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Brand & Model of Cameras Used

I have been following your travel for a little while now. Your pictures seem to come out stunning. Which brand/model of a camera do you use?

Camera Settings and Post-Processing Photographs

Been admiring your website again, and just wanted to know something. Your pictures look absolutely stunning and rich.

Delete Stray or Orphaned XMP Sidecar Files

When working with RAW files there's typically an accompanying XMP file storing information that pertains to the image (such as GPS coordinates and color corrections). Unfortunately, deleting the RAW file in the vast majority of applications and operating systems doesn't result in deletion of the corresponding .xmp file, leaving orphaned sidecar files in the directory without an accompanying image.

GPSBabel Batch File Filter: Remove Unreliable Points (HDOP VDOP NSAT)

GPSBabel does a great job converting the waypoints, tracks, and routes of popular GPS receivers and mapping programs. Unfortunately, the Windows interface (graphical front-end) of the command-line-driven application doesn't allow for the user to adjust some of the more advanced filtering capabilities.

Optimizing Photos for E-mail or Web Sites

What is the best way to optimize photos while on the road? From my camera, they usually are around 1.2 megabytes, and want to try to get them down as small as possible…. faster upload and takes up less space.

Photos of Miami Beach Lifeguard Towers

My name is Jack and I live in Miami Beach.

The Perfect Point-and-Shoot Camera for Travel

I know you went through a camera mishap a while ago and tend to stay up to date on the best travel cameras… Anything currently on your ideal camera list that'd be in the 300 range?