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Backpacking with an Asus Eee PC

You mentioned your girlfriend has an Asus Eee netbook. What are your thoughts on those? I have a MacBook Pro 15" now, and those little netbooks are tempting. I heard you can even put OSX on one of them.

GPSBabel Batch File Filter: Remove Unreliable Points (HDOP VDOP NSAT)

GPSBabel does a great job converting the waypoints, tracks, and routes of popular GPS receivers and mapping programs. Unfortunately, the Windows interface (graphical front-end) of the command-line-driven application doesn't allow for the user to adjust some of the more advanced filtering capabilities.

Pacsafe Use with Kelty Redwing 3100

Truly, I appreciate your blog site as I am preparing for long-term RTW traveling, including Latin America; thank you…!!

Should I Carry a Mosquito Net in Latin America?

I just came across your site and have been reading it. I saw your article about the contents of your pack, and saw that you carried a mosquito net with you and commented that it was invaluable when needed. My husband and I are planning a four month trip through Central and South America, and we're debating whether we need to purchase one or not. Did you use one in hostels at all? I would imagine it would be good for camping, if we do that which we haven't decided yet…

Travel Backpack Used, Suggested Pack

I read your post on lockable zippers and realized you gave up using a pacsafe. while i love mine, it is heavy and i use it rarely.

Travel Clothes for Colder Climates

I enjoy your blog immensely and had a question. I noticed you have some high tech clothes (like your made-for-army pants, etc). What's your advice for clothes for colder climates (40-60 degrees)?

Where did you get your Secret Pockets?

Where do you get the pockets that you stitch to the insides of your shorts and pants? Do you have local tailors make them entirely, or do you buy them somewhere and have the tailors stitch them in? (I've never been to a tailor, and I can't find pre-made pockets online that are any good.)