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Travelers abroad seek out work to perpetuate their journey, or to stay in a desirable location without dipping into their savings. Jobs, be they for daily survival or financial replenishment, can be broken down into two categories: legal and illegal.

Working legally in another country can be easy or very difficult, depending on the country. Taking the time to obtain a work visa requires less spontaneity on the part of the traveler, and more time in government queues .

Working illegally is often easy. Lots of countries have no laws, or never enforce their laws. There is a risk you will get deported, fined, or even go to jail. But as long as you're doing work that no one wants (such as seasonal work, like picking fruit), then the risks is low. Trading labor (such as bartender or bathroom cleaning) for a bed at a hotel carries practically no risk, as no money is changing hands.

Please submit stories, places, or types of employment a traveler can find in Namibia. How much does the job pay? Is it seasonal work, and if so, what times of year is it available? Is a work visa required? Have you had to bribe anyone because you were working illegally in Namibia?

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