig in the usa
  Mar 17, 2010

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