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Information on missing persons (travelers, tourists, backpackers) in Tunisia.

A missing person is a person who has disappeared for no known reason. People disappear for many reasons. Some individuals choose to disappear, and return. Some are victims of crime.

This page is for the loving friends and family of a missing person who is suspected or known to have been traveling in Tunisia, before they lost contact. Please submit details—including your contact information so that others can help directly—regarding this missing person in the comments below. Submitted photographs will be posted to compliment your notice.

If there's resolution to the whereabouts of the unaccounted traveler in Tunisia, please post an update.

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J. Valkoinen

February 29th, 2008

Hello! I am from Helsinki Finland and I was travelling with my boyfriend in Tunisia October 2007. We were staying at a hotel at Hammamet. My boyfriend started loosing conciousness, it lasted for days, it was hard to get him to walk and he didn't make any sense at all, he was just mumbling quietly something ununderstantable. I was myself also loosing conciousness. I was told with bogy language around me that soon would be the time, time for what I didn't know. I decited that we would leave to Finland as fast as possible. We went to the airport and we were constantly followed by string of criminal looking thugs ( from 8 to 15 people ), the same people had been surrounding us for days before that. At the airport 2 different people tryed to put something into our luggeges. I warded them off, my boyfriend was so drugged (?) that he could barely stand. I chose the people I talked to at the airport with good understanding of human character, after all I had studied for years to become a Psychology researcher. I chose not to talk to these, all the time approaching shady looking characters, and instead I chose make deals and so on with only honest looking people; these people, who had been following us, looked so psychopathic that it was very easy to tell them apart. We didn't get a flight until next morning and we stayed at an airport hotel, in the morning hours my boyfriend fell into a coma and I kept on slipping in and out of consiousness. I was too scared to leave the hotel room especially in that state and considering the situation, I kept on calling to Finland on my cell phone asking for help. When the cleaning lady came in the morning she got us a doctor and we were taken into a hospital. I just read that 25 tourists go missing in Tunisia desert during 12 in months time. We should start asking that how many of them are being kidnapped into sex slavery. The demand for white sex slaves in arab countries is high and there is a lot of money to be made. I never thought of it before the trip , but to a human slave trader I look like I'm walking with a high price tag on my ass. I look like top end model, high price for people who look like that in the sex slave trade. Who are these tourists, who go missing in Tunisia? What do they look like? All of our hotels workers seemed to be some kind of mafia guys and the whole place was filled with Sicilians (mafia island) with racist attrocities towards us westeners. We made it home alive, with a hospital flight and a French nurse. BUT WHAT ON EARTH IS really going on in Tunisia???

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