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A 'compendium' is defined as "a list or compilation of various items, encompassing a comprehensive, but brief, account of a subject." The Travelvice Compendium represents a collection of observations, oddities, travel tips and techniques, facts, foods, dangers, annoyances, and all-around interesting or enlightening stuff that's undoubtedly of value to someone, somewhere. Often times information that's too detailed for the travelogue will be linked to a subject here.

I am a perpetual wanderer. I have traveled/backpacked continuously for more than five years, throughout over fifty countries. The subject matter contained within is primarily a traveler's reference, but also an insight into the often tasty, frustrating, and perplexing world that we live in.

Although the collection and accounting of such granular information is something I take pleasure in, I can't do it alone. What I've created is a growing repository of topics that I wish to see improved upon by visitors—think of it as a Wikipedia of sorts—with an emphasis on constructive comments and external links (with commenters/linkers rewarded by visibility and "nofollow-free" search engine referrals). The more contributions, the stronger the Compendium (and linking sites) will become.

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