Travelvice, Under the Hood

'Under the Hood' is an automotive term used to distinguish between the workings of an engine, and the exterior elements of a vehicle. This section is a technical point of reference for me, and others interested in Travelvice's design/functionality

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Remove Blogger Comment Author Icon Image

How to remove Blogger's comment icon next to the authors name, identifying which system was used to authenticate their identity.

Thoughts on WordPress, Travelogue Plugins Used

Thought I'd ask you about what you think of WordPress. I'm finally getting around to rebuilding my websites, and I'll be using WordPress. Since they're essentially clean installs I'm starting with 2.6. I actually started with 2.5.1 on purpose so I could try out the automatic upgrade plugin and it worked flawlessly.

Travelvice Compendium: WordPress v2.3.1 Plugins

WordPress version 2.3.1 plugins installed and running to support the Travelvice Compendium:

Travelvice RSS Feeds

There are a growing number of RSS feeds on, each with their own unique set of content.

WordPress Comment Moderation by E-mail Address or IP Address Only

Annoyingly, WordPress comment moderation requires a previously approved commenter to enter their exact same name and e-mail address for comments to automatically bypass the moderation queue. This applies when the following settings are applied in the Discussion Options tab: