Strange or bizarre behavior, people, places, or things found while traveling

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Birds Eating Wasps

A flock of birds converging on a muddy nest of wasps found on a home in the village of Chmeľová, Slovakia.

Cactus Tree

An odd choice of landscaping found in Lima, Peru: A cactus that has been pruned over the years in a way that it's grown like a small tree…

Compact European Washing Machine

A compact European Whirlpool washing machine, found in the village of Chmeľová, Slovakia.

Electric Water Pitcher

An interesting sight: Water pitchers with plugs.

European Roof Spikes

The designs very significantly, but many buildings seems to sport a series of spikes or cables that run along the top of the roof. I believe this is thought to keep snow from plunging down onto someone or something.

Extreme Bathroom Hand Dryer

The most powerful hand dryer in the world? Sure feels like it!

Florida Key's Blue Concrete Barrier

I'm not so sure blue-on-blue is the best idea here.

Glass Jars on Fence Posts

An odd sight in the village of Chmeľová, Slovakia—many townspeople place glass jars atop the metal poles of their fences.

Guitar Purse

An odd choice of handbag, seen at Auschwitz. She must really like guitars.

Hungarian "Shit Shelf" Toilets

A repeatedly odd sight in Hungary is the older style of toilets that seem to be half chamber pot, half modern toilet.

Musical Turn Signal

An audio annoyance, musical turn signals and reversing lamps (backup lights) serenade pedestrians when illuminated.

Parking Lot Car Wash

At some supermarkets in Lima, Peru you can leave your car keys with a small outfit working the parking lot and they will wash and clean your vehicle whilst you shop.

Parking Lot Guard Tower

Parking lot security is something fluctuates between countries, as does the methods of ensuring vehicle security.

Skinny Buildings in Vietnam

Vietnamese architecture is full of distinctly tall, skinny buildings. From Hanoi's large, urban expanse, to isolated buildings in the countryside, building thin is a cultural habit in Vietnam.

Syrian Pink Satellite Dish

Apparently made by Technosat, this pink satellite dish (pictured below) was found on a rooftop in Aleppo, Syria.

Vinegar in Plastic Pouch

I found this plastic pouch of vinegar to be an interesting sight. The container is the peculiar part, as it's a small pouch, instead of a plastic or glass bottle. The "Del Firme" brand is known as one of the worst brands for vinegar, and is often referred to a bag full of chemicals.