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Carrots Served as Snacks in Turkish Bars and Nightclubs

Alongside pistachios and other nuts, slices of apples, oranges and carrots are typically served as snacks in Turkish nightclubs and bars. (see the photo below)

Homosexuality a Mental Illness in Turkish Military

As of 2009, military service is still mandatory for men over the age of 18 in Turkey. But one method to avoid conscription has emerged: claiming that you're gay.

Inca Kola

Inca Kola, a product of Peru, is the de facto standard for soft drink consumption in the country. It tastes something like a cross between pineapple and bubblegum, and dominates in the country with over 35% of market sales.

Skinny Buildings in Vietnam

Vietnamese architecture is full of distinctly tall, skinny buildings. From Hanoi's large, urban expanse, to isolated buildings in the countryside, building thin is a cultural habit in Vietnam.

Tienda (Corner Store)

Tienda translates into "corner store" in Spanish.

Turkish Tea Culture: Signal No More Refills

At caf├ęs and restaurants in Turkey, place your stirring spoon across the top of your tea cup to signal to your waiter that you don't wish a refill. (otherwise it's likely you'll keep getting approached or even perpetually topped off)