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Apartment Rentals in Buenos Aires, Argentina

I've been reading your previous accounts of Argentina and they seem to jive with those of everyone else I've spoken to. However, I'm hoping you can guide me re: cost of living and housing accommodations.

Are You Secretly Independently Wealthy?

Question- you’ve been traversing the globe for quite some time now. How are you financially supporting yourself? Are you secretly independently wealthy and I didn’t know it? If so, what the HELL was I doing buying YOU gifts way back when? =)

Asia Travel Budget and Traveler Age Attitudes

In general, how much money does it take? I went to Europe for 6 months a few years ago and spent less than $1,000 a month… my next excursion i want to go all over Asia. how hard is it to get visas to visit (been doing research and it seems some countries are pretty strict).

Backpacking with an Asus Eee PC

You mentioned your girlfriend has an Asus Eee netbook. What are your thoughts on those? I have a MacBook Pro 15" now, and those little netbooks are tempting. I heard you can even put OSX on one of them.

Becoming Yacht Crew in Chaguaramas, Trinidad

My name is Thomas. I met you at a hostal in Vilcabamba. You told me about your experiences sailing and as I head towards Trinidad I cant get it off my mind. I was wondering if you had any trustworthy contacts that could help me get on a boat, it doesn't really matter where to. I have more or less the same qualifications as you, nonsmoker, American citizen, college degree, intermediate Spanish, nice guy, etc. Im willing to work with out pay. I know its a lot to ask. But i would really appreciate it, as a fellow wanderer.

Brand & Model of Cameras Used

I have been following your travel for a little while now. Your pictures seem to come out stunning. Which brand/model of a camera do you use?

Brazil Travel Budget

I understand that Brazil is pretty much the most expensive country in South America. But were you referring to the expensive costs counting that you were there during Carnival? If you were not there during Carnival, how much $ do you think you would have been spending per day with your lifestyle?

Camera Settings and Post-Processing Photographs

Been admiring your website again, and just wanted to know something. Your pictures look absolutely stunning and rich.

Caracas Airport Bus to Metro Subway, Money and Tours in Venezuela

Hi! Just a bit about my self for the beginning - I'm Stefan, Polish, 26. Have lived in Ireland for about 3 years, saved enough to travel the world ;) Me and my friend (Tomas, 29) are starting our around the world trip in the middle of Nov. First destination is Caracas.

Composing Blog Posts on a PDA

I have a small pda… nothing great. Would you recommend throwing a card in there and just composing through that? Is it easy to transfer to a computer, I'm guessing just through some time of word processing program?


what are your thoughts on couchsurfing.com? Seems like it could be a great way to get plugged into the culture and save a little money also….

Eating and Transport in Cat Ba, Vietnam

Gidday Craig I enjoyed your writing on getting to Cat Ba .We will probably do it the more expensive way but I would like to know if there is a lot of different place to eat there. Also we are looking to stay at the Cat Ba resort and would like to know if there is transport back and forth to Cat Ba town. Your assistance would be appreciated

Free Travelogues

I would like to create a travel log sort of like the one your have on BOD. How did you create it and do you know of any others or is that the best one you have found?

Hostel Sex Options

I'm heading off to South America and I didn't want to outright ask anyone, but I've heard lots of people talk about the "what happens when I'm traveling in another continent stays on another continent" phenomenon with regard to sex. But what about the absolute lack of private space to be found anywhere in hostels?

How to Haggle

Any haggling tips, especially with rooms? You seem to do it constantly. Do you cut the offered price in half and work your way up, or walk into a place with a set price you want to pay in mind and go with that? I've never haggled and I look forward to this being a part of my daily live in South America.

Iloho.com Invitation

Latin America Travel Budget

…I should have about $10,000 before I leave [for Central and South America]. Do you think that is enough for about a year?

Optimizing Photos for E-mail or Web Sites

What is the best way to optimize photos while on the road? From my camera, they usually are around 1.2 megabytes, and want to try to get them down as small as possible…. faster upload and takes up less space.

Pacsafe Use with Kelty Redwing 3100

Truly, I appreciate your blog site as I am preparing for long-term RTW traveling, including Latin America; thank you…!!

Paying for Travel Insurance

What's your take on getting travel insurance before you do an extended trip? I'm thinking about it mostly for health reasons, just in case something drastic happened.

Photos of Miami Beach Lifeguard Towers

My name is Jack and I live in Miami Beach.

Pricing Out Flights and Budget Airlines in Latin America

Which Web sites do you use to fly to Central and South America? There are a lot of budget airlines in Europe that sell flights for as little as 10 euros. Is there anything like that in Central/South America?

Should I Carry a Mosquito Net in Latin America?

I just came across your site and have been reading it. I saw your article about the contents of your pack, and saw that you carried a mosquito net with you and commented that it was invaluable when needed. My husband and I are planning a four month trip through Central and South America, and we're debating whether we need to purchase one or not. Did you use one in hostels at all? I would imagine it would be good for camping, if we do that which we haven't decided yet…

Singaporean Taxi Lanterns

Enjoyed your comment to the NY Times piece about the new Taxi logo, just now.

Single Woman Living in Salvador, Traveling Brazil

i am living in san francisco and planning to move to salvador brazil for 3 to 6 months.

Suggested Travel Backpacking Destinations in Peru

Sweettravelblog.com Blogroll

Your blog has been invaluable — almost too much so, as I'm trying to put together a blog for my trip now and find that I like your format so much that it makes it hard for me to come up with anything that doesn't feel derivative. It's just a very solid layout.

Thanks from Yancy

Hey Craig — Absolutely love the site. While the standard guides are good tomes of general knowledge, your travelogue reads like a lively how-to, which has been invaluable.

The Dominican Republic Mugging Incident

The Dominican mugging. You were very anti-negativity when it happened and avoided the subject matter [in your travelogue] entirely with that in mind. However, I find the more negative and frightening stories are the ones that others can best learn from—what to do, what not to do, what you should've done differently, etc. The occurrence with the three hunters whistling as they honed in on you was eye-opening (and suspenseful reading!). So—has enough time passed that you can describe the incident?

The Perfect Point-and-Shoot Camera for Travel

I know you went through a camera mishap a while ago and tend to stay up to date on the best travel cameras… Anything currently on your ideal camera list that'd be in the 300 range?

Thoughts on Blogger's Blogspot

I'm trying to put together a site for my travels I'll start in a few months. I fon't want it to be to technical, but want it to look professional. I was thinking about just going through a server such as blogspot…. what are your thoughts?

Thoughts on WordPress, Travelogue Plugins Used

Thought I'd ask you about what you think of WordPress. I'm finally getting around to rebuilding my websites, and I'll be using WordPress. Since they're essentially clean installs I'm starting with 2.6. I actually started with 2.5.1 on purpose so I could try out the automatic upgrade plugin and it worked flawlessly.

Tour of Lima

I'll be headed down in January and would like to hook up. I would like for someone to show me around Lima or anywhere else you might like. I would be willing to pay you a small (key word small) fee if you require it.

Travel Backpack Used, Suggested Pack

I read your post on lockable zippers and realized you gave up using a pacsafe. while i love mine, it is heavy and i use it rarely.

Travel Clothes for Colder Climates

I enjoy your blog immensely and had a question. I noticed you have some high tech clothes (like your made-for-army pants, etc). What's your advice for clothes for colder climates (40-60 degrees)?

TravelBlogs.com Invitation

Using a Travel Alias

I've seen references to you taking on a travel alias. Not just an easier-to-say name, but a different alias you use in pousadas, hostels, etc. Is there a noteworthy rationale for that?

Using Travel Agents Abroad and Local Transportation Tips

Do you regularly use a travel agent? Early on it seems like you're always hyper-aware of transportation schedules, despite being in remote places with little Internet connectivity. If not, I guess I wonder how you're so keyed into all that information.

Where did you get your Secret Pockets?

Where do you get the pockets that you stitch to the insides of your shorts and pants? Do you have local tailors make them entirely, or do you buy them somewhere and have the tailors stitch them in? (I've never been to a tailor, and I can't find pre-made pockets online that are any good.)

WordPress Install Across Multiple Subdomains

How did you work out keeping the same instance of WordPress and same theme going across subdomains? Forums have been useless on this so far, though your site isn't the only one I've seen successfully pull it off.