Gay and Lesbian Travel in Turkmenistan

Information about gay and lesbian travel in Turkmenistan.

Resorts, hotels, and cities are scrambling to label themselves alternative-lifestyle friendly as gay and lesbian vacationers have become one of the fastest growing areas of tourism.

Please submit information about same-sex travel in Turkmenistan. Is it reasonably safe to be openly homosexual in Turkmenistan? Are local attitudes accepting of open displays of affection between gay couples? What does a gay or lesbian traveler need to know before traveling to Turkmenistan?

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December 8th, 2010

There doesn't seem to be any lesbians around, all are straight. How bad! There is a hope gleaming that maybe there are after all few gays and lesbians …hiding. But if that's true, they are very intimidated to come out to their parents, society or sometimes themselves. It should be concidered a total disgrace and treated as a dirt and never understood by people. If only gays had had enough courage to open up, blow the rainbow of sensation, get emancipation and struck the whole world by the brave outburst…

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