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I have been following your travel for a little while now. Your pictures seem to come out stunning. Which brand/model of a camera do you use?


Craig's Response:

Hi Rakesh,

Thanks for the compliment! I've actually been spending quite a bit more time on relaxing and retouching the photos uploaded to the site.

As for the camera, I've used several since leaving the U.S. in 2005:

  • A Canon SD400 until it broke in Puerto Rico (dropped in April 2006);
  • Canon SD300 until it broke in Honduras (LCD was crushed in a hammock in May 2006); and
  • the bulky Canon A530 until May 2007 (now the backup camera sitting at the bottom of my backpack).

For the past 15 months or so I've been using the Nikon P5000. Nikon has since released the P5100 and at the moment is about to release the P6000.

Since leaving the U.S. I've been pushing the limits of point-and-shoot photography. I'm sad to no longer have an SLR, but there's no way I could carry one and keep the profile that I do.

I loved the speed and size of Canon's SD models, but they're much too fragile for travel (and I'm very good to my camera). The A530 was a replacement sent to me in Guatemala — donated by my photography mentor to ease my pain — and though produced some great daylight photos, the flash would never charge after a shot or two (on the pair of AA batteries). The result: an entire year of travel photography using only existing light sources.

The Nikon P5000 has been a pleasure and a pain. Slow auto-focus, a video mode that the sounds cuts out on two full seconds before the end of every clip, and heavy manual control manipulation (required to make photos turn out properly). The P5100 came out only a few months later, fixing some of the internal software issues, but still suffers from auto-focus and audio-clipping issues.

The A530 was a really low-budget point and shoot, but I produced some really great, memorable images without any retouching. The P5000 is letting me take even better images, and retouching with Photoshop (or merging many images into a high dynamic range image with Photomatix) has allowed me to take my travel photography even further.

I honestly think results are more on the part of the photographer's experience, than the camera these days. Disposable cameras can turn out some great results if you really know how to take advantage of their strengths. But having a camera where you can control the ISO and the shutter speed is absolutely a must (to have the flexibility needed to shoot in the range of subject matter found whilst traveling). But if you're looking for something tiny to put in your pocket, and can take some great shots very quickly, I've found those Canon SDs hard to beat.

Happy snapping,

//craig in slovakia
August 17, 2008

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October 18th, 2010

Canon s95 is what you are looking for

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October 26th, 2010

Do you plan to buy an SLR someday? Maybe one of the travel-friendly Sony nex 5 or 7?

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