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Fake Statue Street Performers (Beggars)

A popular begging method in areas with a high concentration of tourists is to dress in costume and pretend to be a statue, only periodically changing position. Sometimes donations will trigger the performer to change position, or acknowledge of the donor in some way.

Juggling Street Performers (Beggars)

The most recognizable form of juggling is toss juggling, where the juggler throws objects through the air. Jugglers often refer to the objects they juggle as props, the most popular being balls, beanbags, rings, clubs, or bouncing balls. Some performers use "dangerous" objects such as chainsaws, knives and fire torches.

Pay for Photo Tourist

A common sight that makes me cringe: Tourists paying to photograph a local with something, or in a pose by themselves.

Tienda (Corner Store)

Tienda translates into "corner store" in Spanish.