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Are You Secretly Independently Wealthy?

Question- you’ve been traversing the globe for quite some time now. How are you financially supporting yourself? Are you secretly independently wealthy and I didn’t know it? If so, what the HELL was I doing buying YOU gifts way back when? =)

Asia Travel Budget and Traveler Age Attitudes

In general, how much money does it take? I went to Europe for 6 months a few years ago and spent less than $1,000 a month… my next excursion i want to go all over Asia. how hard is it to get visas to visit (been doing research and it seems some countries are pretty strict).

Brazil Travel Budget

I understand that Brazil is pretty much the most expensive country in South America. But were you referring to the expensive costs counting that you were there during Carnival? If you were not there during Carnival, how much $ do you think you would have been spending per day with your lifestyle?

Latin America Travel Budget

…I should have about $10,000 before I leave [for Central and South America]. Do you think that is enough for about a year?

Paying for Travel Insurance

What's your take on getting travel insurance before you do an extended trip? I'm thinking about it mostly for health reasons, just in case something drastic happened.

Pricing Out Flights and Budget Airlines in Latin America

Which Web sites do you use to fly to Central and South America? There are a lot of budget airlines in Europe that sell flights for as little as 10 euros. Is there anything like that in Central/South America?

Shoestring Travel with a Student ID

Though technically I'm no longer a student, in June of 2008 I picked up an international student ID from a travel agent in Miami Beach that doesn't care to verify enrollment (see the travelogue post: 'Student ID for Discounts').