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Information on missing persons (travelers, tourists, backpackers) in Mozambique.

A missing person is a person who has disappeared for no known reason. People disappear for many reasons. Some individuals choose to disappear, and return. Some are victims of crime.

This page is for the loving friends and family of a missing person who is suspected or known to have been traveling in Mozambique, before they lost contact. Please submit details—including your contact information so that others can help directly—regarding this missing person in the comments below. Submitted photographs will be posted to compliment your notice.

If there's resolution to the whereabouts of the unaccounted traveler in Mozambique, please post an update.

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Louise Els

September 22nd, 2010

Good day,

This message is for any person out in Mozambique that can maybe help me and my family locate my brother. He went to Mozambique and was suppose to be back home (SA) on Sunday already. We are desperately trying to find him and praying for his safe return. I can provide information to anyone that is willing to assist us locating him we just want to make sure he is fine and that he is safe. We've contacted the embassy and border post we know that he went through the Lebomba border (or somethng like that) but he has not returned back since Friday 16h00 when he went through that side. He took someone that is from Mozambique through with him unfortunately we do not know the name of this gentleman or have any alternative contact details.

We would appreciate any assistance and will be grateful for any help…
We are a mom and dad that wants the safe return of their son and brother and sister that wants their brother home. Any assistance will help!!!

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Shaun Van Niekerk

January 30th, 2011

Our friend Shaun Van Niekerk (ex-Gaborone) is missing.

His last known whereabouts are that he entered the border into Mozambique on the 12 December 2010. He called a friend on the 13th December, mentioning that he was going to Nampula and would probably pass through Maputo on the way.

Today is the 29th and we still have no real information – Did anyone see him, hear from him…any info that may assist?


Please help me in spreading this message – particularly with anyone you know who was friends with Shaun or is in Mozambique…dive schools etc?

What can you do?

Anything you think can help – mail friends in JHB who travel to Moz, Dive companies, friends,contacts in Moz, facebook etc….anything….or really help us..
Send me a more recent photo if you have
Emails, Facebook, social media – use your networks
Posters –
media, press – why is this not on the headlines…actually many people go missing there…
let me know what else U think we can do? Need more ideas….need to make sure we find him….

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