Caigua Rellena

Caigua Rellena is a Peruvian dish made of a stuffed vegetable. The word caigua referrers to the a hollow, gourd-like vegetable called caiguas. The word rellena means stuffed or filled.

Peruvian doctors tell people with high blood pressure to eat raw caiguas in a salad, with a little lime and salt.

Recipe for Caigua Rellena

  • Stuff the boiled caiguas with ground beef, pecans, raisins, green/black olives, and hard boiled eggs
  • Place in a pot with tomato sauce
  • Serve with rice
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Macadamia y Lucuma

May 18th, 2011

Caiguas rellenas are so tasy! I'm an aussie chef living in Peru and the recipe in the link is my version. I have put a lot of pictures to keep it interesting. Check out the rest of the page aswell because it is all about the food adventures of my fiancé and I in Peru!


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