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Information for female travelers in Iran. Guides for women traveling to Iran.

There's little reason a levelheaded woman can't travel to the same places as a man, though there can be specific cultural attitudes and etiquette directly related to gender. Sometimes women are victims of crime because they're perceived as softer targets.

Please submit information on known threats for female-travelers in Iran, and how women can stay safe. Tips, tricks, and techniques for Iran are greatly appreciated.

What are some of the dangers for a woman traveling in Iran? Are there any particular things that a female traveler in Iran should do above and beyond what she's already doing elsewhere?

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November 4th, 2008

It can help to avoid direct eye contact and try not to smile, as these can be misinterpreted as "boldness" and evidence of promiscuity. Try not to take rides in privately-owned vehicles if you are alone. In Tehran there are many taxi agencies you can call, these are safest. Do not wear any gold jewelry, do not travel alone at night.

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