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Information on how to import or export to/from Cambodia.

Many travelers and tourists visit Cambodia and ponder how much money could be made if they were to import or export products back to their home country.

Please submit any insight, tips, tricks, techniques, or opportunities that might help these people accomplish this goal. Any information regarding international laws, customs, suppliers, shippers, business culture, and trouble with bribes or payoffs is appreciated.

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October 20th, 2009

I want to know how much import from cambodia to long beach CA
how long because the merchandise that I have can't stay too long in sun.

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December 8th, 2009

are you talking about the time ?? first of all call a broker on this item and see what the legalities are on the import of your product . sometimes depending on the nature of the amount will refer you to having a broker to clear the package and if you are going to do this as a business the broker is going to be you best friend trust me . the broker will charge you the same amount on a small package as a large container so whatever you businees is going to be bulk is where the profit is because the savings on shippment although you minght want to pick an item not so risky as a perishable item . until you learn the ropes of the business. you do not want a bad rotten product you will loose your money and no one will be at fault. if you need assistance or help with good products email me at i also export from cambodia to usa . if it is a one time deal then find someone flying from cambodia and have them fly with the package but you must have the proper documents from cambodia so the package will clear.

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