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Information about scams targeting tourists and travelers in the Maldives.

No one likes to become a victim, and there's a difference between being naive and uninformed.

Please submit information or stories for tourists and travelers preparing for a visit to this country. Help stop the heartbreak and fleecing of money/trust.

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January 2nd, 2013

I would like to warn tourists about a scam common in souvenir shops in Guraidhoo and possibly other inhabited islands in the Maldives. The shop owner will try to persuade you that the price marked in Rf on the item is really an item code and try to charge you approximately five to six times what it's worth.
The owner of the shop 9 il pensiero was particularly vicious and became abusive when I refused to purchase anything. Many tourists patronize this shop as it is large and it's the first one they encounter on the beach. You are strongly advised to avoid this store. Other shopkeepers in the vicinity also try to overcharge you but are less brazen about it and do exhibit a degree of courtesy.

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