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Questions about starting, building, and maintaining a travelogue (travel blog) Web site

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Composing Blog Posts on a PDA

I have a small pda… nothing great. Would you recommend throwing a card in there and just composing through that? Is it easy to transfer to a computer, I'm guessing just through some time of word processing program?

Free Travelogues

I would like to create a travel log sort of like the one your have on BOD. How did you create it and do you know of any others or is that the best one you have found?

Innovative Travelogue Archive Page

I personally don't find the archival format of most blogs to be very friendly with travelogue writers. Information tends to get buried and forgotten, and it's very unlikely that I'll be clicking on someone's mysterious "August 2006" monthly archive to see what's in there.

Thoughts on Blogger's Blogspot

I'm trying to put together a site for my travels I'll start in a few months. I fon't want it to be to technical, but want it to look professional. I was thinking about just going through a server such as blogspot…. what are your thoughts?

Thoughts on WordPress, Travelogue Plugins Used

Thought I'd ask you about what you think of WordPress. I'm finally getting around to rebuilding my websites, and I'll be using WordPress. Since they're essentially clean installs I'm starting with 2.6. I actually started with 2.5.1 on purpose so I could try out the automatic upgrade plugin and it worked flawlessly.

WordPress Install Across Multiple Subdomains

How did you work out keeping the same instance of WordPress and same theme going across subdomains? Forums have been useless on this so far, though your site isn't the only one I've seen successfully pull it off.