Fake Statue Street Performers (Beggars)

A popular begging method in areas with a high concentration of tourists is to dress in costume and pretend to be a statue, only periodically changing position. Sometimes donations will trigger the performer to change position, or acknowledge of the donor in some way.

A favorite pastime for people pretending to be fake statues is scaring people—especially children.

This type of street performance is commonly known as a Living Statue.

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March 30th, 2010

Umm okay well….

1) Why are you thinking they are begging. Can they not be seen for what they are… street performers. Beggars I believe sit and beg… no action required, let alone humor, costume, ect.

2) I know kids that are scarred out of their witts by wind and santa clause… so how can we assume these street performers favorite pastimes is scaring children.

3) I'm absoluetly going to assume that your from a western country and so absolutely ethnocentric you can't see the creativity and entertainment these street performers provide!

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January 10th, 2011

Absolutely…it's street performing, NOT begging. Living Statues require enormous amounts of physical and mental dicipline…more than many people possess. They should be respected for their art and entertainment value.

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