Country information about Belgium, including customs, foods, traditions, transport, visas, and culture

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Adventure Travel in Belgium

Information about adventure travel in Belgium that's dangerous and/or explorative in nature.

Agritourism in Belgium

Belgium agritourism information and reviews.

Archaeology in Belgium

Information about archaeology in Belgium.

Belgium Anthropology

Information about anthropology in Belgium.

Belgium Arts and Crafts Markets

Information about the best arts and crafts markets in Belgium.

Belgium Backpack Storage Lockers

Information about secure backpack storage lockers and left luggage storage in Belgium.

Belgium Black Market

Information about the black market in Belgium.

Belgium Campgrounds

Information on places to camp outdoors in Belgium.

Belgium Corruption

Information on the corruption in Belgium.

Belgium Customs and Etiquette

Information about customs and etiquette in Belgium.

Belgium Import Export

Information on how to import or export to/from Belgium.

Belgium Medical Services

Information about clinical healthcare for tourists and travelers in Belgium.

Belgium Rental Car

Information on renting a car in Belgium.

Belgium Road Trips

Information about road trips in Belgium.

Belgium Spas and Massage Therapy

Information about massage therapy and spas in Belgium.

Belgium Taxis

Information about taking a taxi in Belgium.

Belgium Travel Agent

Information about travel agents in Belgium.

Belgium Travel Tips

Tips for traveling in Belgium.

Belgium Traveler Tourist Scams

Information about scams targeting tourists and travelers in Belgium.

Belgium Travelogues

Travelogues of travelers from Belgium or from tourists who have traveled in Belgium.

Belgium Vacation Travel Packages

Information and reviews of vacation packages and travel packages in Belgium.

Best and Worst Food in Belgium

Information about the best and worst foods in Belgium.

Tasting the foods and drinks of a country can be a memorable highlight (or mental scar) for any traveler.

Best Beaches in Belgium

Information about the best beaches in Belgium.

Best Belgium Souvenir Markets

Information about the best souvenir markets in Belgium.

Bizarre Tours in Belgium

Information about bizarre tours in Belgium.

Forget about the standard travel collection of museums and cathedrals, bizarre tours are about experiencing something that's probably not listed in your guidebook.

Embassy of Belgium

Information on the consulates, offices, and embassies of Belgium.

Female Travelers in Belgium

Information for female travelers in Belgium. Guides for women traveling to Belgium.

Food Poisoning in Belgium

Traveler advisories and reported cases of food poisoning and foodborne illness in Belgium.

Gay and Lesbian Travel in Belgium

Information about gay and lesbian travel in Belgium.

How to do Business in Belgium

Information and tips on how to do business in Belgium.

Jobs for Backpackers, Travelers in Belgium

Information about jobs for travelers in Belgium.

Missing Person Traveler Tourist Backpacker in Belgium

Information on missing persons (travelers, tourists, backpackers) in Belgium.

Must-Try Foods in Belgium

Information about foods that must be tried by travelers in Belgium.

Party Beaches in Belgium

Information about the best party beaches in Belgium.

Potable (Safe) Drinking Water in Belgium

Information for travelers about drinking the water in Belgium.

Quiet Secluded Hidden Beaches in Belgium

Information about hidden, secluded, or quiet beaches in Belgium.

Reasons to Hate Belgium

Reasons to hate Belgium.

Reasons to Love Belgium

Reasons to love Belgium.

Study Abroad in Belgium

Information on studying abroad in Belgium.

Traditional Belgium Food

Information about traditional foods in Belgium.

Travel Dangers in Belgium

Information about the dangers of traveling in Belgium.

Travel Injuries in Belgium

Information about physical injuries sustained while traveling or backpacking in Belgium.

Travel Problems Annoyances Trouble in Belgium

Information about incidents of traveler problems, annoyances, or trouble in Belgium.

Traveling with Children in Belgium

Information about traveling with children in Belgium.

Volunteer in Belgium

Information on volunteering in Belgium.