Causa Rellena

Causa Rellena is a layered dish that's made of potato and stuffed with any number of things; chicken is particularly common. The word causa referrers to the yellow potato (papa amarilla) used to encase the stuffing. The word rellena means stuffed or filled.

The dish can take many forms, including being shaped into stuffed balls. It is possible to order only causa in a restaurant, without the filling. Vegetarian varieties of Causa Rellena can be found with artichoke, green beans, and/or carrots. Other variations can find the causa stuffed with fish, such as tuna and diced onions, or trout.

Papa amarilla is the only type of potato that can be used to make this dish, as this particular type of dry potato gives the Causa Rellena its unique flavor and appropriate consistency. Mayonnaise is used to help the layers stick together.

Recipe for Causa Rellena

  • Yellow potato
  • Yellow peppers (aj√≠ amarillo)
  • Limejuice
  • Vegetable oil
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • Stuffed or unstuffed with the cook's choice
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