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Information about scams targeting tourists and travelers in Fiji.

No one likes to become a victim, and there's a difference between being naive and uninformed.

Please submit information or stories for tourists and travelers preparing for a visit to this country. Help stop the heartbreak and fleecing of money/trust.

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July 13th, 2009

Main scam to look out for in Fiji are the 'sword sellers' who inhabit Suva and Nadi. A friendly 'Bula, where you from', leads to you engaging in chat. As soon as the scammers have your name, it gets rapidly carved onto a wooden sword, followed by demands for anything up to FJD 50 (USD25).

Buy the sword if you want (it's worth about FJD 5 from the market), otherwise ask the seller to come with you to the local police station to sort things out (cops will take pretty good care of tourists and aren't in on the scam).

(I actually quite enjoy playing along, then making up some unbelievably long, exotic name when asked! Worth the look of confusion on the scammers' face).

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