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Information about scams targeting tourists and travelers in Dominica.

No one likes to become a victim, and there's a difference between being naive and uninformed.

Please submit information or stories for tourists and travelers preparing for a visit to this country. Help stop the heartbreak and fleecing of money/trust.

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December 26th, 2011

went on a cruise that dropped by dominica last week. bought a ceramic cup and saucer set from a mother and daughter at the flea market just across the docks. when i got back to the ship, i discovered both the cup and saucer were chipped and the spoon that came with the set was made of plastic instead of ceramic. bait and switch. no wonder the daughter was under the table pretending to pack the set well for the trip, when all the while she was switching it. how dishonest! later on my waiter told me to check everything you buy in dominica as many people are dishonest. never going back there again.

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