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Asia Travel Budget and Traveler Age Attitudes

In general, how much money does it take? I went to Europe for 6 months a few years ago and spent less than $1,000 a month… my next excursion i want to go all over Asia. how hard is it to get visas to visit (been doing research and it seems some countries are pretty strict).

Backpack Protocol for Cars

Do you always keep your backpack with you in cars? Sometimes you seem to share rides and it seems implied by the amount of people in the car there'd be no room for a backpack, yet you don't seem like you'd trust strangers enough to put your backpack in their trunks…


what are your thoughts on Seems like it could be a great way to get plugged into the culture and save a little money also….

Hostel Sex Options

I'm heading off to South America and I didn't want to outright ask anyone, but I've heard lots of people talk about the "what happens when I'm traveling in another continent stays on another continent" phenomenon with regard to sex. But what about the absolute lack of private space to be found anywhere in hostels?

How to Haggle

Any haggling tips, especially with rooms? You seem to do it constantly. Do you cut the offered price in half and work your way up, or walk into a place with a set price you want to pay in mind and go with that? I've never haggled and I look forward to this being a part of my daily live in South America.

The Dominican Republic Mugging Incident

The Dominican mugging. You were very anti-negativity when it happened and avoided the subject matter [in your travelogue] entirely with that in mind. However, I find the more negative and frightening stories are the ones that others can best learn from—what to do, what not to do, what you should've done differently, etc. The occurrence with the three hunters whistling as they honed in on you was eye-opening (and suspenseful reading!). So—has enough time passed that you can describe the incident?

Using a Travel Alias

I've seen references to you taking on a travel alias. Not just an easier-to-say name, but a different alias you use in pousadas, hostels, etc. Is there a noteworthy rationale for that?

Using Travel Agents Abroad and Local Transportation Tips

Do you regularly use a travel agent? Early on it seems like you're always hyper-aware of transportation schedules, despite being in remote places with little Internet connectivity. If not, I guess I wonder how you're so keyed into all that information.