Gay and Lesbian Travel in Trinidad and Tobago

Information about gay and lesbian travel in Trinidad and Tobago.

Resorts, hotels, and cities are scrambling to label themselves alternative-lifestyle friendly as gay and lesbian vacationers have become one of the fastest growing areas of tourism.

Please submit information about same-sex travel in Trinidad and Tobago. Is it reasonably safe to be openly homosexual in Trinidad and Tobago? Are local attitudes accepting of open displays of affection between gay couples? What does a gay or lesbian traveler need to know before traveling to Trinidad and Tobago?

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October 15th, 2013

Trinidad is a very homophobic country. It is still illegal for being gay in that country. The people are closed minded and will probably treat you like shit if they know your sexual orientation. I will advise anyone in the LGBT community to don't waste your time and money to go Trinidad. It is not worth being treated in such a bad manner. You will probably get mugged, beaten and or killed their and there is no system or law to protect you.

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March 27th, 2016

I'm Trinidadian and its everywhere in the world there are a majority of people that are homophobic, so it's not just here. Whether it's illegal or not that doesn't affect people's mindset. There are more people in Trinidad that are gay and I am as well but like everyone in general are afraid of being who they are. Iv recently contacted tobago hibiscus villas, for a studio apartment and the owner was not helpful. He was cruel and I'm afraid to go anywhere alone so if you are traveling, go with a group.

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